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Day 576 The Day After Near Perfection and Important Stuff On The Fridge

Day 576

The Day After Near Perfection and Important Stuff On The Fridge

Yesterday was incredible. That's what I strive for, yesterday, a Monday no less! But everything---the food, the exercise, I even posted my blog at a decent hour last night. felt good, real good. So how about today? It wasn't a yesterday, but it wasn't too bad. Boy, the day after a day like yesterday, just doesn't have a chance. It can be good, but like yesterday? That takes some work!

I found an interesting comment from CilleyGirl on Sunday's post:

I've noticed that whenever you don't meet your workout goals, you post a recent picture of yourself. As if to say, "I didn't do it, but look how pretty I've become anyways!" (It's become kind of a game for me -- and I mean that in the nicest way.) Maybe on those days you want to post a pic of the old Sean, so you remember why you don't want "right now" to be the end of your journey.

I smiled big when reading this, how revealing! I swear Cilley, that isn't intentional—but maybe you're on to something, a subconscious habit I didn't realize existed. Yesterday's current pic after the spinning class and right before weight training kind of threw you off didn't it, broke the pattern! Cilley, I sincerely appreciate your support! Thank you very much. Oh, and—I know you meant it in the nicest way. And good idea about looking at the big before pics instead of the “pretty” ones. “Pretty?” I certainly hope I don't come off like that. I do enjoy the dramatic difference of my transformation, but I don't think of myself as “pretty.” Cilley Girl, you're good!

I met Nici for lunch today at Subway. Although I didn't identify her by name yesterday, she's the friend that spent a large chunk of her weekend reading from Day 1 to Day 459. Although we just met on Saturday, we've communicated and worked together via phone and e-mail on advertising cooperative requirements for a mutual client. So it's not like we're total strangers. Today's lunch was something we have talked about doing for maybe a year or longer. Subway was easy really, I spent 410 calories total, and she had less. It really comes down to the dressing at that place. It's funny, Nici wanted me to show her how to best navigate this place---then I opt for a “light strip” of low fat mayo—and she requested plain mustard. She made the better choice calorie wise. I just allow for the thirty or so extra calories of that “light strip.” We talked about weight loss, the radio business, and surgical options for people. It was a good lunch and a good visit. Thanks Nici!

I made it home shortly after two pm. The sun was shining outside---a beautiful day for a 5K in the park. So what did I do? I took a nap. I sometimes wonder if my napping habits are just that, habit. Sure, I was a little tired, but I would have felt much better had I just gone out for my 5K in the sun. Instead, I bounced up after another too long nap, met up with Courtney, had dinner---and didn't get to the trail until the sun was long gone. It was still a wonderfully mild night, but really---I would have felt better doing it earlier. The important thing is this: I did it. My non-weighted strength training this morning and my 5K “or better” this evening. My stated workout plan for today is marked off the list I posted on the fridge. Yes---I printed it off and posted it on the fridge, right next to my daughters grades. Yep---Only important stuff gets attached to the fridge!! The fridge magnets are reserved for both of my daughters progress reports, very important bills, newspaper clippings, things like that. I'm very selective about what goes there...and now I see my workout plan for the week prominently displayed. It's so not like me to do this, but a change of habit---a change of routine---getting out of a rut, it certainly requires a different pattern in our behavior.

Tomorrow is weigh day again. After the one pound gain last time, I'm fairly confident I'll be down into the 250's for the first time since---you know, honestly---I don't remember. Maybe 12 or 13? We're getting down into some magical numbers, inching closer to a goal, and feeling absolutely incredible along the way. This is very cool!

I read the post from a year ago today and found an interesting excerpt. From April 13th, 2009:

People say “well, it doesn't change who you are on the inside.” Yes it does! It makes it better! I'm a much better, more caring, more tolerant, more loving, more driven, more excited, happier person on the inside than I ever was at over five hundred pounds. The exciting thing about this journey is, it keeps getting better. I keep losing weight and my appearance transforms, my health improves, my attitude changes, I mean, really, what kept me fat for so long if this is what I had to look forward to? My brain, that's what. The mind is an amazingly complex thing, isn't it?

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Sean,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that excerpt from last year.

    WOW! It is SOOO true yet I never really looked at it that way. I was always kind of negative about that subject because I felt I WAS the same person and if someone didn't like me because I was heavy, then it was because of that.

    But it's true. We DO change internally enough that it shines on through to others.


  2. I remember not liking my aunt for whom she become after losing a bunch of weight and when I told her so, she responded with "What because I don't let people walk all over me anymore and I have a voice? Too Bad." Now as an adult, I realize that her self-esteem was at a higher level and people did use to walk all over her. She took charge of her life as well as her weight.

  3. I couldn't specifically tell you why, but I love this post! It is full of positivity and self-reflection. It's just great!

  4. I think you need to knock off the naps and just go to bed earlier. :o)

  5. Ha! Yes, your pic right after spinning did throw me off ;) I look forward to many more of those surprises!

  6. I predict you'll drop down into the 250's. I'd guess a three pound loss.

    Hope I win the prize!

  7. Fab Fab Fabulous

    Love you Sean!!

  8. dude...whoever said 'it doesn't change who you are inside' is full of sh*t.
    I could not be more different.
    I would never go back to who I was.
    Neither would you.
    It changes everything.

  9. All the articles very useful. Keep the spirit in writing!


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