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Day 590 No Ordinary Tuesday and Interrupting My Own Funeral

Day 590

No Ordinary Tuesday and Interrupting My Own Funeral

Today refused to be an ordinary Tuesday. This day required special attention. Starting at 4am, it promised non-stop action until after 9pm. With my show scheduled from 6 to 9am, followed by production time until 1pm, then a 2 to 6pm broadcast from the Hutchins Auditorium…Well---There wasn’t much time for anything but broadcasting and anticipation of a good evening. My thoughts today were clearly centered on the “Lose To Win” seminar I was presenting this evening.

The evening was amazing. I ran into so many “wow” reactions and a couple of “I didn’t recognize you at first” reactions. Those are always very nice to experience. Nelda Skinner was there too. Nelda always measured my weight loss by giving me a hug. Last year, Nelda couldn't touch her hands around me, but tonight she did....twice. The second time we danced. It was fun! 338 people made their way into the seminar and the challenge this evening. Considering another event across town gathered some 500 plus, 338 was really good. And the registration period continues through Monday the 3rd, so many more are expected to sign up!

Amber made a last minute decision to come home from school just to see the presentation. It was so wonderful to see her and her boyfriend KL tonight. The two of them thoroughly enjoyed the program, although Amber said the opening segment of my presentation made her very sad. I was watching from just outside the auditorium and I became emotional too. Something about the combination of bag pipes and someone delivering your eulogy---yeah, it really made my lips quiver and my eyes water. And the before pictures—I look at some of those and I honestly can’t believe I ever let myself get to and stay that big for so long.

When the music changed and the “in-progress” shots started flowing, I knew it was about time to enter. I had planned to enter wearing my size 64 jeans, held up by suspenders, but that idea was scrapped last minute because we were afraid it might hamper my ability to ride the bike into the auditorium. My biggest worry about that grand entrance? Riding through the doorframe into the auditorium. It wasn’t that wide of a doorframe. My biggest fear was my handle bar catching the frame and sending me tumbling to the auditorium floor in front of everyone. Chris told me to focus beyond the doorframe and I would be fine, and he was exactly right. I came riding into the auditorium to a wonderful ovation---rode around the floor, then made my way to the stage. It wasn’t an ordinary opening segment and anything but ordinary entrance. It was an attention getter---and the funeral theme, although dark and dramatic, worked perfectly with the theme of my presentation titled, “Choosing Change Before Change Chooses You.” It was a wonderful experience for me.

I talked with my buddy Brandon before the seminar. He commented on my over-shirt and my clothing insecurities in general. Brandon suggested keeping the overshirt, just buttoning and tucking the thing. Oh Brandon---we are so much alike, yet so different!!! You see, Brandon is a big guy who has always tucked. In fact, Brandon feels that he looks bigger if he doesn’t tuck. We’re polar opposites with our clothing hang-ups. Isn’t that an interesting behavioral study? We’re so much alike, yet when it comes to clothing---our brains are wired opposite of each other. It's all in what we choose to believe about ourselves. Again---what we choose.

I did put on the “skinny jeans” tonight. These Levis Button Fly 501’s say 38 on the back tab, but I swear they’re smaller. Must be the cut or shrinkage. I don’t like them because they cling---I mean, no sagging whatsoever. None! I felt like Dwight Yoakum in this pair of jeans. I kept checking my reflection, making sure they looked OK---and at one point pondered taking them off. Did I really need to battle clothing insecurities right before a big speaking event? Even in the bigger clothes, my transformation is undeniably dramatic, so why make myself feel less than comfortable? I realized that I picked out the same shirt combination as I had on Saturday. Oh well---I guess it’s my current favorite.

My presentation went very well I thought. I was serious enough to drive home my message, but relaxed and comfortable enough to grab a few laughs from the audience. I’m so self-critical---I spent some time afterward thinking of all of the things I wish I had said. Oh well, another time! I have to remember that right now, this isn’t what I do full time. Someday when it is, then I’ll have the time to make sure I never have to second-guess the structure and content of my speaking. I’ll be prepared properly every time.

After the seminar, I played around on the bike in the parking lot and made late dinner plans with Amber and KL. I didn’t get back to the apartment until almost 10pm. Wow, another day where I didn’t live up to my stated workout goals. BUT---I did do another set of non-weighted strength training exercises before bed. That’s two in one day, and on a day like today---that’s not bad. But boy…I do have some serious making up to do later in the week. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

Tomorrow is weigh day and it would thrill me to make it past the “crossing point.” But in order to cross that magical 252.5, I’d have to post a 6 pound loss. I haven’t had one of those since I don’t know when---so I’m not really expecting that. Give me something, anything---and I’ll be happy. Shoot, I’ll be happy no matter what. I feel incredible these days. I feel physically and emotionally incredible because things are looking pretty good.

Thank you for reading. The video from this seminar should be ready soon. As soon as I get it, Gayle Williams from Womyn Aloud productions will edit and convert it for uploading---and it will be featured here. Thank you Gayle!! I’ve included some pictures from tonight below. Again, thank you for your support my friends. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Here’s Linda Senseman! She and her husband Lindell have become good friends of mine. I have them to thank for the wonderful bike I’m riding these days!

Chris delivering my eulogy.

Like a scene out of “Back To The Future,” I come riding into my own funeral---having made the changes before they chose me! I was moving!! Two sides to that auditorium---doesn't look like 338 people from this shot---but a bunch were on the other side.

With Chris on stage---interrupting his beautiful service!

On stage during the presentation. More pictures will be coming soon. Thanks to Suzanne Zanardi for these shots. Cathy Cole, the “Lose To Win” director will be sending me some more soon!


  1. Congratulations on this more recent example of your motivational speaking career! I know you keep indicating that you want to become a motivational speaker, but aren't you one already? Perhaps you are really saying that you want it to be a full-time income producing gig to replace your current radio celebrity personality. Well...either way, you are clearly on the right path.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *jumping up and down*

    Sweet victory!

  4. Well done, Sean!

    Watching my father lose his extra weight (he's 5'-10" and was somewhere over 300 -- I don't think any of us know exactly how far over) gave me the impetus to drop mine. Well, that and my elder son announcing my weight in the middle of the grocery store. Kids are helpful like that. Anyway, I'm still working on that last 25-30, but just carrying less bulk and feeling average again is awesome :)

    Keep it up!

  5. Your story is so inspiring! I especially appreciate how much you emphasize the what is at stake, and how we should value our own health before we throw it away. Thanks again for sharing it--I tune in every day, and it is one more tool in the tool belt for success.

  6. Glad that it went well and that you got such a large group to sign-up. Way to go!

  7. I'm really looking forward to the video of your talk! I think it's an amazing opportunity you have to share your story, and how neat is it to know that you have yet another venue (in addition to normal life and this blog) to inspire people. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Can't wait to see the video! You are awesome!

  9. Gotta say, hand on heart Sean - dont worry one bit about the tight jeans, they neither look too tight, nor do you look uncomfortable (however you feel)...plain fact is, you just look like a normal sized guy, in normal sized jeans riding up a storm on his bike...Sean - your just look normal! :)


  10. Cant wait to see the video! Great job.

  11. I love the pictures. I am waiting on the video... Congrats.


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