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Day 636 An Extraordinary Sunday and Flying Like A Normal Person

Day 636

An Extraordinary Sunday and Flying Like A Normal Person

Getting up at 7am on a Sunday isn’t normal for me, never has been, but this wouldn’t be a normal Sunday---It was totally necessary and imperative in keeping this day in line. I started out like any other Sunday, aside from the time---cooking breakfast, non-weighted strength training exercises, writing, and drinking coffee. Every single thing had a purpose and a time frame, with one common goal: Get me on a plane to New Orleans this evening at 6:15pm!

I’ve needed a little getaway for months and when the opportunity presented itself yesterday, well---I had to act quickly. What takes me to the bayou? A blogging friend is there. Wait a second---let me explain a little further…

Kenz from started reading my blog some time ago from her apartment in New York City. I visited her blog too and discovered that we’re both successful weight loss bloggers. We both eventually read each others blogs a little deeper and discovered much more than that common connection.

She enjoyed reading about my trips to Stillwater, my hometown---because that’s where she spent her formative years. When I talk about Charlie’s Chicken or Braum’s---or my experiences anywhere in Stillwater, she relates completely. We attended the same junior high and high school, had the some of the same teachers. And when I posted photos of my little brother Shane---she couldn’t believe it. There he was! The kid she once shared cookies with at lunch while attending Stillwater High School. Kenz was a peer advocate in Shane’s special needs class. Wow---she knew my brother Shane! As the song “It’s a Small World” played in my head, I decided that I had to be friends with this blogger named Kenz.

Kenz felt the same way---and when she decided to fly down to the bayou to visit her mom and step-dad (bringing her much closer than the usual NYC distance), we just knew we had to find a way to get together. So there you go---that’s why I’m flying down to the Gulf, in bayou country, Cajun country---I’ve never been there ever…and I’ll admit, images of the movie Water Boy are flashing through my mind. I love it! Let’s go!

I haven’t been on a jet in years. When I did---it was seat-belt extenders and anxiety about a million different issues. What if it’s a sold out flight? Will the people next to me be miserable? Will I get charged for an extra seat? How bad will the armrest hurt as it digs into my side? Will I fit at all without stealing some of the seat from the person next to me? If I had to use the bathroom, could I get in and out of the tiny closet sized room? I was looking forward to a very different experience this evening.

With the blessing of my daughters and my dear mother, I headed for the airport with an excitement I haven’t felt in years. It’s that, “we’re going someplace we’ve never been” kind of excitement. And as I drove, I realized---this is the same kind of excitement I’m enjoying everyday along this road away from morbid obesity. So many elements of my day to day activities are directly, positively, and permanently changed because of my weight loss success. I feel like I’m going someplace I’ve never been----pretty much everyday. It’s a great way to live, my friend, it really is nice.

When I think about the significance of this evening’s flight---I can’t help but be a little emotional. Both flights were absolutely packed, and the OKC to Dallas flight found me in the middle seat. The middle seat! I would have been so horrified at 505, it wouldn’t have been possible! I had zero issues this evening. None. And instead of searching my soul for the words to describe this wonderful freedom---I’ll just let the pictures speak.

Thank you for reading. Good night and…

Good Choices,

Tray down, middle seat, between two people---not touching them at all…total comfort…strapped in and feeling so perfectly normal.

Not only did I not need a seatbelt extension---I still had eight or nine inches of spare seatbelt!!!

Inside the tiny little bathroom on the plane. I didn’t really have to go---I just wanted to fit inside…I couldn’t help but smile!!


With Kenz from Small world, huh?


  1. I can totally relate to the airplane seat belt horrors of the past. I look forward to flying again and being able to put the tray down. Once,in Nepal, I had to fake that I had the seat belt on...there aren't extenders there!

    Your friend looks adorable. I hope your time together is fabulous.

  2. I'm headed to the amusement park this summer for the first time since I started losing weight. The last time I was there was the first time I was ever too big to fit into the seats of my favorite ride. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone why I didn't want to ride. They all thought it was because I'm afraid of heights, when really I love conquering that fear.

    I know exactly where you're coming from and this makes me look forward to my own trip so much more.

  3. That first bathroom picture made me laugh out loud!

    So awesome on so many levels!

  4. I love the first bathroom picture too..and the second. It makes me smile almost as much as the last one of us. :)

    I'm thrilled that your flight was such a wonderful experience...and I'm glad you're here..

  5. I can feel your excitement/emotions in your blog once again. Kenz sounds like a pretty special lady, and she is so pretty:) The two of you have so much in common and relate to eachother so well already, no wonder you were and are so excited about this trip! I just have one question. Who is that lady on your t-shirt? LOL. Love you Sean!

  6. Oh Man, with the first two pictures, I was smiling, so happy - and so ready to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! NO OVERSHIRT!! But then... sadly... I saw an overshirt. ACK! Soooooo clooooose!!!

    Congratulations again on all your incredible accomplishments. Enjoy your vacation - see all the sights, and post more pictures!!! Enjoy all the freedom your new "normal" life brings your way. You deserve every happiness you encounter.

  7. Cali Girl..I have to're right..he looks great without the over shirt, but he looks pretty hot in the over shirts when they fit well like today. :)

  8. What a beautiful girl you have there! And her blog is as beautiful as she is. I'm so pleased to read that you are taking a break in a wonderful place, accompanied by a healthy, stable, kind woman. Good for you for opening the door to this!

  9. that was so cool to see you like that in the seat without the must be a great feeling have a normal life..glad you made it okay..come back safely..loveyou kelli

  10. Sean,
    Kenz is adorable and so are you! Have a fabulous time, what a lovely time to reminisce and see how far you've both come. Shane is looking down on you both and smiling! You deserve to enjoy this and you look great!

  11. I love the bathroom pictures. I look forward to being able to fly anywhere and fit into a seat. Hope you had a terrific time in New Orleans.


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