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December 31st, 2016 The Epic DDWL Year In Review

December 31st, 2016 The Epic DDWL Year In Review

Two location broadcasts rounded out a busy year today. I enjoyed a nice lunch and conversation with my oldest daughter immediately after my first broadcast. I made it home for a mid-afternoon nap in order to be fresh and ready for a giant broadcast from the biggest New Years Eve party in the region.

The people were out tonight!!! My goodness, it was packed--and everyone seemed lit for a great night. I did my job--hyped it up on air, enjoyed a complimentary dinner afterward from the NYE buffet (chicken breast, shrimp, red grapes and a fresh piece of blue cheese)--speaking of buffets, my perspective is very different now opposed to years ago.  My perspective was once, how much can I eat? Now it's, what can I eat? I was able to navigate the choices and assemble what was perhaps an awkward combination of foods--but it worked well. Several people asked if I was staying to watch the band and ring in the New Year. I wasn't. My plan was to leave early enough to ring in the new year with mom in her room at the nursing center. And that's exactly what we did!

Mom looks like a Queen in her tiara, plush nightgown, and purple blanket! Right before the stroke of midnight, we talked about the year ahead and the positive possibilities. I'm so grateful she's getting the care she needs.

2016 was full of things that remain on my gratitude list. It was a big year! I spent the entire year in maintenance mode, in fact--I was looking at the numbers, and since I consider maintenance mode anything below my years-ago initial goal of 230, I've been in maintenance mode for a year and a half! It took me awhile to find the nice, tight groove I'm in today--but it's all a part of the process.

This graph tells a story.

Fourteen maintenance weigh-ins happened during 2016 with an overall weight fluctuation "window" of 8.8 pounds. The weigh-ins show an even tighter fluctuation "window" of 2.4 pounds since June 8th. First of all, I'm grateful for this in a monumental way. I do not take this for granted, ever--ever--ever. My continued maintenance and the peace and calm I feel can be gone very quickly IF I don't practice my plan on a daily basis. Each day is brand new. And I'm always learning. The learning never stops. And that's a good thing. Secondly, I'm super-proud of myself! To be where I am after where I've gone, to me, is a gift I once thought impossible.

My annual year in review always includes pictures from the past twelve months. I might be short on the descriptions--it's getting late---but I wanted to share a few before I wrap this post.
  photo IMG_2877_zpsatqxkxzs.jpg
I did more standup comedy in 2016 with opening gigs for Smokey Robinson and Ronnie Milsap. I plan on doing more standup in 2017, on a smaller scale, perhaps--one of my goals is to start a comedy night at the restaurant a couple blocks from my apartment. I'm not ruling out bigger gigs if the opportunity presents, but seriously--all I need to nurture that part of me is a monthly or bi-monthly comedy night where I can work out new material.
  photo IMG_9489_zpsvrbvok7e.jpg
The "standup before & after." I'll tell you this--the confidence I take to the stage now is vastly different (along with the material) than I did way back in the day.
  photo IMG_1169_zps3rx2yknm.jpg
One of my favorite mother-son selfies! (and we've taken a bunch!)
 photo IMG_1372_zpsvzquiyst.png
The Today Show was an experience I'll never forget!
 photo thumb_IMG_4347_1024_zps0zcaohts.jpg
Joy Bauer is amazing. I'm excited about having her as one of my upcoming guests on Transformation Planet!
 photo IMG_0884_zpsxoujf755.jpg
I absolutely fell in love with NYC!
 photo IMG_7504_zpsna3rllp8.jpg
I spent a bunch of quality time with my little grandson, Noah. He's the best! To be able to physically keep up with him is truly one of the best gifts of my continued weight maintenance.
 photo t planet cover_zpsg6xx8tbd.jpg
Launching my podcast in 2016 was my biggest personal side-project. Considering the crazy schedule of December, I've taken it super-easy of late--but trust, Transformation Planet is about to get super-active with several upcoming interviews and a very special reoccuring feature that is unlike anything you've ever heard on a weight loss related podcast. Please subscribe if you haven't already and you'll automatically receive new episodes on your device as soon as they're released! You can find Transformation Planet in iTunes, Google Play or anywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

There's plenty more I'm not covering in this year-in-review. I was in a relationship, then I wasn't--I don't think it's appropriate to share those photos here. We have a mutual respect for one another and we both wish each other well. I haven't figured out the relationship puzzle--and to be real honest, I don't think I'm ready to figure it out. I still have plenty of work to do on me. 2017 will be a year that I go deeper into this personal work, understanding and education of me. Believe me, there's so much more than just losing the weight and keeping it off. The physical transformation, like I've written many times, is really the least of it. The non-physical elements of transformation, in my experience and opinion, are the biggest ones, by far.

As far as my plan goes for 2017-- two things remain in need of better attention: My exercise commitment and my sleep schedule. Both of these elements have a dramatic effect, either good or bad--and my choices determine what I'll get along the way.

I like my food plan. Although, it is time to start tightening it up in some areas. My recent run-ins with crackers, sugar-free cool whip and stuffed mushrooms are all pointing me in the direction of even less processed foods. My abstinence from refined sugar mustn't be compromised--and when I get loose and careless, I'm playing with fire.

Okay-- I must wrap this up tonight. I know this has been a long post--and if you're still here--then I have one more thing--actually two more things.

The weight loss support groups I cofacilitate with Coach Kathleen starts another 8-week session on Monday and Tuesday. If you're ready to install solid accountability and support to your weight loss plans for 2017, this is the team you want to be on, I assure you!! Here's what some members had to say about our group:

K.L. writes: "Love the positive, nonjudgmental support."

R.S. writes: "I was stuck. The feedback, guidance, acceptance, and friendship from Sean and Kathleen's accountability and support group got me UNstuck. I am soooo thankful for all I've learned, and can sincerely recommend it to anyone who wants to progress towards their own health goals."

D.A. writes: "This group is fabulous and unlike anything else I have done in my dieting career! The support from Sean and Kathleen and the other group members has made all the difference in me reaching my initial goal weight and helping me as I reach my final goal weight, and setting me up to be able to maintain that weight going forward. This is not about a diet: we all work our own plans and help each other to be successful. I have been involved in sessions of this group for over a year and I keep joining because IT WORKS! Nothing can beat the support and accountability,you will find if you join the group."

The primary 8-week session includes a "secret" facebook group for members where we support one another along the way. As needed call and text support, daily support and accountability measures--and a weekly group conference call rounds out the primary option (Less than 10 spaces remain for our next session starting January 2nd and 3rd) Two primary group options: Monday's at 7pm Eastern or Tuesday's at 8pm Eastern. Fee for 8-week session: $120.00

The premium one-on-one group includes all of the above benefits--members are on the same secret Facebook page--but the weekly conference call is different. The first and last call of the session is with premium group members. The six weeks in-between are private one-on-one 15-minute sessions with me and Coach Kathleen rotating weeks. Fee for 8-week session: $200.00

Sign-up links:

Monday Night Primary 7pm Eastern:

Tuesday Night Primary 8pm Eastern:

Monday Night Premium 8:05 Eastern One-On-One Group:

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. I stayed well connected with great support. And I got a bunch of exercise today over the course of my five hours of location broadcasting! It's been a great day.

And it's been an amazing year.

I know I type the same thing at the close of every single blog post-- but I want you to know, I mean it with all my heart:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


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