Monday, April 15, 2019

April 15th, 2019 Redirect

April 15th, 2019 Redirect

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, I ended up walking for 30 minutes after discovering the new Sunday hours at the RecPlex (showed up and they were closed!), and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Mom and I enjoyed a nice outing last night. The best parts of our get-togethers are the conversations and laughs we share. If you would have asked me about the best parts eleven years ago, I guarantee the food would have been mentioned right at the top. A big part of shifting the perspective and focus is about putting food in its proper place. Yes, we enjoyed a good meal at our favorite Mexican place. I ordered on-plan and the food was good. But the food wasn't responsible for making it a good visit. I mustn't make food the "star of the show."

Not being "in the food" means I can focus on meaningful conversations and experiences. This redirect of focus comes in particularly handy around holiday times. Easter is this coming weekend, so now's a good time to talk about this topic. During big holiday get-togethers, I must set intentional non-food goals. I've practiced this the last several Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and it's worked well. Where my mission was once centered almost exclusively on the food and eating as much as I can--it transforms into things like being the family photographer and throughout the course of conversations, discovering something I didn't know about a longtime family member. Ask questions, listen intently--engage in the moment...these are things I rarely made important back in the days spent "in the food." This practice requires awareness and mindful, intentional choices prior to an event, where the question is asked: What are my goals for this event? What do I expect will make this experience wonderful? 

This redirect doesn't mean I can't appreciate and enjoy a good meal--I can still be a "foodie." It simply means I intentionally find other non-food things and people to be the center of my attention.

Another 8-week session of the support group I facilitate starts next Wednesday the 24th. Only two spaces remain available. I started these groups years ago with my friend and mentor, Life Coach Gerri Helms. She offered some wonderful words this morning on my Facebook page: "I highly recommend Sean's groups if you struggle with consistency in your healthy body goals. As an old (and I do mean old!) partner with Sean, I've seen firsthand the transformation that comes from working with him and his team." (Gerri Helms, Retired Life Coach) Thank you, Gerri!

Normally, I ask for you to send an email if you have questions. You can still do that, anytime, of course... but here's a more detailed explanation of how the group works and what we do:

We have a "secret" Facebook page, which simply means it is only visible to members- and all activity within the group page stays exclusively on the group page.

All members are encouraged to be active on this group page for daily accountability and support interactions. In the past, we've had members who "don't do Facebook," but they do it, not publicly, but privately, only for the benefit of our group interactions.

We have three call times for our weekly one-hour teleconference group coaching/mentoring sessions. Upon signing up, you pick a call time that works best for your schedule- then, each week, we work together in helping you define your plan and create the structure you need to achieve consistent positive progress.

The call times:
-Wednesday evenings at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific
-Wednesday evenings at 8:15 Central/9:15pm Eastern/7:15pm Mountain/6:15pm Pacific
-Thursday evenings at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific

Our members are from all across the United States and Canada. If you're from overseas and the time difference can work for you, we have special "local to you" international call-in numbers available.

The next 8-week session starts with the week 1 group conference calls on the 24th.

The membership fee is $120 per 8-week session. After your initial session, you receive a $10 "returning member" discount.

The fee is billed once prior to the start of the session via secure PayPal invoice emailed directly to you and paid with any credit or bank card.

It averages out to $15 a week for the weekly coaching/mentoring, daily team support via the page, and spot text/call support as needed with me and others. As you get to know your team members, you'll likely develop good supportive relationships with them as well.

This isn't a diet plan. We have members at all stages of their individual paths, from longtime members in maintenance mode to members just getting started. We all relate to one another. We're in the same lifeboat. We get it.

The mission, as shared in yesterday's post: "Creating and practicing a personal and unique plan enabling each of us to achieve, as a side effect, a body weight conducive to the best possible health benefits." 

When I started over ten years ago, it was the addition of good accountability and support that made a difference that ultimately changed everything.

If you're willing and ready to develop your personal and unique plan to help you move forward with a positive and consistent stride, this small and exclusive support group could provide the kind of accountability and support that makes the difference!

Again, email me if you have any additional questions:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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