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March 15th, 2016 Some Changes

March 15th, 2016 Some Changes

If you were to go back into the archives, during weight loss mode--the turnaround from relapse/regain, you would have trouble finding a week where I didn't have at least five exercise sessions. Now, in maintenance mode, I've gradually dropped off my commitment instead of developing it further to meet my capabilities. I pride myself on having a very good measure of self-honesty--and honestly, this pattern runs parallel with the old "diet mentality" way of thinking. A perspective rooted in a temporary means to an end. Hit goal, embark on what's become a steady maintenance plan--then slowly drop the commitments along the way. Thank goodness I don't approach my daily disciplines with food in the same way. If I did, I'd be in big trouble.

But what if a slow commitment deterioration in one area influences other areas? It could happen!!  

This is unacceptable.

I do not settle for any lesser commitment with my food plan. I still eat the same way--only more in maintenance. When I wrote how maintenance mode would look very similar to weight loss mode, I wasn't just typing that on the page--when it comes to the fundamental elements of my plan-- I do it all the same, except for the extra 600 calories a day keeping me in a nice weight range--and most importantly, keeping me food sober. 

So what can I do about it? 

I'm making some changes. These changes started this morning. I'm starting very small and working my way up. The plan for me-- before coffee each morning, I must drink at least 1 cup of water and do a body weight strength training routine. It took me three minutes this morning. A cup of water and twenty push-ups. That's it. That's a start. The plan is to work up to 10-15 minutes and at least two cups of water, first thing--before coffee. The coffee is the reward.

Then, if I get in at least four good cardio workouts a week, great! And still--eventually working into other areas of weight training and cardio is the plan. I'd really like to return to spinning class soon--and the pool. I haven't done either in a year or more. Yeah, more, actually!!! Wow. Time flies, huh?

I was about to offer up an exercise accountability and support challenge to one of our Monday night support group members when she stopped me in my tracks during our Monday night session and issued the challenge to me, first! It was awesome!! Accountability and support works. I'm ready to commit to this plan. So is she. It's on.

By the way, there are four spots remaining in the upcoming teleconference support groups! At one point we thought Monday was full--it turns out there's one spot left for Monday nights and three spots remaining for Tuesday nights. Here's the information---simply click the image to enlarge:
To register for Monday, click this link:

To register in the Tuesday night group, click here:
I'm feeling great about today. I'm loving this exercise plan. And I'm looking forward to experiencing the benefits of this increased importance level. I envision good things.

Tomorrow morning is maintenance weigh-in day at the doctor's office. Then Thursday, I go for fasting blood work--a complete work up of all the important numbers. My follow up to the blood work will come next week. I'm looking forward to seeing how my numbers are getting along.

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  1. Hi Sean so do you get bored eating mostly the same things everyday? I am at the point now after almost 2 years in my journey I am getting kinda bored. I love to cook and do try new things though.

    1. I try to switch it up, occasionally. When I get bored with something--I'll try something different. My approach is based on my list of foods I really enjoy--and the ones that fit well within my plan. The perception is that it's mostly the same-- but if you go back through the Twitter feed (almost two years worth of every bite--everything) you'll actually notice the variety. Of course, some things I eat more often than others.
      My avocado omelets--oh my--I love those!!! Sweet potatoes--yes, quite often!
      It's a challenge. I get comfortable--in routines--and since I'm not forcing myself to eat anything I don't already love--it doesn't seem bad at all...it seems familiar.
      This has got me thinking--I haven't had a pasta dish in a long time! I might need to go that direction for dinner tonight!
      I like keeping my breakfasts and lunches similar--and I try for the most variety when it comes to dinner--when I have a little more time to be creative.
      I think the key is: Making sure what you're eating--whatever it is, are things you truly enjoy eating. If we can say that--then when we do switch it up and try new things--challenging ourselves in the kitchen-- it's a fun bonus of sorts!
      Have you made a list of foods you love?
      My best advice is to make a list of foods you truly enjoy. Don't judge the list--simply make the list...Then, mark each item you can easily incorporate into your food plan.
      It might help you break the boredom. It might be fun!!
      I might need to revisit my list, as well! :)

    2. Good job on The push ups and water
      You wil be spinning in no time

      Has it really been a year since your pool experience?
      It only seems like 6 months

      You got this Sean I believe in you

  2. Sean would you ever consider getting a FitBit? You seem to be a data guy with how accurate you are in MFP - so this would be additional data for you. I am really motivated by trying to get in 10,000 steps a day. So I park a little further - maybe take a few extra laps around Costco, that sort of thing. Might be worth thinking about.

  3. Your body will love you even more with this small morning time work out and water before coffee. I have been doing that for a while now and it feels nice.I'm like you though... when my eyes first pop open in the morning.. I'm thinking "I get coffee... Yippee" Like its some awesome dessert or something! :-)

    Here is just a little snippet from an article:

    Drinking a glass of water after waking up is a great way to activate the internal organs: liver included. Consuming water first thing in the morning helps flush circulating toxins out prior to the first meal of the day. Unfortunately, many people reach for a cup of coffee in the morning before a glass of water. Because coffee is a diuretic, it encourages fluid loss, which is dehydrating and increases blood viscosity. Thicker blood provides a greater toxin-filtering challenge to the liver than thinner blood.

    Way to go Sean!Keep up the challenges to yourself no matter how little they may be... and you'll never get bored or complacent.

    Have a great day!


  4. Hi Sean, I just signed up for another round of the group! I need it! After a few month of being a bit all over the place I am ready to get back to basics, which for me means intuitive dieting. I’ll be in the Tuesday group and look forward to it :)


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