Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30th, 2016 Not A Question

March 30th, 2016 Not A Question

This day has been non-stop since 4:30am. I can't keep up this pace, that's for sure. The plan for a refresher nap before a trip to Tulsa and back this evening (duties involving the big broadcasters convention I'll be headed back to tomorrow) didn't happen, thanks to the weather. Part of my job is on-air weather coverage--and the storms moving through this afternoon were just enough to preempt some needed rest.

Let's get right to it--since it's after midnight--I've been home about twenty minutes--All I can say is, thank goodness for good coffee.

Thanks to my phone, I was able to maintain excellent support connections via text messages throughout this rather challenging schedule.

If you read last night's edition, you know I was preparing my brain for a gain simply based on the number of missed workouts of late. Well, after this morning's maintenance weigh-in, I officially give up trying to guess what the scale will say. Obviously, my food plan and maintaining its integrity each day, is working for me in amazing ways.
 photo 206.8 weigh day_zpst06zkfuf.jpg
This morning's bi-weekly weigh-in represents a 4.8 pound loss over last time's 211.6. I'm absolutely perplexed. I'm blessed--and VERY grateful, absolutely--but I didn't expect this, at all. I feel great! I'm not worried about this in the slightest. It is sparking some changes, though.

I always communicate with Gerri before and after each weigh-in--just in case I need some perspective. She suggested a monthly weigh-in. And I agree!

I'm keeping my food plan the same for at least the next month. I'll weigh again in four weeks instead of two and we'll see where I am.
 photo progress chart 03-30_zpse4k8t5wt.png
Maintenance is working. I'm so glad.

I'm off to bed. My radio show starts at 6am--and I'm schedule to leave for Tulsa, again--at 10:30am in order to be ready for convention activities starting just after 1pm. I'll likely have a late afternoon opportunity for a nap in between afternoon breakout sessions and the evening's schedule of events.

I'll be staying overnight and coming home late Friday after the awards banquet. Plenty of challenges await me over the next two days. From getting this blog posted tomorrow night to food planning--to choices in restaurants and banquet rooms. I will maintain the integrity of my plan--it's not a question--it's non-negotiable. The only questions will be, how challenging will it become and how will I overcome? I plan to succeed.

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  1. Challenges and non negotiations. Love the way you think about these things. You've really figured it out for yourself, good for you. I need to adopt these practices also.

  2. Karen (Garden Girl) calls trying to exercise off bad or too much food choices "trying to out run the fork". I love that. I think exercise is vital. Range of motion, flexibility, strength, bone density, balance, posture, heart health, zen, pride, tone. But you are seeing how much food, the right food choices, has to do with weight loss and maintenance. Adding sleep and water in there too. Super important.


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