Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20th, 2016 Hard To Tell A Difference

March 20th, 2016 Hard To Tell A Difference

It's been quite some time since I had a night's rest that good. I slept nine hours straight, woke feeling refreshed and ready for a really good day. This new morning routine of mine really helps set a tone. It seems so small--a glass of water and twenty push-ups, but it's making a significant impact on how I feel, first thing.

This weight loss maintenance mode has turned out to be better than I expected. The last several months in this healthy weight range--and what I'm doing each day in support of it, is proving to be a plan truly suited for me. When it comes to weight loss mode--the words are, "find what works for you," and in maintenance mode it's "find the groove that's sustainable long term." For me, it was determining that maintenance would be only a few degrees away from weight loss mode. Except for the higher calorie budget--it's hard to tell a difference between the two. I'm very grateful.

I tried taking my grandson to see Zootopia today. Kristin joined us for the excursion and was a big help to us. It appeared that he would be okay and really enjoy the experience. About fifteen minutes in, he started to lose interest in the film and gain interest in everything else in the theater. We knew this might happen going in, so it wasn't a surprise. We quietly exited the theater and Noah wasn't the least bit upset to see daylight. You want to go feed the ducks? "Uh huh..." Okay, then, we'll go feed the ducks.

We all fed the ducks and geese, then decided to go to a park--but it was too cool for outdoor play. We opted for the McDonald's PlayPlace instead.
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It was a fun outing with my little man.

I'm so glad that I'm in a position to really keep up with him as he grows. If my morbid obesity kept me a mostly inactive father (and it did)--at least I can be a vibrant and active grandfather.

When I honor my plan each day, I'm helping make that happen.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic week!

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  1. That's funny a co worker asked if I was going to take kash my grandson to see that movie. I've been hesitant because I'm pretty sure he's just a little to young yet. He would do the same thing as your Noah. Glad to see someone else has bedhead in the morning.

    1. Robin-- yes--oh my--still a little young for a movie. I tried! Oh my--I have bed head-deluxe, every single day. :)

  2. that hair! love your blog .... I am so glad to hear you speak positively about maintenance! I hear so many say how difficult it is - I always imagine it the way you describe it. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

    1. Marianne-- Thank you!! It's certainly an exercise in perspective--and it's one that, in my opinion, must be supported by a plan you've created that is unique to you--what works well, for you. Giving it that attention--and allowing it to develop--focusing on progress--not perfection, and giving it a very high importance level--can create that "lifestyle" conducive to continued positive progress. It's truly a one day at a time deal.


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