Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 27th, 2018 Remind Us

May 27th, 2018 Remind Us

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with good support.

Mom and I visited the cemetery in Stillwater today. We never miss a memorial weekend visit to the graves of our loved ones. We placed flowers, recalled some memories, and made our way to the veterans monument where my grandpa's name is etched in granite in honor of his service during World War Two. It's always a special experience. The one thing we always end up commenting about is how it doesn't seem like it's been so long since the passing of these loved ones, but the gravestone dates remind us. I still can't believe June 19th will be seventeen years since my brother Shane passed--that horrible day often seems a little fresher than it should.

We made our way to our favorite hometown Mexican restaurant for a Memorial Weekend late lunch. I enjoyed my go-to chicken tacos and mom did the same. We enjoyed a visit with some family before heading back home. It was a good conversation on the way back. We share a very similar sense of humor, so if we're talking, we're often laughing at some point. It was good.

I'm looking forward to a couple of Memorial Day ceremonies tomorrow mid to late morning at area cemeteries. Two of the biggest are lined with hundreds and hundreds of flags. It'll be a good experience.

I enjoyed several support exchanges today via text and a couple of calls. These connections are always a blessing. They help keep me "in it" and not "out of it!"

I'm grateful.

If you're in the USA, I hope you're having a good Memorial Day weekend!

Thank you for reading and your continued support,

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