Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 235 Dealing With Donuts and "That's Great, But You're Doing It All Wrong"

Day 235

Dealing With Donuts and “That's Great, But You're Doing It All Wrong!”

It's hard to describe the wonderful feeling I get when someone tells me this blog is helping to inspire them. Just saying “it feels wonderful,” just doesn't seem adequate. “Fantastic” doesn't do it either, nor does “awesome,” or “amazing.” Grateful, thankful, right, fulfilling, responsibility, proud, honest sincerity, compassion, these are words that more accurately describe how I feel. Thank you to all who sent e-mails about and made comments on the blog from last night. Your comments give me strength.

I knew today would be busy from the very start. We had scheduled four different guest on the show, and three of them we scheduled in the eight o'clock hour. I use to look forward to certain guest that I knew always stopped at the donut shop on the way to the studio. It never really mattered if I had breakfast already or not. Donuts were consumed no matter, just because they were there and 'melt in your mouth' delicious. I rarely resisted donuts before this journey, I was powerless to their sticky goodness. But not the last time I encountered a gift box of donuts and not today. Daylight Donuts are actually the lowest calorie glazed donuts you'll find, with one raised-glazed checking in at 140 calories. Still, I wasn't interested. But if I were the type of person that really loved donuts, I could've had one without feeling guilty. I decided that the “workplace donuts” was a nice topic for another “On The Go” Video. Thanks to my co-worker Gayle Williams for running the camera! It's posted below.

It's always fun to encounter “wow” reactions and I knew that today I would run into many of them at The Taste of Home Cooking School. Our radio stations sponsored the event and I had to broadcast from the show and help greet people as they arrived. I ran into many people that I haven't laid eyes on since I started this journey. Needless to say I enjoyed many dropped jaws at the dramatic change in my appearance. That was so fun, and it never ever gets old! I ran into one guy who has watched every single minute of every “Biggest Loser” episode ever aired. After he asked how I've been losing the weight so successfully, I told him, and then he informed me that I wasn't eating enough. He told me that the experts on that show recommend multiplying your current weight times seven, and that's how many calories you should consume each day. It's really frustrating to me when I've done so well and lost so much weight, then someone tells me I'm doing it all wrong. I'm not saying that the show experts are wrong, perhaps they're right-on, but I also know that I've had doctors give me the thumbs up after analyzing what I've done and continue doing. Maybe the increased calories on that show is because of the extreme intensity of their workouts. I do understand that as I get more into weight training, I'm going to have to add some calories for sure. I'm not changing up my plan right now. As it stands, I eat every three hours at least. My meals are most always under 500 calories and my snacks are under 150. I'm drinking plenty of water, eating 1500 calories a day, and exercising. I think I'm doing just fine. The scale certainly says so. If I increased my calories to seven times my body weight at last check, I'd be consuming 2,429 calories a day. I might give it a try after my next weigh day. Give it an honest two week trial, but a big part of me says to not shake up what I've been doing. I don't watch the show. I like the show, don't get me wrong, I just have very little time for TV watching these days. The only TV watching I do is for a few minutes before I go to sleep. I use to be an avid TV watcher and TV eater, uh, I mean I use to eat in front of the TV all the time. But my habits have gradually changed and now are dramatically different just like my appearance.

I'm wrapping up tonight's blog a little early. I'm beginning to understand the importance of getting enough rest. The body needs rest to work at optimum levels! Thanks for reading. Good night and...

Good Choices,

Beware: Not all donuts are created equal! One Daylight Donuts glazed is 140. A plain glazed Krispy Kreme weighs in at 200 calories. And a Dunkin Donuts plain glazed checks in at 220!


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Complete and utter fabulousness. This was the first vid I saw of you; so cool!
    When I started reading this post, I was hit with a craving for yummy chicken in my fridge. After reading I was gonna go heat me up some...nevermind that I'm not really hungry, and have already had dinner.
    Reading this made me realize-AGAIN-that I am in control, not the food.
    THANKS AGAIN!!! You totally rock my sox....
    Take care.

  3. Uh oh....I got up this morning (saturday) and you hadn't posted yet........hope all is well. I'm thinking you probably just had a super busy day. Take care.

  4. I can't imagine you changing your routine. Like the old saying..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" LOL I would have thought the donuts were a lot more than that. My favorite, unfortunately is the chocolate cake with chocolate icing and nuts on top!!! this is why I NEVER buy donuts and don't dare walk past the bakery when I go to Wally World! Those yummy chocolate delights call my name and I just can't resist!!! I'm really proud of you and impressed that you was able to turn down the donuts. the old Sean could not have done that...way to go!!!

  5. I love the on the go videos! And I would not have guessed a daylight donut to check in at 140... and all along I felt guilty for eating them. Now I will just add them in when I feel like I want one. You are such a wealth of calroie budget information... I really appriciate you letting me pick your brain for tips and tricks.

  6. Eating every 3 hours! Drinking Water! ;) I wish more people would just follow those simple steps, I always tell patients about MY health journey that if you see me eating a piece of fruit in the grocery store ....please don't be surprised. It's a good thing! ;)
    See you soon! Please PLEASE let me know when you are walking/working out,etc. Jerimy canceled my bodymasters membership because i didn't use it enough. It sounds like Dr. Amy needs to be more accountable! LOL


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