Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 241 Another Eight Gone Forever and Not The Biggest Anymore

Day 241

Another Eight Gone Forever and Not The Biggest Anymore

It's amazing how much I look forward to weigh day. I use to dread standing on scales, I knew it was bad, I didn't need the scale to remind me. But it's not bad anymore. I'm getting smaller in a slow and steady fashion. I really wanted to hit the 330's today and I almost did. My last official weigh day I checked in at 349, at the “Lose To Win” final weigh-in I was 347, and today the scales showed 341. A loss of 8 pounds in the last two weeks! It's not the 339 I was hoping for, but next weigh day I'll hit it for sure! I've lost a total of 164 pounds so far! I love it!

I had the final fitting for the tuxedo today and I have to say, I look really little in that thing. It was strange looking in the mirror, almost like I was looking at a different person. I guess I was huh? I asked Ted at Moore's Clothing if I was getting the largest size he carried and he said no! He has three sizes bigger in stock and can special order even bigger! The fact that I didn't need the largest size in stock is just a thrill for me. I'm trying to get use to the idea that I'm not the biggest person I personally know. I've always been the biggest person in my circle of friends and family. I was the biggest kid in my school and always the biggest employee at every place I've ever worked. So as you might imagine I'm really enjoying not being the biggest anymore.

One thing that will be a breakthrough for me tomorrow is tucking in my tuxedo shirt. I've never been a tucker. Most morbidly obese people avoid the tuck. I remember writing about this topic on Day 5. Here's a flashback to that blog: I'm really looking forward to the clothes. I hate clothes shopping because I've never been able to do it without a trip to Oklahoma City or Tulsa to the Big and Tall store. Oh, and by the way---Why do all the big and tall catalogs use trim and neat looking models? The shirt “Fabio” is modeling is not going to look the same in 6XL I guarantee it! Every time I try on a shirt I think...”hmm, this doesn't look like the picture”...It never does. I can't wait to walk into a regular store, just a couple of minutes from my house and buy a pair of jeans. That will be amazing! These are my motivating thoughts. What are your motivating thoughts? I can't wait to tuck in! I've never been a tucker, because fat people don't like to tuck. In most cases it's just not flattering. If I have to tuck for something, it could be a deal breaker. I couldn't imagine actually wanting to tuck in my shirt. That would be so neat. Get it...neat. Cause I'm tucking...anyway.

I'm turning in early tonight. Tomorrow is a really big day and I need to be well rested. I sincerely appreciate you reading. I look forward to many more wonderful weigh days ahead. This was a really good one. Good night and...

Good Choices,


  1. What an amazing loss. Not being the biggest-yes, that's a definite thrill. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Hi Sean...Can't wait for the Awards Ceremony tomorrow see who has lost the most! It should be exciting seeing those that have lost alot of weight..and to see what they win! Like I wrote the other day..I won't be one of them..I didn't have that much to lose...but I'm still continuing to exercise...and want to lose 8 more pounds by the middle of goal was to lose 25 by that time. Thanks for all your encouragement on here and at the seminars. Can't wait to see you in your Tux...I know you will look very nice..See you tomorrow night! It's going to be FUN! Patricia

  3. Don't forget to have your camera with you!

  4. I agree... "slow and steady wins the race!" Just keep doing what you're doing... because it is definitely working! :)

  5. I see that you're doing well on your own but if you need some other buddies check out my blog... I'm doing something I like to call the Bloggest Loser....

  6. You're going to reach a point where a 5K won't do much for you and you will need to kick it up a notch. Have you been able to fit in any weight training? If you want to see amazing things happen to your body, don't forget this important step in your journey to a better you.

  7. It is 7 pm on Thursday right now..........I wish I could be at the awards thing!

  8. Wow, congrats on the loss! You're doing it, buddy!


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