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Day 237 Accidentally Thinking Like Jillian and A Half-Marathon Suggestion

Day 237

Accidentally Thinking Like Jillian and A Half-Marathon Suggestion

In Friday night's edition of this blog titled “Day 236 Boxing The Boss and The Difference Between Me And “The Biggest Losers,” I talked about how I was losing weight in the middle of everyday life and the contestants on that show were in a boot camp style setting. Then today I ran across a magazine article featuring “Biggest Loser” winner Michelle Aguilar. There was a side bar question and answer feature with the trainer from the show Jillian Michaels. When asked about using the 'Loser' system at home in everyday life her reply was: “It's not realistic. But when you know what people are capable of, then maybe you'll be inspired. All I ask of people is do five hours of exercise a week, maintain a healthy diet and use common sense.” I read that today and thought, wow, I guess I came to the correct conclusion! I kept reading and found other things that sounded familiar. On the topic of getting together with friends and family for holidays or special occasions she said: “Put the focus on friends and family and not the food! If you do indulge, do it intelligently...and continue to work out too.” Wow, I remember saying that after having a big cookout in the early days of this journey. And remember the Thanksgiving Day 5K? That was us indulging but still working out! On getting motivated and off the couch she offered: “I don't have any magic words. That motivation has to come from within. Ask yourself, what is it that I want? Is it being able to see your grandchildren graduate high school? Looking hot in a bikini over spring break? Writing those things down will create a powerful vision.” That's exactly what I've talked about when I mention “motivating thoughts.” I swear I've never read any of her books! It just feels wonderful to once again discover an expert that would whole heartedly agree with what I've done and continue to do.

My work schedule today consisted of, oh wait, I didn't have a work schedule today! I enjoyed a day off by writing and sleeping! The hours I keep through the work week could often times be described as 'unhealthy.' So to be able to catch up a little in the sleeping department was a nice thing. Time management has been my biggest challenge of late. It comes down to my priorities really. I know what I must do and what I should do and what I need to do more of and when I need to do all of them. I just have to make myself commit to a better schedule, one that puts me in bed during the week by 9:30 or 10:00pm at the latest.

Ponca City Medical Center has asked me to be the host, MC, and one of the featured speakers at the “Lose To Win” awards ceremony on Thursday the 14th. I'm honored and can't wait to do it! Moore's Clothing is providing a Tuxedo for me to wear, I get fitted for it on Monday! How excited am I over that? I'll tell you! I've never in my 37 years put on a Tux. Never, ever. We didn't go to the prom and we couldn't afford formal wear at our teenage wedding. I've never even been in a wedding party where I had to wear a tuxedo. I'm thrilled about it I tell ya! I'm not so sure I could have put on a tux at over 500 pounds, maybe a special made tux, but certainly nothing like what I'll wear Thursday. I plan on taking a million pictures of that special night. I'll be sure to post some Tux pictures on this blog! It'll be a real special occasion.

I hit the trail tonight for another Saturday late-night 10K! I put out the call for some friends to join me, but ended up doing it solo. I completely understand. One was at a wedding, another was out of town, and another was somewhere without cell phone service. While I walked I thought about how I need to have a more organized schedule when it comes to the 10K's. Maybe a set time so people can plan on it, instead of me calling within an hour or so of the event. I was talking to Brandon the other day and he mentioned mapping out a half-marathon. A half-marathon? Are you serious? He was serious. I told him that I would definitely attempt a half-marathon walk, but wasn't completely confident I could do it. I would really have to pace myself. I probably could do it, in fact it might be really fun to push the limits a little. When I finished the 10K tonight, which by the way is 6.2 miles, I felt like I could go a little further, so who knows? Maybe I could do over 13 miles in one really long walk. Brandon wants to map it out instead of doing it at the trail. I agree completely, we want the scenery! I'll be sure to tell you about these plans when they become a little more firm. Tonight's 10K was a little eventful. I was on mile five when I noticed a police cruiser racing up 7th street at about 50 or 60 miles per hour. Three patrol cars had pulled over a vehicle right in my pathway! Well, not totally blocking my pathway, but I walked right in front of the grill of the stopped car as they were having the driver step out. As I walked by, Asia's “Heat of The Moment” was blaring from my iPod. I wonder if they could hear? Probably not.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and we plan on a trip to Stillwater to celebrate. We had no say in the selection of the restaurant where we're meeting. The Sirloin Stockade has been selected. Sirloin Stockade is a big buffet style restaurant. You cannot order from a menu, it's the buffet or nothing! I can't wait to defeat this place! Do you know how many 500 pound plus trips I've made to that place? A bunch, it's like the default restaurant we always seem to go to for holidays and special occasions. Tomorrow's trip for me will be a completely different experience. I will leave feeling good instead of like a beached whale. I will approach that buffet with intelligent choices and a 500 calorie limit for the meal. They will be making money off of me for the first time ever!

I hope you have had a chance to read Day 236. It was posted way late, and I received several e-mails asking where it was...It's down there! My apologies for the tardiness on that one! Just scroll down and you'll find it if you haven't already. I sincerely thank you for reading. Good night and...

Good Choices,


  1. I'm struggling with getting enough rest too. My day just flies by. So much to do, so little time. Speaking of that, it is 9:54......and I'll start tonight by planning to be IN BED within 10 mins of now!
    I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for the encouraging comment you left on mine!

  2. P.S. The tux will be awesome!!!!!!!

  3. Nobody I know deserves to wear a tux and host the Lose to Win Celebration than you, Sean. Thanks for everything you have done to make this competition fantastic!


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