Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 243 Self-Image Repairs In Progress and Don't Make Simple Complicated

Day 243

Self-Image Repairs In Progress and Don't Make Simple Complicated

I sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful compliments on the tuxedo pictures! I've never been good at taking compliments. I've found that it's a common problem among morbidly obese people. When we're convinced we don't look good and someone comes along and says we do, it doesn't convince us otherwise, it just makes us think you're being nice, because we feel that us looking good is impossible. But you know what? I'm starting to see the Sean that's been hiding underneath, and although I'm still highly critical of myself, I like what I'm seeing. I still have a ways to go, and if this is a teaser to what I can expect to see someday in the mirror, I'm thrilled. I've never like my appearance. Seeing shades that are appealing to me is a giant psychological breakthrough. These are the major rewards along the way that keep the fire burning for more!

A comment question on last night's blog came from a reader named Bonnie. Her question: Can you explain what you eat? You say normal food and normal portions, but what does that mean? I completely understand that question. For years I wanted to know the magic combination of foods and exactly how much I could have and still lose weight. We're conditioned from an early age to believe that losing weight is a complicated process. So when someone comes along (and I'm not the first-thousands before me) and says “you can eat pretty much anything,” it comes off sounding like a late night weight loss infomercial. I've heard “It can't be that simple,” uh, yes it can! I can remember many of my past weight loss attempts that started by going to the store and buying all kinds of “diet” foods. I'd buy canned chicken chunks, celery, carrots, a huge bag of grapefruits, cottage cheese, and anything else I had heard was good for losing weight. Then, surrounded by stuff I didn't normally eat, or even like, I would get completely discouraged. Keep it simple. Don't make a special trip to the store. Eat what's normal for you, just discover calorie contents and adjust your portion sizes to fit in a reasonable calorie budget. I remember during a “Lose To Win” seminar, someone asked Melissa Walden about counting carbs and fat grams too, and Melissa responded by telling her that she didn't need to worry about that stuff right now. Keep it simple, count calories, and when you're far enough along you can start getting specific about certain things in an effort to meet particular nutritional goals. That's exactly what's happened to me naturally over the last 243 days. I eat way better than I did in the beginning. I eat more fruits and vegetables and I now make a point to get enough fiber grams (24-26 grams daily!). I didn't make a conscience decision to start making a few healthier choices everyday, it just happened naturally. Let it come to you naturally as you progress. The first thing I thought of when I read Bonnie's question was, I hope she goes back into the archives and reads throughout this journey, because then she'll discover what I mean by “normal” foods and “normal” portions. I was shocked to discover another comment from Bonnie, nearly 24 hours later---here's what she said: Hi--I have just finished reading your blog from day one. So, I know the answer to my earlier question. I am totally inspired and totally intimidated at the same time. Thank you for doing this and telling the world that it is possible for a real person. I am so very impressed with you Bonnie! The whole blog, all 242 post, every single day---you read it all in less than 24 hours? That's very cool! And it makes me feel so honored and proud. Thank you so much Bonnie! Don't let it intimidate you. It's strange I know, because some of the foods I've enjoyed along the way really fly in the face of what we've been taught our entire lives. I knew that the only way to teach myself how to handle food responsibly was to eat regular, everyday, normal foods. You can't learn how to handle food responsibly if you not handling regular food, right? What do meal replacement diets teach us about handling food in everyday life? Nothing! How are we going to react when the shipments of pre-packaged and portioned foods stop showing up on the doorstep and we're forced to face real world food decisions on our own? Lost. Take that inspiration Bonnie and turn it up! Let it flow from you to your husband, and both of you are going to be on your way to an amazing side of life! You two can do it!

The “Lose To Win” award pictures were in the paper today. It's always fun to “make the paper!” I was going to scan the pictures onto this blog post, but I thought I might be violating a copyright, so I decided against it. You might be able to find them at The Lessert family left everyone in the dust! They lost over 137 pounds and an average of 16.2% of their body weight in eight weeks! They deserve every penny of that two thousand dollar prize. The second place team lost like 9.8%. By the way, my team came in 8th. We lost 125 pounds combined, but the percentage lost just wasn't as high. Brandon's 69 pound loss for the overall biggest loser prize bested everyone by at least 20 pounds! Isn't that amazing? He worked extremely hard for that. It's really fun to be neck and neck with Brandon as we lose our excess weight and completely transform our appearances. On the 4th he was a pound lighter than me, and now I'm one pound lighter than him. He doesn't like that! I bet he worked out twice today!

We have a high school graduation to attend in the morning and I've promised to get up early and fix everyone ham and cheese two-egg omelets. I make them at just under 200 calories each and they're cheesy and filling! I'll take a picture and list the recipe tomorrow evening, I may even get fancy and add some veggies too. Thank you again for reading! Good night and...

Good Choices,

Here are some more “before” and “In progress” pictures:

Grandpa and Me at over 500 pounds

Last Night

Before really big with my lovely wife Irene!

Several pounds ago--Much smaller!


  1. You know, I look at the before pictures... and it's funny really. I can almost say that I don't recognize you in the before pictures. Isn't that weird? I used to think that you didn't look as much like you in the "in progress" pictures. But now, I look at the before pictures and I have a hard time remembering you like that. I know it was less than a year ago, but it seems so much longer than that since I've seen you at 505 pounds. I can't imagine what you will look like a year from now. Or even 6 months. It must be so exciting for you. Awsome job!

  2. That is really awesome about Bonnie! If she's reading this, good luck and welcome to our're in with the best...Sean is a greatest inspiration and motivator of all! Rachel is totally right on with her really is hard to look at your before pictures and actually remember you like that...and I've known you since the day you were born!!! My gosh how you have transformed!!! It's incredible! Where did my cousin go???? LOL You keep up the good work! You're an amazing individual and I'm so proud of you! And when I say "I hope to see less of you in the future" I only mean it in the best way! lol YOU DA MAN!!!

  3. wow you are so right about the foods..iam so glad it finally sunk in for me..its so easy to just watch the portion control and eat the amount you give yourself and let it really is simple...hope you all have a great weekend! who is graduating? is it mary! tell em all hello for me...loveya all kelli


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