Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 251 Switching Up The Breakfast and Another "Extreme Wow" Reaction

Day 251

Switching Up The Breakfast and Another “Extreme Wow” Reaction

This morning I enjoyed the traditional American breakfast of bacon and eggs. And would you believe it checked in at only 175 calories? Very true. We buy pre-cooked bacon, that way we don't get all the grease from frying bacon, we just throw it in the microwave and it gets nice and crispy. The calories are less...four slices are only 70 calories, as opposed to who knows what kind of calories if we soaked the bacon in hot grease. I had two eggs prepared without additional fat calories, on a non-stick surface of course and two slices of the bacon. The best breakfast I know of for losing weight and firing your metabolism up real good is actually steel cut oats. We eat them too, lightly sweetened and sometimes with a little milk, but today was different. I like switching it up every now and then. Keeps it very interesting.

I had an early broadcast from the Memorial Day weekend frenzy at Wal-Mart. My broadcast started at 9am and by 11am I needed some food. I found some prepackaged apple slices with a caramel and nuts dipping sauce for 140 calories. It was wonderful and the caramel and nuts made it seem like a sweet treat, it wasn't until the caramel was gone that I realized the apples tasted strange. Then I read the ingredients. Those apples had been treated with several chemicals and additives to keep them fresh. It really made them taste horrible alone. I should have grabbed a fresh apple or peach or maybe a banana. It would have been a better choice for sure. An old friend from way back showed up at the broadcast this morning. He asked me if I had seen a really big guy roaming around anywhere, I told him that guy is gone and never coming back! He was joking of course, but all he kept saying was “look at you man,” “look at you!” OK! I'm looking! I know! Isn't that great! He was amazed at the transformation so far. He knew me at my heaviest, somewhere around 510 or so...really, it may have been higher, it's not like I weighed regularly back then! Had I not run into him today, instead in about six more months, I doubt he would have recognized me at all. The changes are wonderful so far, but I'm still a big man...Just wait! The difference the next 111 pounds will make is going to be mind blowing! Especially for those who knew me back in my quarter ton days. For those who didn't know me back then, get ready for the pictures!

When I got home I had a decision to make. Get into the YMCA for a workout or make alternate workout plans for later and rest. I chose to rest. I took a nap this afternoon and it was good! Naps. They're not just for toddlers and senior citizens anymore! I good nap revitalizes me incredibly. I jumped up after an hour and a half and started planning dinner. We enjoyed grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and baked beans! It was right at 460 for the entire plate, perfect! Our workout consisted of power walking at the trail and Sweatin' To The Oldies with Richard Simmons! I look up to Richard Simmons. That guy is the real deal. You will not find many people that are as famous as him that have maintained a very real, sincere, down to earth, caring attitude. He's done amazing things for people fighting this battle and he still does everyday. I recruited Courtney and a friend of hers to do it with me and it was awesome! They loved it too, it was a nice addition to our routine today.

Big time kudos go out to so many people who read this blog. My mom made it a mile in one stretch yesterday! That's a big accomplishment for her and I couldn't be more proud. My aunt Kelli (three years older than me---like a sister growing up---my moms sister), she's walked on numerous occasions this week and even survived an attack by a cat during one of them! Rachel read yesterdays blog, then put on her shoes and also walked a mile, That TOPS Lady, aka Amy, she finished a walk-a-thon this week by completing 30 one week! And Bonnie and her family in New Zealand walked to church and back! Remember, we're all at different levels along this journey. If you do what you can do and you do it with consistency, what you can do will turn into something you wouldn't even believe right now. I told my mom that she'll be doing a 5K before the year is over, and if she keeps it up, it will not even be a challenge! If you don't believe me, go back and read about my workout routine from Day 1. A quarter mile was absolutely all my 505 pound body could handle. Tomorrow we're doing a 10K, that's 6.2 miles! So, yeah, see! It gets easier, our endurance goes higher, and our body gets healthier!

I love where I'm headed. It feels so good to have come so far in the last 251 days. My life has changed dramatically and instead of reacting negatively to change, I've embraced it and I now love it! I've never felt better in my entire life! Good night and...

Good Choices,


  1. I know what you mean about those apples. Blech.
    I love naps! And eggs and bacon are my favorite breakfast...yum....
    I love the energy in you rpost. It's so exciting to hear about your "wow" moments and all your success. Very motivating :)

  2. You just don't know how much I appreciate the comment you left me. Give me advice anytime you have some! You are somewhat of a celebrity in my mind----feeling kind of like someone would feel if they were friends with Richard Simmons before he became THE Richard Simmons! There's no telling what your future holds! In the meantime, I'm glad you have time to read my blog and pick me up when I am down.
    I took a water pill yesterday and this morning those goofy scales showed that I had lost all of the water weight except half a pound. You are right, I hop on those things too often! I'm going to send them to my mom's house and just do my weigh ins at TOPS every Tuesday evening. It is a reliable scale-- we meet at the Health Department.
    Looking back on the past week, I was so busy and my camera was broken...and I didn't count my calories as religiously as I should have. I'm back on track today, even though I usually take Sundays off. I'm even going to do some "Disco Sweat" with Richard Simmons before my Sunday nap.
    Thank you SO MUCH for your comments......I know you are busy......and I feel honored that you take the time to help me.
    Have a great day!
    :) Amy


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