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March 23rd, 2016 Flame For Change

March 23rd, 2016 Flame For Change

I first heard from Jon Ludtke via email over four years ago.

From an email dated: 02/17/2012

"Hello Sean,
Bought your book, loved it. More importantly, thank you for helping me grasp, come to terms with what I need to do, have been wanting to do, and have been putting off the past 20 years.  I have been so over-ready, just not sure how it would officially start.  My name is Jon Ludtke, and today, February 17th is day one for me. On my way to losing 265 lbs and reaching my goal weight of 250.    
I am currently 46 years old, 6'4" and weigh 515."

Jon made an iron-clad decision that day. He grabbed hold of some non-negotiable elements and he decided, come what may--this time would be different from every single time before. This time was HIS time. And he started--and he did the hard work, he's still doing the work, every day. And his consistent success throughout his own personal exploration displays a spirit and determination I admire. He inspires me with his enthusiasm and amazes me with his natural ability for numbers and personal statistics, while always keeping a simple and positive perspective in harmony with his goals.

Jon is very generous with credit to my book and this blog for helping him get started--and I sincerely appreciate that--but he did the work. My book and this blog--and all it represents, isn't enough for anyone. If it provides a spark of inspiration, it's up to the individual to turn that spark into a burning flame for change. The real catalyst for transformation comes from within each of us, individually.  

We stayed in touch via email and even met in October 2014 when Jon invited me out to Vegas for what became a three day exchange of ideas, philosophy, fundamental elements discussion--and all things to do with dramatic transformation--including the less fun, but very important discussion about relapse/regain--and the darkness of that experience. We should have invited more and made it a conference of sorts!

Jon has lost over 200 pounds so far. Combined, we've lost roughly 540 pounds.

Jon and his dad are traveling cross country, headed back to Vegas. And luckily, for us, it didn't take much modifying of the route to bring them through the city I call home. It was a fantastic visit tonight.
 photo IMG_9726_zpskr4qiplr.jpg
We enjoyed a great meal at Ground Round--with plenty of choices, it was simple to find what worked for each of our food plans. Jon doesn't do grains, beans or legumes--which means, no tacos for Jon! The mere thought of a world without crispy tacos frightens me! In all seriousness, this restaurant choice worked beautifully for both of us. Otherwise, I would have suggested my favorite Mexican place around the corner! Although, I did eat tacos for lunch. As it turned out, we both ordered the baked cod!

Our individual food plans are different in some ways--and the same in others. Jon has fashioned his to nicely fit his preferences and what works for him. This is a critical point. He, like me, eats what he likes and nothing he doesn't! Jon also abstains from added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

What's remarkably similar between us, is our commitment to continuous learning and developing along this road. And we share a sharp understanding of what it means to make an iron-clad decision supported by a set of non-negotiable elements. We both embrace the concept of choosing change before change chooses us! And we both understand that our continued success requires daily actions in support of our goals. Our transformations are never guaranteed. It's one day at a time, every day.

If you get a chance-and you're a member of Spark People, check out Jon's blog-- His username on Spark People is WEWRTFO.

Here's a link to his page:

 photo IMG_9739_zpse9jz4utl.jpg
Jon doesn't do coffee, either. I was like, what??? Really? I can't imagine!! I'm smiling big. What a wonderful visit. Thanks, Jon!
I headed for the gym immediately after our visit for a great workout. Today was a great day...and it was, even without a nap! That extra sleep last night really worked well. Duly noted!

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  1. Congratulations, Jon, on all you've accomplished!

  2. Catching up with like-minded people! There's nothing better than that!!!!

  3. Such an uplifting post abut 2 people on their way to success during it his way without having to conform to the other's method. Uplifting to read when there is so much tragedy in the world. LN

  4. Jon, what a great story!! So glad you guys could meet and spend some time together and encourage each other! Shirley from tn

  5. It's important to have mentors and share stories.

    Food you cannot live without = red flags. Be aware. Be very aware of that cycle of thinking.

  6. Your story is a great example if someone really want to lose weight will do.


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