Thursday, April 23, 2020

April 23rd, 2020 The Reader's Digest Version

April 23rd, 2020 The Reader's Digest Version

Since our last edition: I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

A lot has happened in the short time since our last edition. I'll try to convey the Reader's Digest version. I developed a fever Sunday night and by Monday, other symptoms started emerging enough to freak me out. The fever and breathing difficulty was enough to get me screened and tested for COVID-19 on Monday, shortly after my morning show. They told me 1-4 days for the results, luckily it was only 2 days. The call yesterday morning with a negative test result was a big relief. The two days of not knowing were brutal--I made it that way by my uncontrollable urge to Google every symptom and story I could find about the virus. The rational side of my brain kept screaming "don't!!!!" --But I just kept on until I was convinced of some super dark outcomes.

What I failed to acknowledge in my narrow-focused obsessive perspective was how my symptoms were also symptoms of other things, like flu or bronchitis. I have a via video doctor's appointment this afternoon and I'm sure he'll be able to prescribe me something to help kick this stuff. I don't have to leave my apartment--I'll do the appointment here in my apartment, he'll send the prescriptions to the pharmacy, and they'll deliver 'em to my door. Easy.

I've been doing my radio show from home, 100%, since Tuesday morning. It's going fairly well so far. I'll likely finish the week this way and try to get as much rest and medicine as possible between now and Monday before returning to the studio.

I'm full of gratitude this morning. The incredible outpouring of prayers, messages of support, and more have been a major blessing--above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm grateful my test was negative but I know there are many people, every day, facing positive test results and going through the very real challenges of trying to make it through their infection. My prayers are with them this morning.

Mom is doing fine lately, despite my blunder of telling her I was awaiting test results. That sent her spinning as much or more than me. She may not have access to Google searches but she watches a lot of television. She was the first call I made after the negative test result. She was so happy to hear that news.

I cannot say enough positive things about Ponca Nursing and Rehab. They're taking extraordinary care of mom. Their response to this crisis has been and continues to be exceptional. More than just keeping the residents as safe as possible in a medical way, they're creating activities and events to help keep everyone positive and smiling through the challenges. On Monday morning, they're planning a parade of cars, where family members can drive through and honk, wave, and simply show support--to let them know, they're on our minds and in our hearts, always. I plan on being there for that event.

My oldest daughter located a couple of "lost" before pictures the other day. I didn't think any more existed that I hadn't seen, but I was wrong. It was fun to see those.
Based on the shirt, I think this is after losing 100 pounds in 2004

At my heaviest, without a doubt

I've made a few subtle changes to my food plan over the last few days. I'm mainly keeping it fairly light and making sure I'm getting plenty of vitamin C. I'm also taking zinc and vitamin D on recommendation from a few friends.

My morning foundational routine was complete first thing this morning. The time I devote to that mental/emotional/spiritual renewal each morning makes the biggest positive impact on me. Prayer, meditation, gratitude list, positive visualizations, and affirmations, they're all there for me each morning, helping create a measure of peace, calm, and stability. It's never perfect (see insane Google searching above) but hey, I'm human. The important thing, in my opinion, is, it's consistent. I will continue connecting with good support friends as well.

Okay--it's off to the makeshift studio in my spare bedroom. I have a show to do, in my pajamas and without the slightest care and attention to my hair. :) Thank you for reading. Please, be safe and take care of you and yours.

Update Thursday evening: I had a video doctor's appointment before the doc sent me to the clinic for testing and labs. I tested positive for strep throat and I have a bad double ear infection. Both of which explain the fever. Prescribed a Z-Pack and a prescription for a heavy-duty cough suppressant. Strep and double ear infection are the two main culprits of this crud. That's all good news.

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My first attempt at creating a chicken soup without using a recipe. I just started throwing things in the pot. Not bad. Didn’t need a couple of the things- but I learned. Created a recipe in MFP divided by four servings. I measured out four of these bowls from the pot. Counting this as two servings since I loaded it with ingredients for this first bowl. Everything in the pot: 8.1oz boneless/skinless chicken thighs, 170g diced red potato, 74g finely diced red onion, 3.7oz sliced baby portobello mushrooms, 125g whole kernel corn, 121g green beans, 30g sour cream and 3 tablespoons half & half. Could have done without those last two ingredients. It didn’t make it “creamy,” it just made it weird. #dailypractice #foodplan #kitchenexperiment #weighandmeasure MFP says 1 serving is 171 cal. I logged 2 servings for dinner and it totals 341 cal. Must have been 170.5 per serving. Interesting. :) Fun fun!
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  1. Just caught up with your blog and what a roller coaster you've been on lately! Get well soon, and glad it's not the dreaded C-word.

  2. Glad to hear the outcome was good Sean!


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