Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 294 Wearing The Boss's Jeans and Staying On Track Regardless of Circumstances

Day 294

Wearing The Boss's Jeans and Staying On Track Regardless of Circumstances

As I write this blog I'm wearing a size I haven't been able to wear since I was fifteen years old. I'm wearing size 44 jeans! Size 44!!!! What? ME? Size 44. That doesn't even look or sound right! I knew the 46 Levis were starting to get loose, I even started using a belt with them, but I hadn't even tried these 44's yet, because it just seemed impossible. There's no such thing as impossible anymore. 44's! Irene took one look and joked that I wasn't allowed to wear them in public! Remember me writing about these jeans ninety-four days ago? Let's go to the archives shall we? Here's an excerpt of Day 200: My boss, the owner of Team Radio, gave me several pair of pants that I can't wear yet, but give me a little while. Thank you kind sir! He's lost enough to not need them anymore, and when I do get into them in the next month or two it'll be an amazing day. They're size 44's. I'll get there in not long! They look so tiny to me, much like the 48's do, and I can wear the 48's! These big rewards along the way of this journey are so amazing, it's truly a blessing every day. And Mr. Blue Blazes, you're looking fantastic! And I'm not just saying that because you hold my broadcasting career in your hands, you really do look great, everybody is noticing my friend, not just employees looking to compliment the boss. Thanks for the pants, I'll wear them proudly into your office one day soon. Wow, I was really optimistic about “the next month or two,” in reality it took 94 days. But remember---time doesn't matter, because I'm getting there! Tomorrow will be that day I proudly waltz into his office wearing his jeans! They're nice too. So these are the kind of jeans an owner of a broadcasting empire wears, hmm, I think they're designer jeans. Sweet. I don't care from where they came, all I know is they fit! I'm so happy right now! I mean, they fit nicely. Not too tight, just perfect.

Staying on track in a solid way no matter what circumstances surface is something that is extremely important. Today: The van broke down. Our air conditioner for our house stopped working. And then our fridge and freezer stopped working. We'll need to summon three different repair technicians tomorrow morning. All of our food is thawed and spoiling. Talk about stressful and expensive. But it will not get me down. It will not shake my resolve. It'll try real hard, but it will not win. I refuse to let it beat me! I never thought I would ever get to that place. It's a place where our eating and exercising behaviors are not effected by daily emotions, setbacks, sorrows, or even celebrations. It's a place where we're on level at all times. In order to be consistent I had to find this place fast. Thank goodness I did.

I posted the longest blog in the history of this blog for Saturday's post. It was a small book. If you haven't had a chance to read, I hope you will. It was an awesome day of “wow” reactions. In a sharp contrast to yesterday's really long post, this one might be one of the shortest. It's getting late and I need rest. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Oh, I just wrote a comment and my computer crashed. Anyway, great news on the pants. I can't wait for DH to wear a 44--then we can shop in the regular store. Or better yet, you can just send your 48s and below on down to NZ. You will be wearing 34's by then. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Why do things like air conditioners all break at once and in the middle of summer? You are a better man (or woman) than I am for not letting it throw you off. Now that's impressive!

  2. Electric and mechanical stuff, bane of my life. When things go wrong with one, all the others break in sympathy. I swear it is like Toy Story, they all talk to each other...

    Nice job on the smaller jeans! It's always thrilling to fit into new sizes. I am fortunate, as a woman I have many sizes hanging around!

  3. Oh wow, when it rains, it pours! Sorry you had such troubles! I hope today in uneventful! At least nonBADeventful!

  4. Congratulations on getting down to a size you haven't been since 15, thats Awesome!!

  5. Congratz! What feels better than a smaller size? WhatEVER size that is?

  6. I love fitting into smaller sizes... I was just talking about some fabulous designer hand-me-downs that I'll fit into hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks. Can't wait!

    Well done, Sean! Wear them with pride!

  7. Woo-hoo - wonder if your boss ever worries you will be wearing his shoes one day, heh-heh!

  8. It's almost like a magic trick, isn't it. Look at these pants... too small, right? Now I saw the magic words "good choices, good choices, good choices," and presto-change-o, they fit just right.

    I'm having the same fun dragging out all my smaller sized pants and trying them on every couple of weeks. Some start fitting, some go back for a few more weeks. But sooner or later, they're all coming out of retirement.

    Keep up the great work, my friend.

  9. That is sooooooo awesome!!! Rock those jeans tomorrow!


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