Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 298 Sean In Disguise and Mom's On Her Way

Day 298

Sean In Disguise and Mom's On Her Way

Today has been a non-stop on the go kind of day. It all started at five am and here we are at eleven pm. I did my show plus two three hour remote broadcast throughout the day and today is mom's birthday, so directly after the last broadcast wrapped at 6pm, we were off to Stillwater for a birthday dinner at one of my mom's favorite restaurants.

I started the day with strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt, had a banana mid-morning, and then had a slice of BBQ Chicken pizza for lunch. There's usually plenty of food at these on location broadcast. And it's usually pizza, and a bunch of it. At the point that I knew I needed some food, I looked through the boxes in search of the thin crust. When I found the Memphis BBQ Chicken on thin crust, oh my, it looked so good! So good, I had to check it in at 250 calories for the two squares I enjoyed. And I really enjoyed them! It was absolutely incredible pizza. After my small lunch, I focused on the task at hand, and that was giving this client the best broadcast possible. Although I could have had as much of that pizza as I wanted, I just wasn't willing to invest any more than the 250 calories I had already enjoyed. During the broadcast, a regular listener popped in to specifically ask me how I was losing all this weight. She had weight loss surgery several years ago, lost just over 100 pounds, but recently gained back a good portion of that loss. Her interest in my weight loss “method” was piqued. She leaned in, like I was about to reveal a major secret, and I told her of the eat less-exercise more-mental changes approach. She gave me a look like that's it? Are you serious? It's sometimes hard to understand why the most sensible approach is often the hardest for some to grasp. Then a little while later, a nice lady walked in that I knew, but hadn't laid eyes on since I started this journey. She didn't know it was me. A genuinely “unrecognizable” situation. It's like I'm in disguise, really cool if you ask me. I remember writing about and day dreaming what that would feel like, when people I know just walk by not realizing who I am...It's really cool. Of course around here all I have to do is open my mouth and they immediately know it's me. That's what happened, just like Saturday at that 4th of July event, this nice lady said the same thing. “If you hadn't started talking, I wouldn't have realized it was you." The first thing she asked... “Did you have weight loss surgery?” I've had this question asked of me over and over. It must be a very popular procedure in these parts judging by the number of people that hear the numbers and automatically think must be weight loss surgery. I quickly filled her in on the details and she took down my blog address to give to her son who's desperately searching for an answer on his obesity. I hope he finds the answer. It's really easy to overlook, especially since it's not a “special” plan and it doesn't cost a fortune. Like I said before...often times the most sensible and simple of solutions is passed by in search of something more substantial, more elaborate.

It was wonderful to enjoy dinner with mom tonight. She turned 64 today. I'm so proud of her too! She's consistently losing weight, and this consistency all started when she started being consistent with her calorie budget and consistent with her exercise. You can really see the difference in her. She fully understands now what she must continue to do, because she's proving to herself everyday that it works. Sometimes witnessing someone else do it (me-or any number of us who have had major success) just isn't quiet enough because “well, that's them.” But when you're proving it to yourself by doing it and being successful—it all becomes very clear, very fast. And she's someone that has purchased every weight loss book known to the world. She has a giant library full of not only books, but every magazine article with a weight loss grabbing headline---all in her search for the “answer.” And she's discovered the answer within her own good choices. Isn't that wonderful? She's adding years to her life, and since she's my momma and I love her so dearly, that makes me really happy. Happy birthday mom, I'm so proud of you!

I have to cut this blog short and get my exercise on before it gets any later. It's fast approaching midnight here in the central United States and the alarm sounds at 4:45am for another busy day. Tomorrow night we're going to see the musical Grease at the historic Poncan Theatre, then I'm participating in a giant block party/street dance with the cast and anyone else who wants to dance under the stars in front of the theatre. I'll be in full DJ mode I'm sure. It should be fun.

Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your continued support as I head straight for some major milestones directly ahead. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I hope you had a nap today. Don't you just love telling people "no, I haven't had surgery." Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well. That is great. My Mom just reported that she bought my sister who has had 3 weight loss surgeries some new clothes--all size 20 and 22. I can wear a 22. It is just so sad. Wish DH & I could make a showing of Grease and a block party our date night--that sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard. Blessings--Bonnie

  2. Why do people assume if you are losing weight, you have had surgery,or taking pills or you are ill?

    The prescription as you have discovered and I am trying to follow, is willpower, healthy eating and stepping up the exercise. It's very simple. Though us human beings make things complicated for ourselves.

    Sounds like your mom could be an inspiration to the "Silver Brigade" for weight loss:)

    Keep on inspiring Sean.

    Best Wishes


    PS. Enjoy Grease and the party, sounds like a great start to the weekend.

  3. I think people like to belong...belong to Jenny Craig or Nutrasystem or Weight Watchers or the surgery club or lap band club. (I like WW.) I think that sometimes we just make life way too hard because the answer is right in front of us, and it's usually an easy solution. If you call this journey easy--the hard part is what goes on in one's head.

    Best wishes. I'm craving pizza now. =)

  4. I love the comment about the woman asking how YOU are doing it. Like there's a magic secret out there that only people who are losing know. Um, hello, if that were true we'd be rich!!!!

    And I get so upset at the thought of these huge medical surgeries taking place & people thinking they can go back to eating the way they did. It's only going to give you the same results, only you took your life in your hands or put them in a surgeons, to lose a ton of weight, have floppy skin & gain most of it back! UGH!

    Happy Birthday to mom.

    AND.. great job deciding you didn't want to waste extra calories on eating more pizza. Doesn't it feel SOOOOOO good to be in control of yourself? I know for me it's a whole new world.

    You still inspire me! I say you move to Erie, become a DJ here and We'll just cook for each other every other day. Dinner at Bev's M-W-F & Sat, Dinner at Sean's Tu-Th & Sun (See, I even took more days cuz I don't work) LOL

    Seriously, you do inspire me and should be so proud!

  5. I am quite laid back about how poeple have lost their weight. Although my approach may seem boring to those looking for an exciting answer, it works for me and works for you and that is what matters.

    I love the reactions you are getting to your new look,lol. Just think, you could have committed the perfect crime and got away with it.

    Love how well your mom is doing too - I think she should blog!

    Enjoy this evening, sounds like fun!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom! You have given her the best gift, seeing her son get healthier every day and the right tools and knowledge to do it herself too. Good job to you both!

    It amazes me how many people have had weight loss surgery. I know several people who have had it, and the funny thing is, they told me to GAIN 30 lbs so I would be eligible. Sad part, most of them still struggle with their weight for years of the reasons I never did actually :)

  7. You mom and my daughter share the same birthday. Wish your mom a happy birthday :) And it's so great that she's making healthy changes too.
    It's so true everyone wants to know how you accomplished it, heck even i asked you! But for me i admit it was curiosity!!
    At work i get people coming into the lunch room to see what i've brought to eat :)
    Keep up the great work Sean and you and your family have a great weekend!!

  8. I seriously contemplated weight loss surgery--had signed up for a seminar--and then stumbled upon different weight loss blogs. I am so glad I did! My MIL and SIL both had gastric bypass and they eat terribly--they are both gaining again because they never had a mental change.

    Thanks to Sean, as well as the other posters, for giving envcouragement and helping those of us in desperation realize the simple options really work!

  9. A woman down the street from me had lap band surgery. And now she walks every evening and eats these really small portions. Which is what I'm doing WITHOUT the surgery! I feel sorry for her, that she couldn't discover the *secret* without the surgery. Changing your lifestyle is the key. And hey, if there WAS a secret, wouldn't Oprah have stumbled upon it? She has tried every weight loss method known to man and she's still overweight, poor thing.
    I look forward to reading your blog everyday.
    Hugs to your mother on her birthday!

  10. wow...get some sleep in there somewhere! I hope you will have time for a nap today.

  11. I was wondering what happened to you yesterday! I've grown accustomed to receiving a comment from you by a certain time. When it didn't come, I thought something might've happened! I'm a mother, I worry! I'm glad everything was okay and you were just busy.

    It's good to hear that everything is going so well for your mom! As for that woman that asked you about weight loss surgery... it's sad that people think that's the only answer. On the plus side, that just goes to show you just how dramatic your weight loss has been (as if you didn't already know, haha).

    I am glad to know that you are continuing to do well, that people are noticing your success, and you are influencing your family and community. I am super proud to be a part of your journey, even just as a reader of your blog. I can't wait to celebrate with you when you reach your target weight!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  12. Wow, you guys have really adopted the "all in the family" weight loss approach. WTG.

  13. Nice to see someone accepting the unfortunate reality that calorie counting is a necessary part of consistent, long term fat loss.


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