Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 316 My Blog is Important To Me and Sugar Wafers? Really?

Day 316

My Blog is Important To Me and Sugar Wafers? Really?

The morphing photo was really cool. I found out today that in order to use it again I need to buy it for thirty bucks, OK---I think I will. It's a nice program, very easy user interface, and you can get really creative. I downloaded the free trial of Morpheus Photo Morphing Software from download.com, by just typing in “photo morphing software.” I actually had a picture taken today in the exact same spot as the 500 plus pound picture from the morph. The effect was the most amazing thing. It was like the only thing in the picture changing was me. When I tried to render it for tonight's blog, it stopped me and said I needed to buy it first. It gave me the first one for free, knowing I'd be back! Sounds like a drug dealer or Baskin Robbins “free taste.” After I buy this software, I plan on “recreating” some of the exact settings and poses in many of my before pics. It'll be some of the most amazing before and “in progress” and eventually “after” picture morphs, I guarantee! If you want to skip the free trial business and just go straight to their order page, you can find it at www.morpheussoftware.net/morpheusmorph/secure/purchase.php

I'm so thankful for what this blog has done for me. It's really taught me so much about myself and this journey. What once seemed like an impossible road has become so clear through this nightly therapy session I call my blog. I had no idea what it would become to me. I really didn't have a clue. I started posting on Myspace for the first two weeks, then I discovered blogspot. Transferring the blogs to Blogspot was simply a way for my cousin to read along on his WebTV, because he couldn't go to myspace. My daughter away at college could just read the myspace version. I didn't read any other blogs back then and I had very few readers on the blogspot version. When you go back in the archives, surely you've noticed the lack of comments in the early days. All of the comments and the majority of readers were friends and family on the myspace version. The Myspace version is still up and running and it's identical in content, but the blogspot version is by far the most read of the two. I'm so happy to have “met” so many nice people who are headed down this same road right here on Blogger. If my cousin could have read it on myspace, I doubt I would have ever started this blogspot version in the first place. I credit my blog with a large part of my success. It goes back to what I've said and so many have said before me. Writing out how you feel and what you're doing is therapeutic. It has made a world of difference for me, that's for sure!

This morning I had venison and eggs for breakfast. It was wild indeed! My friend Dan gave me some ground venison and it is so good! Irene will not touch it, because she doesn't eat “cute” things. But it's substantially lower in fat and calories over beef. And it doesn't taste that far off, it's like a really lean burger. If you're a vegetarian this probably disgust you, but I can't help it! I love meat! I'm a grilling machine! I came home for lunch and enjoyed crunchy venison tacos. Why all the venison? Because our fridge is once again not working and the repair person can't get here until tomorrow. It was cook it or toss it, so I cooked it! The fridge is a fairly newish Frigidaire side by side, or else we'd just get another one. This is the best fridge we've ever had---so we're getting it fixed, again! It shouldn't cost us anything this time, they're basically repairing the repair they made before.

Had a wonderful workout tonight in the great outdoors. After we got our sweat on, I arrived home to find someone had purchased Sugar Wafer Cookies. I'm not mentioning any names or calling anyone within' my household out, but I really disagree with this snack selection. First of all, let me say this: I love these things. I use to eat an entire package in one sitting. They're pure sugar, I mean totally sugar---you know what I'm talking about right? Four small little sugar wafer “fingers,” check in at 150 calories! I haven't had any since I started this journey and considering the horrible calorie value, I'm not starting now. I know that a big part of my philosophy is “Nothing Is Off Limits,” and that's true. But at the same time, everything I eat I base on “calorie value.” If I'm not getting a decent return on my “investment,” then I pass. Those sugar wafer cookies are a horrible “calorie value.” So I choose to pass. Now they're over there on the counter staring at me. I'm not giving them the time of day, and it kills them I'm sure! They're probably thinking--But Sean, remember the times we shared? Remember all of those late nights watching TV and eating us as fast as you could, because it was fun? We can have some fun now Sean...come on, what do you say? I say they're not worth the calories. I will not sacrifice the integrity of my journey and the limits of my calorie budget for the temporary satisfaction of those little fingers of sugar. Choices. Good or bad? Either way they have consequences. I will make the good choice and leave them where they are. An even better choice would be to “accidentally” spill a bucket of water on them. They would totally melt like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. I wonder what rationalization I'll hear when I inquire why such a horrible calorie value has breached the security of our kitchen? I bet I know: Dad, you always say “nothing is off limits.” OK---you got me there. But realize that “investing” a bunch of calories in these things only takes away from other more filling and satisfying choices you could have had. Is that a good choice? I guess that question can only be answered on an individual basis. For me? No. Not good at all, but that's me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some kind of cookie police. I actually enjoyed a 140 calorie oatmeal raisin cookie the other night with a cup of coffee. It was nice. But these wafer things...Oh my---I could eat probably a thousand calories worth before you could even count to one hundred.

I'm headed to bed tonight with a wonderful feeling, a wonderful feeling of confidence, a wonderful feeling of freedom. And it's something I'm feeling everyday. If you're on this road too, don't give up! Keep on coming up the road...because it gets easier and easier---and the rewards get better and better. Defend your journey from anything and everything that tries to derail you. You can't be stopped if you decide you can't. The most important word for me along this journey? Consistency. It's key. It'll save you numerous frustrations and setbacks and propel you to an amazing transformation. Be strong, be consistent, and be free! Because it feels like nothing I've ever felt and so much better than I ever imagined...and I'm not even all the way to my ultimate goal yet! Thank you for reading and offering your support. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Those sugary wafers are an invention of the devil. I can remember those days when a whole pack would last about 5 mins and agree with you, they are not worth it!

    I am quite tempted by that morphing software, it looks like fun. Look forward to seeing your future renditions.

  2. My husband loves sugar wafers, he has such a sweet tooth. I must give him credit though, since I have been on this journey to sixty, he has been very good at home. Not sure about at work though;)

    The venison sounds good, but I have the Bambi phobia/thing too so Irene is not alone with that one.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Anytime you want to visit, we would be delighted to show you round. And take you up to Scotland too..LOL



  3. I try to avoid sweets, and it's not hard considering I don't really have a sweet tooth...my weakness is chips, any kind...so I steer clear of those little bastards too! I weigh things out..."A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" Hope you have a good day! Congrats on another succesful day! I liked the photo and can't wait to see more!


  4. The people here at my house like to buy swiss cake rolls and oreos. It makes it kind of hard when you want something sweet and they already ate all of the fudgecicle's. grrrr... Anyhow, it's getting easier to resist what they have here. I just say "no thank you" and they are starting to listen and truly understand that I don't want any. When I say "they" of course, I mean my husband.

  5. Those sugar wafers are addictive! I think sometimes its easier to go "cold turkey" than try and have some.

    When I first began my journey, I did go cold turkey on chocolate, but over time I could add in some. Now, I choose to each chocolate when I really want it, but turn down most other sweets.

  6. Consistency--what a bugger! I struggle with that in my life more than anything, but incredibly enough, I have consistently not had over 1500 calories since I started my journey. And those sugar wafer things were sure good dipped in chocolate...I wouldn't eat those now for anything. Have a good one!

  7. Oh I LOVE venison...I was raised on it. And it is fantastically healthy in the way of meats. I remember early mornings with fried venison tenderloin, biscuits and gravy....those were the good ol' days. Never cared for the sugar wafers, but then I've never had a big sweet tooth. I'm more of a meatatarian. I was going to say give me chocolate any day over a sugar wafer...and that just made me realize that I haven't touched the choccolate in my house for over a week! Woo Hoo! It DOES get easier. :)

  8. I used to love those wafers!!
    I also totally believe that consistency is the main thing in this journey :)

  9. Man, great attitutde and great story. What progress!

    I've heard good things, and am glad that I came to check it out. I look forward to keeping up as progress continues!

  10. Mmmmm sugar wafers. Haven't had one in years but I'm between grown kids and grandkids so that's probably why. I love how you reason this stuff out Sean; how you figure out what really matters to you.

  11. I have a sweet tooth, so I can relate. I find it easier to avoid completely, because I never can stop at just one taste. When I do indulge in something sweet I make sure it is single serving size, take the one and walk away. Step away from the bag of sweets!
    Great post as always!
    And I'll have to mention the venison tacos to my husband. He's the main carnivore in our house!

  12. Sure they're high calorie, but they make up for it by being... waitaminute, they're total crap.

  13. Thanks Sean. Your right about that feeling you had, freedom, confidence. There have been days in the past when I was just "in the zone"; you look in the fridge, and instead of wanting, lurking, you just grab the salad stuff without hesitation. Those are the days of feeling "in control", like you got this, and it's all going to be ok. I think that was one of the things that made me feel like it's different this time, like it's for keeps. I had never felt tht sense of control, of not beind manipulated by a craving, until this diet.

    My best wishes to all fighting the same struggles.
    Hope begets Hope

  14. What you write about blogging is so true. My husband, an innocent bystander in all this, credits my blog with my success. He's right. You're right. Blog therapy, meeting wonderful people, getting ideas, getting it all out there--it works wonders.

    Sugar wafers=lol. I didn't buy them often, but they went fast when I did. I'm like you, I want a bigger bang for my buck. I choose to be full over sugar satisfied.


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