Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 301 Understanding Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Day 301

Understanding Our Strengths and Weaknesses

I'm not real happy with myself today. I'm not saying I'm not happy overall, I mean come on, I'd need my head examined if I wasn't completely thrilled to have lost 189 pounds so far. But today, well, today is another story. It wasn't the food. My calorie budget is rock solid, no complaints. But my exercise today did not exist. And it's not like this is the first time. Did I have the time? Of course. Even on days when “I don't have time,” I usually make the time, even at the cost of sleep. And it may sound like I'm being hard on myself, but really...I'm able to do more now than I've ever been able to do, it doesn't make sense to do less. I should be doing more. I've got to remember what I want. The body I want is going to take some serious work, and serious work requires serious commitment and consistency. Today was an “off day.” Not a horrible thing really, unless it leads to more “off days” more often. Sometimes it may sound like I'm too hard on myself, but I know how these patterns can develop. I know that a pattern of inconsistency starts with “I just don't feel like it today.” It's crazy because the feeling I get when I'm working out is incredible. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment after a hard workout is a tremendous boost. But still I sit here without one ounce of workout accomplished today. As much as we've accomplished as a family (nearly 460 pounds lost total between my wife, two daughters, and me) our weakest point is often in the area of exercise. Our strongest suit is portion control and complete control over our eating habits. We mustn't get inconsistent in the exercise department. We've come too far to start lagging now. This is when we must turn it up and do what we could only dream of doing a short time ago. No excuses. We're turning it up. Just not today.

We enjoyed some delicious grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight—each about 300 calories depending on how we dressed the bun---I enjoyed a teaspoon of miracle whip on mine. We loaded them with veggies and on the side--some baked seasoned fries that came in at 150 calories per serving. It was a satisfying meal, completely delicious!

There are so many more topics I wanted to talk about tonight. I'll save them for later in the week. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. It is absolutely fine to have a day off every now and then - I schedule two days a week where I rest from my exercise routine. That way, guilt doesn't set in and I don't fear getting derailed.

    You have had a stonkingly busy couple of days, so rest up with an easy conscience and get back to the gym tomorrow - your workout will be all the better for a rest!

    And 460 lbs for your family is fan-blinking-tastic!

  2. Hey come on Sean! Give your self a break!!
    You and your lovely ladies are doing an amazing job. Just remember, you are human... I have to remind myself that you are human after the super human feat of the last 301 days.

    You are human, a fabulous human but human all the same...

    Big hugs


  3. i know you say that you know that taking days off from working out could lead to you reverting back into your bad habits...but you arent that person anymore. i mean, you are, but youre different, you know? you have to train your mind to think differently as well. eating healthily is such a big part of the battle and youve got that udner control. sometimes, you need a little time off, even if you dont know why youre taking the time off. your sanity will thank you!

  4. Everyone has already said it so well--please don't be so hard on yourself. You have a very busy last few days and I really don't know when you sleep. Perhaps your body was telling you to rest today. Just get back in the saddle tomorrow. You aren't the old Sean--you are the new Sean and you will be fine. As they say in NZ--No worries, mate! Blessings--Bonnie

  5. Everyone needs a break...your body and mind need it! So enjoy and hit it again on Monday! It was great to see yo Friday, Jim and I were so impressed w/ you, he was talking about you the next morning! Keep it up Sean!


  6. One day off does not make a trend

  7. Honestly my body lets me know when it needs and rest!! And honestly i get right back to it. Somedays it even takes two or three days of rest :)
    This week i'm working so much i'm not getting as much cardio in but i'm trying to do some weights. It's whatever works for you!
    And by the way, you're doing a fantastic job, you and your entire family!!!

  8. You already know your mind's in the right place. You've made the change. You've stuck to it. You are the picture of perseverance. Nothing wrong with a day of rest, especially after the insane work schedule you've been keeping. You did not fail. You gave your body a break it seriously needed. We all know you're going to hit it again today. How do you spell awesomeness??? S-E-A-N!!!! You're doing great hottie. :)


  9. This is so difficult because there is such a fine line between not being too hard on yourself & allowing yourself a break AND going back to your old ways and sabotaging yourself. I think you are so in tune with yourself & your emotions that you don't have to worry about this. You deserve a day to take a "breather" and assess what you want & what you need to do to get there. You are obviously doing something right! We also had chicken sandwiches last night while we watched "The 650 lbs Virgin" on TLC last night. I cried after the first 5 minutes. I cooked the chicken on the Foreman grill & we added fresh spinach & a sprinkle of grated was delicious! Have a great day.

  10. Sorry about the off day.
    You know, we are always hardest on ourselves. If someone else had posted this, you would have encouraging words so...Feel better! One day is just that-one day :)
    Hope you're off to a great week!

  11. I think rest is very important in the whole realm of health. You are okay. We won't let you fall off the wagon--- we really won't! We would really let you know about it! :)
    Your chicken sandwhiches sound so yummy!

  12. Sean, you're doing great! Thanks for sticking with it and encouraging so many people! And especially thanks for the encouragement you give my daughter, Tammy. She loves your blog and the guidance she gets from it.
    Mom O.

  13. Just so your "global" followers understand, we also had temps in Ponca City in the 100+ range this week, which really drains a body. Rest is good. And most trainers tell you to let your muscle groups "rest" a day between work outs. But I also love how you keep your "guard" up so that you want slide back into the "old" Sean. You inspire me to do more!

  14. don't beat yourself up too much. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  15. Just don't let it happen tomorrow, Buddy. :)


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