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Day 299 Another Crazy Busy Friday and A Lifestyle of Caring

Day 299

Another Crazy Busy Friday and A Lifestyle of Caring

When I woke up this morning, I knew it would be another busy Friday much like last week. The day was planned from 5am to after midnight into Saturday morning. This is a crazy schedule, but I'm rewarded with a Saturday that is anything but busy. I just had to get there!

After my show, I jumped into production to finish of a couple of commercials that needed to be on the air immediately, then I took a long lunch with the plan to stay at the studio later in the afternoon. I knew that this schedule would make a nap almost impossible and a nap really sounded like a wonderful thing. As four pm rolled around I was pleased with what I had accomplished. Then the phone rang. It was a sales rep for the station reminding me of a new creative he needed yesterday for a regular client. He really wasn't saying that he needed it right this second, but the quicker the better. I assured him he would have it Monday morning, this Friday's production day was finished and I needed to get out of there. It probably means I'll be working on it sometime over the weekend, but that's cool, as long as I don't have to do it right this second! Then the phone rang again. It was the owner of the company letting me know that we were all having an unofficial meeting at a place I would describe as the Cheers of North Central Oklahoma. Everybody knows you name at this place. I really didn't have time to stop by, but when the boss calls to invite you, it's usually a good idea to at least make an appearance. I was so happy that I did! I put on my favorite new fashion accessory (the sunglasses) and headed over to where everyone was gathering. I was greeted right when I walked in the door by Whitney and her husband. She's a regular reader of this blog, and I mean regular—as in every single morning—or afternoon---reader of this blog and has been since Day 1. Her husband is a regular listener of this blog, yes listener, meaning he hears Whitney talk about what I've written about everyday. I once described running into her at Wal-Mart and how we both were mesmerized by each others dramatic weight loss. She's lost fifty pounds or so, and for her, it's like me losing over a hundred. Very dramatic. She's actually a mere five pounds from her ultimate goal. Here's one of the comments she left on the Myspace version of this blog (She still reads the Myspace version—although I encouraged her to read the “global”version because of all the wonderful bloggers and readers she could discover!) From Day 9-myspace version, comment from Whitney: 21 days makes and break habits....So your almost there! One thing Jim and I say when people ask what diet were on.... I tell them it is not a diet, it is a LIFE STYLE change! Everyone knows diets don't work!! So I'm glad you and your family are on the life style change!! Keep it up, your doing great! Well Whit, I made it past 21 days! Thank you for your continued support. Her reaction, her husband's reaction, and everyone's reaction to this dramatic transformation was a wonderful end to a busy workday afternoon. Wendy, another co-worker of mine, told me... “If you get tired of us going on and on about your weight loss, just say...” No, I enjoy every single compliment. It's a sign of and reward for all the work we've done and the milestones we've accomplished along the way. It's really a blessing.

As soon as I arrived home I received a phone call from the appliance repair people. They were not able to fix our refrigerator today, but they would be here first thing in the morning to install the new compressor. Thank goodness. Not being able to keep things refrigerated is horrible! We've dined out or picked up food way too much this week. It's not our food choices that have suffered, we can make great choices anywhere, it's our pocketbook that's paid the price! I decided that I needed a quick refresher nap before heading out to the Poncan Theatre production of Grease and the street dance that followed. I laid down and was gone within seconds. I fell into a deep sleep only to be jolted awake by a combination of alarm clock and Amber a short forty-five minutes later. It was time for dinner and an evening at the theatre! We enjoyed some quick burgers (no cheese-with mustard and onions—300 calories total!) and some fries. That's right, burger and fries! My meal was just under 500 calories and very tasty.

The Theatre was packed when we arrived, so we decided on balcony seating. It's amazing how comfortable the seats are to me. These are the classic theatre seats that I always avoided. I couldn't sit in them at all at over 500 pounds. If you've experienced this, you know exactly what I mean. Seats so small that you can tell just by looking that there's going to be a problem, a big problem. I wouldn't even try for fear of embarrassment. Several times in the past, I would enjoy a production or concert at the Poncan only if I could have an armless chair placed in the back of the gallery in the physically disabled area. Having to sit back there in a regular chair was really humiliating, but I would just try to forget about it and enjoy whatever it was on stage. The feeling of sitting down in that theatre seat and not only fitting perfectly, but really enjoying the comfort and design, is a giant breakthrough. The show was fantastic. I couldn't get over the level of talent in this show. If you're around this area, I highly recommend this production of Grease! They have two more performances, Saturday night at 7:30 and Sunday at 3pm. After the show, the cast burst into the street for an old fashioned street dance with the audience members. I was a guest DJ, introduced as The Real Vince Fontaine, sure---we'll go with that. I spoke a few times in between records and left the DJ work to Dave. It's funny, I originally took over the KLOR morning show from Dave in November of 2000. Dave is a major talent---so it wasn't easy to fill those shoes. I did the show until stand-up got in the way a little too much by the spring of 2002 and after a brief time away for the L.A. Adventures, I came back and have solidly established my show over the last six years. It's always at it's best when I have Dave as a guest in studio. That guy is an all around entertainer! I spent the street dance doing exactly what I did as a kid at school dances. I stood around and watched people dance. I've never danced. I want to let go and dance someday, and I know I will, but I guess I'm just not ready for everything right this second. Getting accustomed to the many changes this transformation creates takes a little longer than the transformation. And sometimes it takes reminded myself, hey I can do that now!

The good choices come very easy after 299 days. I know that I still have a ways to go and I feel wonderful about being in a place that feels so automatic. Time is my friend, because as my new lifestyle of caring becomes something completely natural, time passes, and the more the better, because this new way of living is transforming me into the man I was meant to be from the beginning—all I have to do now is LIVE!

I arrived home after 11pm and soon after, Irene made it home from work. I talked Irene into working out with me and afterwards we visited for a while before I dived into my blog. I didn't make it past the visiting. I fell asleep, just like last Friday night. The day was too unfortunately the blog had to wait until early Saturday afternoon to be posted. Sometimes, it is necessary, I hate doing it like that, but you wouldn't want to read something written while I'm half asleep, I promise you!

I have a broadcast tonight from The Rockin' Horse, a big dance club with a live band. I'll be there for only two hours. The rep for this account is busy with a wedding tonight, so I'm covering for him by picking up a giant 10 pizza order for the event. So if you see me on the street with 10 pizza boxes, don't worry, I haven't gone off the deep end! Thank you for reading, Good Day and...

Good Choices,


  1. So often, people tie up their goals with events, such as a reunion, wedding, summer vacation or birthday.

    The way we're doing it, Sean, is more of adopting new habits and a new lifestyle. Oh, we get the same benefits... people of special events ohhing and ahhing... but we do it with the realization that time passes (and continues to pass) and the next special event is just over the horizon.

    Keep up the good work upstairs, big guy. That's where the real progress is taking place.

  2. For some reason, I can envision someone tackling you and saying "NO DON'T EAT THE PIZZAS!!!" :D

    It sounds like you had a great day! Grease was my favorite movie growing up and I have seen something like 4 different productions of it on stage.

    Great job on working out, even after all of that!

  3. Sean - You've got the mind thing nailed! It's not the food, it's how you approach it. How you say yes when you want it while still making good choices. The more I read your blog, the more I look forward to what you have to say the next day. I'm hooked!

    One question: can I listen to you on the Internet? I'd love to hear you show.

  4. Hoisting 10 pizzas just might count as strength training! So glad you are doing so well.

  5. Yes i have to agree that it doesn't matter where i go or what i do i have a plan and i stick to it :) Thanks for your support!

  6. Whew-What a day!
    I went to the theater Thursday night. It wasn't terrible...but I'll be glad when I have room to spare ;)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. I just got tired reading about your day. I don't know that I could deal with something like that!

    I just read about your email... self-righteous?? I wonder if that person clicked on the wrong blog?? I have seen bloggers like that, but I definitely don't associate you with that trait. There is a difference between being proud of yourself, and believing in what you are doing...

    I don't really get a lot of trash from people- comments or email. I assume that when I get to a certain point it may start (or maybe not). I do know that it may be hard for people to take in a LARGE DOSE OF SUCCESS!


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