Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 314 A Wonderful Comment and A Fine Day With Friends

Day 314

A Wonderful Comment and A Fine Day With Friends

Thank you to everyone for all the support on last night's blog. My dad left a very touching comment and nearly everyone after mentioned how it touched them. It touched me too and I'll be calling him tomorrow. It's been a little while since we had a good phone chat. It's wonderful to have regular contact with him. It's really been a blessing along this journey to re-connect after all these years. I recently posted an excerpt from a previous blog about my relationship with my father and I don't want to post an excerpt of an excerpt, so I'll just tell you where it is located, it's from Fathers Day-June 21st, Day 280 in the archives.

We had company today! Rachel, Neil, and their kids came up to Ponca City to visit the water-park. They stopped by to visit with Irene before she left for work and then invited us all out to the water-park. Amber, along with her boyfriend KL, decided to go. Courtney and I declined because we had to get into the YMCA for a workout and I needed to do yard work. Rachel has really been turning it up lately. She's been working out everyday and watching her calories. She's another reader that's read every single day, well almost, she did miss a few during the final few months of nursing school—but she was very busy! I've written about her recently. After yesterday's reader picture with Whitney, we decided to do one with Rachel since she was right here! I've posted the picture below.

We worked out really well at the Y today. I tried lowering my speed when I jog on the treadmill to see if I could increase my endurance and it worked. I did a nearly ten minute jog. Now it was a really slow jog, but still a step above power walking. It really got my heart rate up and I was feeling it good. The ten minute endurance was awesome.

We returned home and I immediately started on the yard. I really had let it go and my neighbor was getting really frustrated with me. He's retired and spends a good portion of his time on taking care of his yard. The back yard especially. One half of his yard looks like a golf green, while the other half looks like a fairway. My yard looks like an “out of bounds.” I'm sure he was thrilled to hear the mower start up today.

After everyone returned from the water-park, we had a cookout. I tried a turkey burger and it was really good! I'll be getting more of those! It was a great time and it was really good to spend it with them. It is super late right now. I better make tonight's post a short one. By the way, I enjoyed over eight hours of sleep last night---Wonderful!!! I didn't realize how much sleep deprivation damages metabolism, but it does! Check out this article: I was sabotaging myself! I'm lucky to have dropped what i have the last few months considering the lack of sleep throughout the work week. Thank you Rachel for this wonderful link.

I'm headed to bed. Thanks for reading and giving me your support. It's been an amazing journey for me so far, and we're not done yet! It's all good. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Longtime friend and reader of this blog—Rachel!


  1. Oh, great to hear from your Dad. Isn't it wonderful to have so much support from family and friends? You are so blessed and such a blessing to others! Hugs from me and DH--Bonnie and Andy

  2. Congrats on the awesome jog! That is fantastic! :)

  3. Congrats on the jog! And for getting some sleep!

  4. Rachel you look awesome :)
    And yes i thought your dad's comment was very touching!!

  5. Another wonderful day. Congrats on that jog, that's amazing. Bet you never thought you could do that a year ago!

    Congrats to Rachel on all her hard work, too.

    Sleep is very important, and I know it messes up the metabolism, but I'm off to read that link to reinforce that.

  6. Good grief. Wasn't it just yesterday when you psyched (and psyched out?) about jogging 4 minutes. . .the song of a single song? I'm sure that was just yesterday!

    Are you superman? Or are you on steroids?? :)

  7. Sean, your blog, more than any I think I've ever read, illustrates how much a successful weight loss journey is simply stringing together good days. It just doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. Do good today, do good tomorrow, do good the next day. Sounds simple and almost boring, but the results are spectacular.

    Keep making those good choices, and I'll still be tagging along for the ride.

  8. Hey Sean!!

    I am so pleased with all your good news....first CONGRATS on the're doing great and **whistles** you look hot in that tux - it's too big for you!! You're doing such a wonderful job...keep it up. Your dad sounds cannot succeed on a journey as such without the incredibly wonderful support of family and friends and people you just I know you will succeed!! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and catch up on the blog and thank you for always leaving such positive and uplifting comments on my blog...thanks for the really does help!! Have a great week!!! :)

  9. Hey Sean
    I tried to leave a msg last night but my phone wouldn't let me

    Sounds like you had two great work outs in one day... gym and the yard.
    Great going on that jogging...Awesome

    I am so glad you found some info on sleep and weight loss, as I said before it is very important and lack of sleep can muck you up a lot

  10. Sean you are looking great! I am very proud of you and your family. I love reading your blogs; they are such great inspiration. I can't wait until you write a book and I would love to make it to one of you "talks" about weight loss.

  11. Yay for sleep!!! ANd that's awesome on the jogging-wow!!!
    You look amazing!!! Fantastic post (:


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