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Day 312 Taking Care of Me and Same Tux-Different Sean

Day 312

Taking Care of Me and Same Tux-Different Sean

After re-reading last night's blog, I can only explain my irrational thoughts of “super-losing” twelve pounds in the next two weeks, by was the sleep deprivation talking. When we're tired it's completely normal to get cranky. The old Sean would turn to food when a case of cranky would come about. The new Sean gets impatient and crazy ideas of doing “super-workouts” to boost already great weight loss numbers. I need to check myself once in a while and realize that the kind of success I'm having is the kind some people dream of having. I think I'm getting almost giddy about the upcoming milestones too and that certainly may have contributed to these ideas. I did go back and re-read my post about time. And it was a nice reminder. It wasn't anything I don't already firmly believe, that's why I wrote about it, and that further supports my theory that I was being altered by sleep deprivation and giddiness. Woo-hooo! Sorry, couldn't help that. I'm just really excited about the next six pounds. The thought of losing 200 pounds was a million miles away when I started, or so I thought, turns out it was only about 500 miles and eleven months away. I can't wait to be able to say “I weigh two something.” From “five something” to “two something,” What a fantastic journey. I'm completely blessed, and believe me I give thanks for these blessings every day.

I'm actually writing this blog in the middle of the afternoon. (nice suggestion Anson W!) I'll wait to post until I get home later tonight. My plan is to be in bed by 11:00pm, not a minute later. No TV on either...lights out, tv off...sleepy town. The negative effects of sleep deprivation totally play against everything this journey is about. It effects our metabolism and overall health and immune system. So just understand, I'm correcting this glaring flaw before it becomes an even bigger issue.

I haven't yet mentioned how the Team Radio downtown home office building collapsed the other night. Well, the entire front of the building at least. It's an old historic building, and the mortar between those bricks have had nearly a century to deteriorate. It was very fortunate that the collapse happened in the night during a thunderstorm with eighty mile an hour winds and nobody was hurt. I mention this because we've had some company lunches at the studios a couple of times since as a result. Today it was once again pizza. I normally wouldn't turn down a free meal, and I do like pizza, but it just wasn't how I wanted to spend my calories today. I decided to enjoy a grilled chicken wrap while everyone else had pizza. The wrap was good. Even better was sitting there with all of this pizza right in front of me and not even feeling the slightest bit tempted. Probably the sleep deprivation effecting me again. No seriously...not even the slightest temptation. That's a serious breakthrough. Then after lunch, a spouse of one of my studio mates showed up with a box of gourmet donuts from a little place called Turtles. It's not a chain, so unless you live around here you wouldn't know of them...but trust me, the recipes they churn out every morning are some of the most delicious donuts and pastries in the world. I've never had donuts and pastries in other parts of the world, but I can't imagine any tasting better than Turtles. I didn't even look their way. I had my lunch already. My calorie count was sitting pretty at 550 for the day at that point and I was satisfied completely.

Tonight the schedule calls for a special black tie event at a major casino. I've been hired to MC and provide big band music for a recreation of the Titanic formal dining room. It's an event for their high rollers I believe. I have to be there at 4pm and I'm not done until 9pm. My workout today will be sacrificed in the name of getting home and going to bed. I would normally say---OK, I'm heading out late tonight to do another 5K, then head home to write. No. It's simple really, my rest is just as important to my health as a good workout. If this event tonight wasn't scheduled, then I would have plenty of time. I'm just excited about putting on a tuxedo again! Ted at Moore's Clothing is providing the tux, and I'm a little worried because I think I asked for the same size as before. But I've dropped twenty to thirty pounds since then, I think...I'd have to go back and confirm those numbers. Anyway...I hope it's not too big!!! Now there's a problem I'm not use to having!! I'll wrap up this edition when I return home later tonight.

The Tux I was wearing on May14th, you know the one, the one that was snug---It fit perfectly back then. Not anymore! Instead of going in and having Ted take my measurements again, I decided to just ask for the same tux. Save time I thought. Bad decision! The weight I've lost since then showed a dramatic difference in the tux fit and feel. It did not cling at all to my neck, it was way too loose. The pants were way too big, and the shirt was baggy. My mistake. Ted encouraged me to come into Moore's and measure again---But I guess I didn't think it would be that big of difference. It was—and it made me so happy. I'll have new Tux pictures tomorrow.

The dinner tonight was prime rib, a very small twice baked potato, and green beans with almond slivers. I requested a small “as lean as possible” slice of prime rib. The potato was petite and the green beans were, well, they were green beans. It wasn't that bad at all. It was kind of fancy and fun.

I had a few “wow” reactions too. One of them was a “completely unrecognizable” reaction. Same thing: “I wouldn't have known it was you if you hadn't been talking.” I never get tired of those.

I am tired. I've had less than six hours of sleep in the last two nights combined, completely crazy stuff...So I'm going to bed now. I'll end up getting six hours all at once. That's a start right? Thank you to Rachel for giving me a link to an article on the effects of sleep deprivation on metabolism. Rachel is crackin' a whip on me on this deal. And I appreciate her caring, she's a good friend. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. sweet dreams Sean. why is every post exactly what I need to read?

  2. Sleep is SOOO important. I hope you're sawing logs. I read the Pioneer Woman's blog--she's a homeschooler, which is how I found her way back when--and she had pictures of the big Oklahoma storm. Whoa, she lost two windows in her vehicle. I'm so glad no one was hurt with the building collapse.

    The Titanic event sounds like fun! The tuxedo? Wow, can't wait to see pictures. Sometimes we forget about clothing and how it doesn't fit. I keep pulling my clothes out of the closet and they're really big and it just shocks me. I need to get that closet cleaned out.

    Sweet dreams!

  3. You make me want to get outside and walk....well it is 1:42 am and all that talk about sleep.....I think I will close my computer ans try to get some rest...

  4. Glad you are getting some zeds and hopefully more soon.

    Look forward to seeing those new tux pictures!

  5. Silly boy. Next time get re-measured. Glad you are getting some sleep for once!

  6. I laughed out loud at your "whoo hoo" while talking about sleep deprivation! :-D
    Yay about the new tux pictures! Can't wait to see the difference!
    LOL @ the green beans beans.
    GO TO SLEEP! sleep, sean, sleep, sean, sleep (I'm trying to get into your subconscience!)
    I'm such a big fan of sleep.
    I need to heed my own advice and go to bed. Yawn

  7. about realizing stuff the next day: this is a big part of the blogging effort, right? if you hadnt written that stuff yesterday, you wouldnt have read the comments and reread your posts. the blog makes it easier to be accountable, not just for what you eat, but how you think and what you do! keep it up!

  8. Well, ya know... someone has to love you enough to crack the whip. LOL. Glad to hear that you are going to start getting the rest you need. I hope you are feeling better and more rested this morning.

    Hope you have another great day and I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

  9. Hey, I can't wait to see tux pictures! I'm glad you're taking your rest more seriously these days. I doubt you'll regret it!

  10. Good luck. I can't imagine anything going wrong in a recreation of the Titanic formal dining room. Yikes!

  11. Glad you are taking steps to get more sleep. I look forward to seeing your tux photos, is this another film star shot I wonder?

    Take care


  12. Sounds like a really fun event :) You are so inspiring with your bad ass "no pizza or doughnuts for me"!! I'll be there one day.
    I appreciate your comments on my blog so much. I feel very blessed to have such support in this journey. The support is what is making this weight loss more than a diet-a lifestyle change. I am exchanging toxic friends for supportive ones-if only on the web :)
    Can't wait to see the pics 007!

  13. You',
    You'll be great,
    Won't be eating bad food on your plate!

    Go Sean!

  14. Sounds like fun tonight!! Enjoy and i'm glad to hear you'll get some more sleep soon :)
    Oh and the fish and chips were awesome and so worth it!
    Thanks for your never-ending support.


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