Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 303 We're All Leaders

Day 303

We're All Leaders

When I refer to myself as “the leader,” I'm of course referring to my role within my family. We're really like a flock of geese flying in formation. When the leader is tired, or not at his best, he drops back and another takes the lead for awhile. When I'm taking a nap and the girls try to wake me up to no avail, but they take the lead and go workout anyway, they're the leaders. I can't tell you how many times I haven't felt like lacing up and hitting the trail, but then the girls insist. Their enthusiasm for this journey is always enough to snap me out of any laziness I might be visiting at the moment. For so many years, I was the leader of a different sort. We lead by example, and my example was a perfect recipe for becoming morbidly obese and dying young. That's where I was leading this family, straight into tragic situations and consequences. To become a responsible leader of this family and share the leading duties with Irene and the girls has been an amazing turn around in our lives. As far as leading others, I don't know if I would call it that. But I do know that I plan on spending the rest of my life sharing my story and trying my best to inspire and motivate people to free themselves from the prison of obesity. And that's the wonderful thing about this journey for all of us. Your success has the power to inspire others, your commitment and consistency will give you the results that may end up providing the inspiration that brings someone to the point of control. The point where they too make the decision to change their lives for the break free, to live. You can't do it for them, although we wish we could, but you can provide the most inspiring success you can and it will spread to others without much effort on your part. When someone thanks me for inspiring them, it sincerely touches me, it further fuels my efforts and success along this road. And then the success that person experiences can and will do the same for others. It's a wonderful circle of inspiration and motivation. It's a powerful thing. We're all leaders—capable of spreading wonderful inspiration.

I received a call today from the owner of the company where I work. He had received a call from a man that desperately needs to lose weight before a critical heart surgery. Someone had told him of this blog and my journey, and he was trying to reach me. I called him tonight and we talked for a little while. We decided that I would visit with him tomorrow at his house. Without sharing his name or any personal details, let me just say this. He is at that critical point where a life or death decision must be made. The doctors have given him little hope for survival, but he's not going to take it. He's going to break free too. He wants to live, or else he would have never made that call today. I'm going to share my story and offer him the best advice I can give---I don't really know what to expect when I meet him tomorrow. But I sincerely hope and pray that it's the beginning of a most dramatic turn around. I believe it certainly can be all of that and more.

We had a wonderful YMCA workout tonight. The treadmill provided all the cardio I needed! On the way in, I noticed someone in the racquetball court who I know has lost over 100 pounds, we haven't been face to face since I it was the first time I've had a chance to see him and him see me. I don't think he recognized me at all. I watched him and his buddies play, and finally I caught his attention, and he gave me a blank look in return for my thumbs up. No, “hey Sean,” no, “wow, I didn't recognize you at first.” He just didn't recognize me period. I knew it was him despite his drastic change, partly because his truck was in the parking lot. Now I'm NOT Mr. Perfect, never claimed to be...But from what I've heard, this gentleman has lost the weight in a very extreme way. He's practically starved himself. A good source informed me that his approach has been one of just a few hundred calories a day. He's such a confident guy, was even before, I would hate to tell him that he's needlessly starving himself. But he is. I guess I'll stop by and congratulate him, he'll see me and realize who I am, then maybe he'll ask me what I've done. I'll tell him and see how he reacts. I have no business giving anyone an unsolicited opinion on what they're doing. I really don't. But if he ask, I'm going to share. And if he confirms what I've heard about the extreme low calorie approach...I'll explain why that's not good. He may not like me. But when I hear someone is starving themselves, it just drives me crazy. It doesn't have to be that way!

I'm feeling really good lately, really good. I'm so excited to be approaching the milestones directly ahead. 200 pounds lost and getting under 300 for the first time since 15 years old is so awesome. I can't wait to experience these...I'm so impatient!!! I want it now!! But it will come, it will come. Thank you for all the wonderful support you give. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Yes, we are leading by example and hopefully that will encourage others.

    I hope the heart op man can do it - keep us updated if you can, please.

    Nope, never starve I say, it isn't necessary - people ask me if I feel hungry and I can truthfully say that I don't - I eat well as I want my body to stay healthy.

    LOL at wanting those goals reached NOW, don't we all. But if nothing else, we learn patience on this journey (actually, we do learn a lot more)!

  2. You and Fat[free]Me are my leaders and you bout inspire many many of us stuggling. We are willing you on and we know you can do it.

    I love the analogy of the flock of geese:)

    Keep of flying



  3. Starvation sucks. The worst part is that it slows your metabolism so badly, that if you start eating normally again, you put the weight on quicker than you me.

    I do hope the "heart" man is not too late. I know they say it's never too late, but I just had proof that sometimes it is...I hope for him that he "gets" it, and gets going.

    Leader? Please don't label me a leader...because I am just as lost as everyone else :D

  4. You are such a kind and gracious man--that is as much a part of you being a successful leader as anything. And that is undoubtedly something your girls have inherited. Please keep us updated on the heart man--we will be praying for him! You know I say that a lot, but I mean it. Since I started blogging in April I have felt so called to pray for my blog friends. I can't be there in person to take someone lunch or to go talk--like you are going to do for this man--but I can pray and I do. When you started this at 505 lbs you may not have thought you were a good leader, but you are and your journey has made THE difference for a great many people, most importantly for your family. God bless you for your willingness to help others. Blessings--Bonnie

  5. I will be praying dilligently for the man with the heart problems. I know in my heart that if I would have let myself go just a little bit longer w/o making my decison to lose this once and for all, that I would have been right where he's sitting. Keep rockin' it Sean. :)


  6. In the words of Nike, and Richard Simmons..We need to "Just Do It"!
    Thanks Sean for the reminder

  7. Your potential new buddy and possible mentee will be in my prayers. There is NOTHING WORSE than dying from something that . . . pretty much was preventable and most likely your own fault. Some people have heart problems through no fault of their own but when something is brought on by an addiction of the mind and body such as food, drugs, alcohol..even sex (HIV or AIDS or syphilis resulting in death) it just puts such a blow to you (well, aside from dying) and those you've left behind.

    This goes hand and hand with your leader comments. I need my son to see his mommy eating healthier and even though i'm not exercising as much yet eventually he'll see me doing aerobics, walking more, dancing around with him...I mean...we have some lil wrestling sessions and we dance around now a bit now...but he needs to see me moving more and being happy more. It was one thing to have the fear of my obesity being the cause of my death or downward health spiral when I had no kids but now that I have a just...WOW!

    I'm not speaking for anyone else but I'm sure the sentiment is similar if not the same but having obesity be the cause of my death after so many attempts, successes, then setbacks to more weight than I started with is just a crushing thought. Why couldn't I conquer this? Why couldn't I have more power over my body and mind? Why did I fail at controlling myself?!? I've lost it in the past when thinking of all the things I have NO control over and the one thing I SHOULD I didn't either!

    I'm really thinking I'm better than that now! ...didn't mean to take up your comment section...I think I'm going to do something I've done before and copy this comment onto my own blog!

    btw, luckily for me, once my weight is gone people will have my sister to thank if they still recognize me. They'll know who I am because they know her...or they'll just think I'm her! If I eventually dreadlock my hair, by the time the weight is gone it'll probably being about 7inches long so they'll think she just locked up her hair!!
    I'm 3 years younger than her but we look like twins so it's really not far-fetched!


  8. OH YEAH!! I have my moments of impatience but SURPRISINGLY this time around I'm not on pins and needles! I'm charged and feeling it's going to happen this time!! I really believe my faith is a bit stronger this's kinda a nonchalant faith but I know where my help is coming from! I also credit this blog and the support of you all following it and leaving me comments! SEAN IS THE ULTIMATE MOTIVATOR! I think we're all putting ourselves out there for others and that sort of makes us accountable for staying on track. I'm hoping none of us ends our blogging just because we've reached our goal weight! I think that's what slips up a lot of celebs who put their weightloss out there for the public to follow and then they gain it all back. Plus they try to put their unfortunate weight gain on a "hectic lifestyle" and blah blah blah. We need to stop making excuses and just say's's me...Hectic lifestyle just means you have to plan your meals better. choose your snacks wiser. And if you're a Hollywood celeb with Hundreds of thousands if not millions in the bank..yeeeeah, you really have no excuse. You can afford a ..topnotch home gym, personal trainer, HECK Seattle Suttons home mean delivery!!

    I also think having that digital scale to let me know that I may not have lost more than a pound but I may have lost some ounces is a big help! If I've lost 2 ounces I take it! Just this morning I was at the sink pouring water in my cereal to knock my 2% milk down to a skim substitute (oooh, don't act like you all haven't done it!!) and I thought about how I just need to keep doing what I'm doing. It's working. I'm eating what I want and I'm cool with losing only a pound a week. I know it's not going to be overnight but I'll get there....Lord willing!

    okay, I think that's the rest!

  9. You're quickly approaching some huge milestones, Sean. I'm excited for you.

    And good luck imparting some of your spirit into another lost soul. Here's hoping you can help him start a successful journey.

  10. Poor anonymous guy! I hope he can turn his life around. You have inspired me, Sean, and I in turn have inspired my family to be more active and watch portion sizes. I also tried the starvation diet once (marketed under Weigh Down), lost 50 pounds in 2 months and promptly gained it all back plus more because I was just so darn HUNGRY. I am never hungry now. I eat quite nicely. 1500 calories is a lot of food! Have a great day.

  11. I'm very excited for you too as you approach this new milestone in your life! You can't hear it but I'm clapping.^_^
    And I'm happy to hear that you are willing to voice your opinions with regards to the low calorie approach. Keep up the good work as you lead by example!

  12. I hope the anon man will have great success too. That is so good of you to be willing to go to his house and visit with him!

    Did you notice all of the geese that are following you? *quack, quack* (or *honk, honk* whatever noice geese make LOL) You are leading us in the right direction. I've been bullheaded and gone my own way several times, but I'm back in line now. :) Thanks for being an encourager!

  13. Sean, you are doing great! I consider myself one of your online "geese." You've helped me out considerably in my own weight loss journey!

    I can't wait to read that you've reached the 200 pounds lost milestone. I know it's coming shortly! Keep up the amazing work!

  14. Debbie from Myspace commentsJuly 15, 2009 at 5:40 PM

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm sooo glad you came to terms with your weight and realized you were digging your own grave. You, Irene and the girls are very special to our family and it would be such a huge (no pun intended) loss to lose any of you. You've got a wonderful family and I think it's awesome the way you all work together and your flock of geese analagy was great! I think you're right about the caller yesterday...he does want to live or he wouldn't have called. If anyone can inspire and motivate him, it will be you. BUT...keep in mind that we are each responsible for our own actions, so if for some reason he or anyone else fails and you wind up reading their obit in the will not be because you failed them in any way. I know how sensitive you are, so just keep yourself in check on things like that. I can't believe you didn't go up to the man at the Y and strike up a conversation with him....hopefully you'll run into him again. I'm looking forward to your new milestones too, Sean. As someone who's known you since the day you were born, I'm very proud of you and all you've accomplished. I really can't wait for your first book signing...I'll be there...and being your cousin and all, I don't plan to have to wait in line for an autograph! LOL I love ya...keep up the good're paving the path for the rest of us on this journey...our leader. Thank you!

  15. Sean--I am so excited to see you approaching your upcoming milestones! I have said before that I am in the process of reading your current posts, and I go back and read your posts that are the same day as I am on. You are truly a leader and I "borrow" your strength every day.

    I will be thinking of your anon. friend, and the friend who may be going to extremes. I have been there--and I hope the extremem guy will see your way.

    Keep up the great works, and as always--thanks for a great post!

  16. I've already commented once today, but since then, I found your letter to Morbid Obesity on your Day 135 post. Oh Sean. You don't know what you did for me tonight. I wrote about the letter in my post tonight...I hope you don't mind.


  17. So happy for you to be so close to such a fantastic milestone. Many blessings for all you do to help others!


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