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Day 592 A Solid Friday of Food/Exercise and One Step At A Time In The Right Direction

Day 592

A Solid Friday of Food/Exercise and One Step At A Time In The Right Direction

There was plenty to jump up for this morning. I planned on attending the 11:15am spinning class, so I dressed for it early. My radio show was super busy, totally packed with multiple guest, and a few call-ins. Afterward, it was a race to get done what I needed to get done before spinning!

Frank was the instructor today, he was my first, and he worked us really hard. The routine was different than the first class I took, I guess it always changes. But I kept up completely. I was getting into it so hard and tough, Frank even shouted “look at Sean!” We were moving! It was the best spinning workout I've had so far. And that doesn't mean anything other than, I tried harder today. I made it the best.

After class, the lady on the bike in front of me, turned around and asked me my name. I told her---and she had a giant “wow” reaction right there. It turns out, she was a nurse at her fathers medical practice. I frequented Dr. Hill several times years ago. She remembered 500 pound-plus Sean. She was amazed at the difference and absolutely insisted that I stop by and see her dad one of these days. Dr. Hill was always very concerned about the effects of my obesity, so I guess I should stop by and show him that I finally did get it together. It was a very cool experience!

I hit the weight machines after class for a nice upper body workout. I was pushing myself with higher weights and lower reps, it was amazing---the sweat and resulting cardio from lifting weights still amazes me. There's certainly no doubt, it is a workout!

It was getting late in my long lunch, so instead of cooking something at home, I decided on Wendy's. But I didn't want a typical fast food lunch. I wanted something I could feel good about. I ordered a plain baked potato, saying “Give me the smallest baked potato you have,” a grilled chicken wrap---hold everything but the chicken, and some tomato slices. It was probably their strangest order all day long, but it was something I could still feel good about. The picture is below.

I traveled back to April 30th, 2009 and found this excerpt that reminded me of something very important---keep moving in the right direction:

Too many times I let the overwhelming burden of my weight discourage me from even trying to lose an ounce. The mountain before me looked way to big to even think about climbing. Just thinking about the task before me would make me depressed and then I would do what came naturally when I was depressed, I'd eat everything in sight, and if it wasn't in sight, I'd go to the store and grab it! Of course this did nothing for me but make the situation even more serious as the weight piled on. It was a vicious cycle. The more I gained, the more out of reach it seemed, and the more I gained, the more reasons I had to get busy. But just knowing that I desperately needed to lose weight wasn't even close to being enough to make me do something positive in that direction. Now I'm getting closer and closer to the mountain top. I've proven to myself that if I just keep moving in the right direction, a step at a time, I will get there for sure. I'm not there yet, but I'm making positive progress everyday. It's a consistent effort that defeats this mountain. I can see the flags raised on top of this mountain by those who've gone before me. I'm going to make it this time, I'm really going to make it! I will be up there raising my flag of freedom from obesity and helping others as they climb behind me.

I prepared a wonderful Flat-Out pizza tonight with mozzarella and mushrooms. The entire thing checked in at 220 calories. It was simply amazing! Picture below!

My good friends told me that I must ignore it, and that's really the best advice...but after several e-mail inquiries---I will address something briefly here instead of writing out several long e-mails:

There's something to remember around here. This is a weight loss blog, pure and simple. It's about overcoming food addiction and learning how to become more physically fit. It's about winning the battle against morbid obesity. It's a dissection of the mental aspects along the way. It's a constant reminder of the fundamentals and consistency that's required for weight loss success. That's what it's all about. Freedom. That's what it is, freedom. My journey has been very personal and public, I understand that. But still I try to maintain a certain level of privacy. I've learned some very hard lessons lately, and from those lessons, I will become a stronger and wiser person. This isn't a soap opera. It's a very real life blog. If you wanted something other than a good weight loss blog, you'll have to read someone else. And remember: There are two dramatically different sides to every story and don't believe everything you read---and always consider the source.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Doesn't look like a fast food lunch---but it is, purchased at Wendy's for a total of 2.99! Good choices indeed!

This Flat-Out flat bread pizza checks in at 220 calories. So good and so light!


  1. You've got class and integrity, Sean. You are not responsible for the other person's behavior. You have our admiration for staying sane and cool through this one bad choice you made. You are a grownup and your children are so fortunate to have you as a role model. Not only for this, your journey to physical health, but for the stable and sane mental health you show while petty and hurtful words are being chattered in the background of your life. This is important for your children to see.

    Again, there is nothing you can do about the other person's behavior. Just keep yourself on the righteous path. You can face yourself in the mirror with pride and peace every morning, something that other person will never be able to say. Sadly for her.

  2. Thank you for removing a certain person from your blog roll. I really enjoy your blog as I start my journey for the hundreth time. As a Christian I found the writing very offensive. And we wonder why the children are so messed up!!

  3. Kuddos to you for bigger adult in the situation. Someone else is spinning out of control before our eyes, taking her children down with her, looking for love in everyones's unfortuant you got tangles in the mess, but at least its not as bad as it could have been. Stay focused your doing great

  4. That's life. You learn, you move forward.

    Honestly? I like both of you, for different reasons. I don't judge. I'll keep reading both blogs because I learn from both.

    We are all vunlnerable in our own ways.

    As for your weight lifting? Speaking for myself, it feels fantastic to be getting stronger. Yet I still procrastinate my strength training! It is so dang hard to understand why I avoid doing something that makes me feel really good while I'm doing it AND great afterwards. It's like I'm two people inside! Frustrating. I think I'll have to find a training buddy if I want to be consistent.

  5. Great job on the spinning class...I haven't been cycling as much lately. I think I did 30 miles about a month ago at this rate, but I'm afraid of spinning classes! Great show of courage.

    Oh...I'm not sure why you are getting so much "anonymous" support, but from my perspective, you could have completely ignored it and not said a thing. (though you did and in a very classy way). As adults, we can usually see beyond the words that people write and still see the people behind them...human, flawed, and human...all of us, me especially.

  6. You already know how I feel about the "situation". :) And I did a post tonight from Panama City! I gave you a shout-out in it! Thanks for joining my challenge babe. :)

  7. I have no idea what happened.
    But bud, I had a feeling it was someone I had seen but saw no longer...and went and looked...and I was right I think.
    Some people are disturbed. It's best to leave it lie and get an order of protection if necessary.
    Take care.

  8. im sure sorry this had to happen to really glad that it was short lived..i loveyou brother..your doing great and always will..loveyou kelli

  9. Sean I love the way to handled the situation on your last paragraph. I did make a comment to the post that you are talking about, if you read the post I am sure you read the comment. I know I haven't actually seen you in years but I still remember how genuine of a person you are.

    She will never understand why you need to keep a good rep with your job simply because she doesn't have a clue as to what you do and how many people see you. She is a very selfish person and I would not blame you one bit if you never talked to her again.

    I totally agree with this statement that was posted:

    Kuddos to you for bigger adult in the situation. Someone else is spinning out of control before our eyes, taking her children down with her, looking for love in everyones's unfortuant you got tangles in the mess, but at least its not as bad as it could have been. Stay focused your doing great

    You are staying true to the reason why you ever started blogging and I think thats the way it should be. You don't need to let the whole know every aspect of your life and every little detail. Really it's none of anyones business and what she wrote about isn't either!

    Thanks for being an adult about the sitution.

  10. I'll go for the lighter side of things and note that if you tip your head to the left, your Wendy's lunch looks like a little kid with tomato eyes, a chicken nose, and a big ol' mouth showing you they've just eaten a whole mess of baked potato! ;)


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