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Day 601 Mothers Day and The White Plastic Chair

Day 601

Mothers Day and The White Plastic Chair

I woke up before 9am and remembered mom had told me she was out of coffee. We stayed up fairly late enjoying each other’s company. Honestly, I think we could have both slept much later, but time was burning, it’s Mothers Day! I hopped right up and without even brushing my hair or teeth, I drove to the corner convenience store for two cups of coffee. I must have looked scary, but I didn’t care. My mission was getting mom and me coffee, mission complete! I returned to mom’s place to pull myself together a bit and prepare mom a Mothers Day breakfast. The menu was mushroom, onion, and cheese omelets, turkey sausage, and sliced d’anjou pears.

My goal was to make the entire plate 300 calories. I almost did it, the plate checked in at 310. I used two egg whites and one whole egg per omelet. ½ ounce of mozzarella, mushrooms, two turkey sausage patties each, and 1/3 of a pear per plate. It was my first time to try turkey sausage---and for 120 calories, yeah---I could do that more often. It was very good! Mom and I enjoyed the breakfast together before leaving her house and heading over to grandmas place.

I brought my workout attire and then remembered that I had scheduled an “off” day today. I really wish I had walked with mom on her normal route. We didn’t and that’s OK, but really---we should’ve.

I decided to amuse myself this morning by sitting in mom’s white plastic patio deck chair. The company that manufactures these anti-fat people chairs has made a gazillion dollars on ‘em, because they’re everywhere you go. And if you ever see an overweight person sitting in one, chances are it’s about to buckle. At 505 I wouldn’t even attempt. I mean, it was obvious I wouldn’t fit, not even on the edge. I vaguely remember trying once---just on the edge, until I felt the legs bending under---and I quickly popped my 505 pound body up and out. I can totally sit in one of these now. How crazy is that? I think I’ll still avoid them, simply because of how bad I felt around them and how bad they still make my obese friends and family feel. Why does my mom have one? I guarantee she didn’t put it there! Horrible little chairs!!! ;)

The restaurant was decided. Oh yeah, we go out for Mothers Day. Last year it was a big buffet style place called Sirloin Stockade. This year? Same place. Uhhg. But that’s where Mom and Grandma wanted to go, so I wasn’t going to argue, after all, this was their day---not mine.

I can’t stand this buffet place or any buffet place for that matter. I know I’ll get in and get out within my calorie budget, and I’ll enjoy the experience and the company by golly---I just don’t like watching others stuff themselves silly and remembering how I once led the pack. I made some good choices and some not so good choices. I chose some lean meats, a little bit of potatoes, a little mac and cheese (like two bites), some green beans, and several other little samplings. Then I gave into the smell of those freshly baked hot rolls, I had half. Then at some point---I don’t know what came over me, but I decided it was cool to have a couple of miniature cookies with my small dish of soft serve. I was on a tear really---then I had to try a couple of bites of the chocolate cheesecake. Everything was small. My portions, most of them, were bite sized…but still. I had too much.

By the time the dust settled and I guesstimated my calories for everything, I was done. I don’t mean done for that meal, I mean done for the day. Oh boy, this isn’t going to do my metabolism any favors, I thought. I enjoyed myself immensely. I was in control. This wasn’t a failure in the least. I was living and enjoying a grand Mothers Day feast with grandma and mom…it was all-good.

It wasn’t even 4pm. How was I going to make it all night without anything else? Plenty of water? I didn’t know. I left the restaurant feeling slightly defeated but confident I was still just barely within the calorie budget. Last year I got in and out in 500 calories---wasn’t it 500? I think so! I only wish I could say that about today. Anyway…I arrived back at the apartment in Ponca City ready to crash. I was really tired, so I decided on a nap. It was a good two hour snooze fest before waking up to do work at the studio and live weather coverage of light thunderstorms moving across the area.

I dropped in bed very late after visiting some with Amber and KL. The girls spent Mothers Day with their mom of course, and I spent it with mine. It was a nice day despite the buffet, really. And I made it the rest of the night---by sleeping and working and drinking. Water. Yeah.

The debate over how hard we workout came up a year ago—when someone had suggested that my weight loss was good, but not “Biggest Loser” great. Some people, huh? Anyway---it was May 9th, 2009 when I found a magazine article that had Jillian agreeing with what I said on the topic. Here’s the excerpt:

In Friday night's edition of this blog titled “Day 236 Boxing The Boss and The Difference Between Me And “The Biggest Losers,” I talked about how I was losing weight in the middle of everyday life and the contestants on that show were in a boot camp style setting. Then today I ran across a magazine article featuring “Biggest Loser” winner Michelle Aguilar. There was a side bar question and answer feature with the trainer from the show Jillian Michaels. When asked about using the 'Loser' system at home in everyday life her reply was: “It's not realistic. But when you know what people are capable of, then maybe you'll be inspired. All I ask of people is do five hours of exercise a week, maintain a healthy diet and use common sense.” I read that today and thought, wow, I guess I came to the correct conclusion! I kept reading and found other things that sounded familiar. On the topic of getting together with friends and family for holidays or special occasions she said: “Put the focus on friends and family and not the food! If you do indulge, do it intelligently...and continue to work out too.” Wow, I remember saying that after having a big cookout in the early days of this journey. And remember the Thanksgiving Day 5K? That was us indulging but still working out! On getting motivated and off the couch she offered: “I don't have any magic words. That motivation has to come from within. Ask yourself, what is it that I want? Is it being able to see your grandchildren graduate high school? Looking hot in a bikini over spring break? Writing those things down will create a powerful vision.” That's exactly what I've talked about when I mention “motivating thoughts.” I swear I've never read any of her books! It just feels wonderful to once again discover an expert that would whole-heartedly agree with what I've done and continue to do.

Thank you for reading my friend! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Mom and me--out on the town last night!

Mothers Day Breakfast served! Mushroom, onion, and cheese omelet---turkey sausage---and 1/3 of a D’anjou Pear. 310 calories for the entire plate! Amazingly good!!!

The white plastic outdoor chair every overweight person dreads or just flat out avoids. At 505, it wasn’t even a remote option for me. There wasn't any doubt, if I tried to squeeze into one of these at 505, I would break it down to the ground. Not anymore.

Here’s me sitting in that tiny white plastic chair on mom’s patio deck. It was a snug fit, even at 257, but I wasn’t worried about it breaking! Not at all!!!


  1. You did well, despite the temptations from the holiday and the buffet. Nothing that a hard day or two of working out can't fix.

    Well done, Sean. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love the photo of you and your Mom. Sounds like you had the perfect Mother's Day breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing Jillian Michael's words - I always thought the Biggest Loser promoted unrealistic expectations. We are doing the right thing, exercising, eating right and keep motivated. You help a whole lot in the motivation department, Sean.

  3. I was looking forward to the mom and Sean pic and you did not disappoint.

  4. Yeah! Are you alright...not sure where you live....bad tornadoes though.
    Here's to good thoughts.

  5. you started at 257

    you lost half MORE than half of you!!

  6. I have 4 of those chairs that I inherited from a neighbour years ago that I've never used. I hate them. They're going to the curb and if someone wants them ... well they can be my guest. :D
    Biggest Loser has skewed too many people's idea of what weight loss should look like. You can tell it by the way we decribe our "only 2 lbs losses" I can't believe anyone was disappointed with your rate of weight loss. It's incredible how far you've come in such a short time. The strength you need in your mind to stick with this so long isn't for weenies.
    Love the photo of you and your Mom! It's so nice you made her breakfast. ♡

  7. WOW, you did great! On mother's day, I binged on grilled salmon and salad :) OK and ONE piece of deep-fry carbs, but that was it!

  8. The Sirloin Stockade in Stillwater is a scary place on Mother's Day! I try to avoid it ...

  9. Lovely photo of you and your mom - looks like she had a great mother's day!

    I am impressed at your diligence, both on the diet and exercsie front as well as the writing front - well done!

    And yeah, we may not be prize winners on a TV show, but every single lb we lose is a triumph!

  10. First things first: I woke up this morning and see that Oklahoma was dealt some pretty serious problems in the form of tornadoes. Did these hit near you? I hope all of your loved ones are okay, and I hope that your communities will get back on their feet quickly.

    Secondly, it's funny that you mention that white plastic chair. Yesterday I was re-reading some of your old blogs, starting from the beginning. It appears that chairs have been the bane of your existence for quite some time, yes? Do you remember a point where chairs and booths at restaurants stopped being obstacles for you?

    Here's one of your old posts:

    I hope all is well,

  11. Yes, the plastic chair. I have seen many a good people walk away wearing this chair attached as if still sitting.


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