Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 611 A "Fasten Your Seatbelt" Kind of Day and Meet Nathaniel

Day 611

A “Fasten Your Seatbelt” Kind of Day and Meet Nathaniel

Some mornings casually unfold in a very relaxed way. I get up, start coffee, do my non-weighted strength training exercises, cook breakfast—you know, the normal routine. Then there are mornings like this---I wake up late to a flashing alarm clock (must get a battery for backup), a raging thunderstorm, and a phone call telling me that two stations are off the air. Ten seconds ago I was dreaming and now I'm instructing a newbie on how to get one of the stations back on while I'm calling the remote control computer of the other transmitter in an effort to get it back up and on. Thank goodness it all worked quickly and within a few minutes I was dressed and racing for the door. I hate starting my day like this. I don't like the rush, I miss breakfast, and my coffee---I want my coffee! I did grab a bag of fresh fruit before opening the door to a torrential downpour. I park about fifty yards away. I paused for just a moment, then reminded myself that I now have the option of running, this could be fun. I flew down the stairs and ran to my vehicle, splashing all the way. I was still soaked—but it felt so good to be able to run through a rain storm, I didn't care. I needed a shower anyway.

No time for a quick drive-thru coffee and scrambled eggs---it was straight to the studio and into the chair---pull the microphone close, key it as I'm handed the latest details of the severe storm---and there I am---not a drop of coffee in me---awake for mere minutes, and somehow we're on the air advising people of the storm. Many of our listeners are probably in the same rush I was just minutes ago, as they listen to the reports of flash flooding and large hail. I have no idea how I did this at 505 pounds. I guess I did, but probably not as well. It was a team effort for sure and I'm just happy to be a more productive member. 251 pounds ago, I probably would have just called in sick...because I was.

It was a very busy morning and it was going to be a packed day. I found time to run home not long after my show for a shower and change of clothes, oh, and some protein! I prepared a big hearty breakfast burrito. With two whole eggs, mushrooms, green peppers, and fifty calories worth of mozzarella. The entire burrito was 285 calories, and worth every single one.

The plan for this afternoon was simple really. I was scheduled for my Wednesday afternoon 3 to 7pm broadcast from the casino. Working out today would have to wait until after. I picked up the remote broadcast vehicle and immediately noticed I needed to fill up. I never know when I'm going to experience something really cool these days. Some of the best unexpected experiences happen when I run into someone I haven't seen in forever. I walked into the convenience store to sign for the gas, started talking to the cashier, when all of a sudden the guy behind me starts freaking out. “Sean Anderson? Is that you? Oh my gosh---my wife said she saw you the other day and you looked completely different, and you do, like a completely different person!” It was a guy who had worked on our central air unit at our old house a few years ago. “How did you do it?” I told him the quick answer, “I just eat responsibly with smaller portions, count the calories and exercise.” Of course, you and I know the long answer has less to do with food and exercise and everything to do with our brains. But in line at the convenience store isn't the time to start talking about motivating thoughts, “iron-clad decisions,” and the “Steel Curtain Zone.” It was a delightful “wow” reaction to experience and it really lifted my spirits. What a wonderful boost!

I quickly drove to the apartment for a bite to eat before hurrying off to my afternoon broadcast. I look forward to this really, because I know I'll get to see Nathaniel. Nathaniel is the young man I've recently talked about here. He's in the beginning days of his journey and any words of encouragement you could offer him would be well received I'm sure. I talk to him and I see the old me looking back. The same kind of hopes and dreams, the same fears, and the same struggles I battled for so many years---he's right there where I was. I understand him and he understands me on that level. He's doing well, but admitted that it is a very tough struggle some days. I told him to meditate on those motivating thoughts and battle that inner voice that says it can't be done. You've got to fight Nathaniel! We are our own worst enemy—battle yourself and win my friend! Keep it as simple as possible. Protect your calorie budget and do whatever you can in terms of extra movement for exercise. I tell him of the freedom that awaits down this road---and it's so hard to describe sometimes. And maybe it sounds so far away for you my friend. But it's not that far. Just keep it simple and honest---and consistent. You're on the way and I'm so happy for you! We snapped a picture together---I really wish we would have had someone snap it for us. We will another time for sure. Nathaniel is super excited about the “Lose To Win” Challenge---and he's even trying to re-arrange his schedule to make some of the seminars. I'll be seeing you there my friend!

Storms were raging not far away by the time I finished the broadcast. Gayle was on the air and handling it when I called to check in. She was watching it and advised that I could monitor later for a possible activation tonight. So now I had to decide. Do I skip the workout, hurry home, eat something---then go to bed for a few hours before getting up to check the radar? Luckily it didn't come to that. The storms were moving further away without further development. I decided to hurry home, change clothes, and get my behind to the YMCA for a quick weight training session. But then something unexpected happened. Company came knocking. It was my sister in law, her husband, and their little darling Jo Jo. I hardly ever see them anymore---so a snap decision was made. I would visit, put this hectic day behind me, get some rest tonight, and workout tomorrow. It was all good.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

I was holding the camera. Next time we'll have someone snap it for us! If you have time---please offer some encouraging words for Nathaniel!


  1. Hey Nathaniel! Welcome to our corner of the world. We are glad you are here. Sean offers some good advice and we are all here to applaud your efforts. It can be done. You can change your life - one small decision at a time. Good luck on your journey. Hey, if you can, start a blog and keep us posted! We all know what it's like and we are all here to love and encourage one another.

  2. Hi Nathaniel - You are very lucky to have Sean beside you to encourage and inspire you. I can't wait to see that gleam in your eyes when you get to the point of believing you can do it. I believe, now it's your turn. You can do it!

  3. Hey Nathaniel, Best of luck, you can do is all between the ears.

  4. Nathaniel...this stuff seems hard. But it is hardest at the very beginning. Don't focus on how much you have to lose. Treat it like a dare. How "good" can you be just for a week? You'll kill it!

  5. Hey Nathaniel. You've got a great friend in Sean and an excellent role model. Don't look at your overall goal. Set little goals and milestones. You'll be where you want faster than you realize! If you have a bad meal/day...don't turn it into a week/month. Get right back after it. Can't wait to hear about your sucess!!! I KNOW you will succeed!!

  6. Hey Nathaniel, Sean has the Tom Cruise thing working for him, and I see you've got the young Brad Pitt look watch out world, the dudes are on their way! Have fun with this weight loss project, Nathaniel. It is so worth it!

  7. Nathaniel, you have found a good friend and mentor in Sean. I would love to see you two post monthly photo updates together to follow your progress.

  8. Nathaniel, the journey might be long but don't forget that you get to experience all the good stuff along the way. It's not like you have to eat well and get some exercise and see no results until a switch is flipped at the very end. Nope, you get to see the benefit and the success of every pound dropped....and they are like a snowball. Maybe it's only a couple now but those couple will get a couple more and pretty soon you have something really tangible to help keep you going.

    You know how you got to where you are....which means you know exactly what to do to get where you want to be.


  9. Hi Nathaniel,
    I'm so happy for you, this is an exciting new beginning, don't get overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. Make one good choice, have a glass of water instead of soda with your lunch. Add a salad to your dinner. You can do this, you don't have to believe it, we'll believe it for you. You'll have missteps, it's okay. You are worth it. Take your time and be good to yourself. Consistent, positive tiny decisions all add up to success. And call on your support system. We're out here, reach out to us and others, ask for help, make your life a priority. You are a beautiful young soul, your life's journey may be different from others, but just as meaningful. You may find in the end that there was a reason for your suffering. Now is the time to turn it toward something wonderful. Make the commitment to yourself. God Bless you. You're in my prayers.

  10. Hi Nathaniel,

    You can do this.
    One step at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time... and when you mess up...move on to the next meal or the next day do not beat yourself up! But do not let yourself off the hook either. Nathaniel here is the secret that I have learned and which I think is the hardest thing to do.....ask for help AND accept help

  11. Nathaniel,
    You have a whole beautiful life ahead of you and this weight loss thing is just a lifestyle ...
    don't ever beat yourself up on your journey for a bad day and just start the next day with more good choices. You have probably the best weight loss mentor ever. It really is baby steps until you notice all the new things you can do and WANT to do. This is one long hard journey that is so WORTH IT!!!!!!! and you can rock it dude each and every day!

  12. Nathaniel,

    Good luck with your new lifestyle! Maybe it will help to think of losing weight as a very long car trip: every day you put in as much mileage as you can by eating in a healthy way and exercising. More important, if you get a flat tire and have a bad day, don't give up - just fix the tire by figuring out how to avoid that mistake and get back on the road. Eventually you'll get where you're going.

  13. Nathaniel,
    None of us are superheroes with special powers. We all started out just like you one baby step at a time. Good luck on your journey and enjoy your accomplishments. Never give up you deserve it.

  14. Nathaniel- Don't worry about this... you got this.

    I know you have been reading all of these blogs and you think that these people are special...

    maybe you think that you aren't....

    Well, we are not- at one point we were just like you!!!! Full of all the doubts and fears... and I GUARANTEE that if I can do this, you can!!! I had not so much as moved my feet quickly since high-school. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    If you need any help at all- just visit my blog and ask me a question, but it looks like Sean can steer you right!!

  15. Hi Nathaniel,
    The first steps are the hardest...I think. :) I'm almost half way to my goal (which is to lose almost as much as Sean has lost now,) and I'm having so much fun. Some days are hard, but if you keep pressing on you realize "hey..I can do this." And that is the best. feeling. ever. I hope you're feeling it soon!

  16. Welcome to blogland Nathaniel!!
    You can do this, it is very hard sometimes and sometimes it's incredibly easy. But it is oh so worth it in the end. Just take it one hour/one meal at a time.
    If you need help along the way i'm sure any one of us would love to be there for you.
    And if you ever start your own blog let us know so we can follow you :)

  17. Hi Nathaniel,
    So much good advice already given... so I will just say I'm rooting for you! You have the best mentor in Sean. I know he's helped me so much... I had (and still have) a long ways to go, and his example and advice have made a huge difference to me. He's the real deal, and you can trust his advice.

    I'd love to see monthly photo updates of you and Sean too, if that's possible. You are going to do just fine!

  18. Hi Nathanial! I wish you tons of success on your journey! I am rooting for you and anxiously awaiting updates of how you are doing!

  19. You can do it!!!!!!!!! One hour at a time. You CAN do it!!!! Looking forward to reading about your progress!

  20. Nathaniel, I am rooting for you and praying for you. If you ever need or would like to have a walking partner, give me a shout! I love people, and never meet a stranger. I would love to walk with you. I might even make you laugh:)

    Love and Prayers,


  21. NATHANIELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Welcome to the club. You know, the weight loss superhero club? We have a secret clubhouse and everything! I usually bring moon pies to the meetings. So glad you've joined us! Come see me on my blog at
    You couldn't have picked a finer man to encourage you along your way. Big hugs to you both! Are you going to start a blog of your own? I would love to follow along your journey. Be good, have a great day, and remember, never give up, never surrender!
    And Sean, you are awesome.

  22. Hi Nathaniel,

    Congratulations on starting your journey. I can already picture you and Sean together in the 'after' photo :)

    Here's my mantra: "Small steps for Big results" - It did wonders for me and I hope it will for you, too.

    Greetings from Greece,

    ps. You're an amazing inspiration, Sean, thanks for keeping it real.

  23. Well hey there Nathaniel!!! I'm so glad you've decided to change your lifestyle...good for you for making The Decision. It's one you'll never regret. I highly recommend you start your own blog, and post often. It will help in ways I can't even describe, you just have to trust me and do it. When I first started blogging last June, I stumbled across Sean's blog and he quickly became my weight loss mentor. I copied his approach of 1500 cals a day and whatever exercise I could do. Believe me, it was VERY LITTLE when I first started. But I did it, and I kept doing it. Still got a ways to go myself, but I'm getting there, and you will, too. Some days are harder than others....that's when I stop looking at the big picture and just take it one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time, sometimes one HOUR at a time. The important thing is that you've made the decision to get the weight off and get it's just a matter of getting it done. Never give up on yourself babe. You are worth every happiness in the world and I believe in you!! I hope we'll be seeing you around Blogland...we're welcoming you with open arms. Feel free to stop by my blog or email me's listed on my sidebar on my blog. Make this weight loss THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE, and you'll reach your goals before you know it. :)

  24. Thank you all for all the loving words of support.It's nice to know that there are so many of us trying to reach the same goal, and I know that we all will. It just takes a little time and a lot of self control. I think that I will live today an hour at a time. Maybe that approach might be the way for me, so I'll try it.I work the 4-midnight shift, so my goal for today is to not eat anything after 8:00 p.m. That's my goal for the day. Well by for now.

  25. Thank you all for all the loving words of support.It's nice to know that there are so many of us trying to reach the same goal, and I know that we all will. It just takes a little time and a lot of self control. I think that I will live today an hour at a time. Maybe that approach might be the way for me, so I'll try it.I work the 4-midnight shift, so my goal for today is to not eat anything after 8:00 p.m. That's my goal for the day. Well by for now.

  26. LoL . I misspelled my name. Oh Well, it's a great day for a laugh.

  27. Nathaniel~
    If we all were truely honest with ourselves, we all struggle, in some form or another. We usually keep it well hidden & portray we have it all together! None of us do. If I could say one thing to you, it is YOU are not alone! You have my prayers and my thoughts are with you! You can do this! How do you climb a step at a time! There will be days you will need another to give you a hand, reach out and grab someone else's hand! None of us in this life have to walk alone, you don't either! May God give you the strength you need for this journey, may He provide you with friends along the way to laugh with, cry with, & share with! Remember you to, can touch another!
    Laugh often & God bless you~
    Karen :)


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