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Day 622 Mother Nature Had Other Plans and Some Very Special Pictures

Day 622

Mother Nature Had Other Plans and Some Very Special Pictures

I slept late today, I did. I even tried to sleep longer, but my body wouldn't let me. We had a Sunday in front of us---so it was up and to the coffee pot. I would really like to cut way down on my coffee dependency, because it is a dependency---one of those things that I choose to enjoy out of pleasure, and as much as I hate to admit it...out of addiction. I'm addicted to coffee! You know how I am with my calorie budget, and yet---some days, I might spend as much as 150 to 200 calories on creaming that coffee. Usually, most of the time, less than 100 calories are allotted, but some days---oh, some need more coffee than others!

I enjoyed my coffee with a 200 calorie egg white, cheese, and veggie breakfast wrap. It was so good, so filling---and a great calorie value. I spent some time writing and then started making plans for a good workout and dinner with my daughters later. I talked with Courtney and she invited me for a pre-dinner workout with her and her boyfriend. It was set: We would meet at the trail for a good two mile walk/jog, followed by swimming in the big pool at the home of one of her friends. This was going to be a great workout day! I know that I was trying to make Sunday a rest day---but with my crazy schedule, the best plan is to make a rest day fall on a busy workday. I have no idea why I didn't think of that before.

After writing yesterday's post, my mind was in need of rest and relaxation. I took a little break, knowing that a great workout and evening was ahead. And then the storms started brewing. Oh wow, I didn't plan on that! I'm on call for severe weather coverage, so I checked the radar image, and sure enough---I had to head to the studio. I called and canceled my workout plans with Court and Brad, and headed for the studio.

These were slow moving storms. We're talking ten, fifteen miles per hour---in some parts of the storm, five miles per hour---slowly drifting toward our listening area. This is a very recreational area...tons of people are around these parts for this holiday weekend, and many have their radios tuned for coverage, just in case. We had to be on the air with the latest storm information. It was a four hour detour of my evening plans, but it's my job, so I can't complain---or feel bad about missing a great workout. This can happen.

Tomorrow we're traveling to Stillwater for Memorial Day. We'll visit with family and spend some time at the cemetery where my little brother, grandpa, Irene's grandparents Oliver and Bertha, and so many other family members are laid to rest. We'll leave flowers on the granite markers and remember them with love, before heading back into town for a Memorial day dinner.

Everyone in Stillwater is planning on going to the big buffet, The Sirloin Stockade, but I'm trying to influence them in another direction. I'm not afraid of the big hot buffet, not at all. I just have no use for it anymore. Nutritionally and economically---it doesn't make much sense to this 250 pound version of me. Now, 505 pound Sean? Oh yeah, a food addicts dream---because when you're a raging food addict, sometimes...quality doesn't matter. It's quantity over quality---and I'm pretty sure that's in this buffet's and most other buffet's mission statement. The only thing I like about the big buffet is all of the family memories we've shared while dining. I can't count the number of family get-togethers we've enjoyed at this's like a tradition. Time to start some new traditions!

I found some excerpts I wanted to feature from a year ago yesterday, but saved them for today:

One of the things I've learned about losing weight is, sometimes what you perceive to be correct isn't. Some people think that in order to lose weight you have to starve yourself. It's very difficult to convince them that eating more will actually help them lose more weight. I use to think that whatever “works” was good. It depends on your definition of “works.” Most everything works. If you follow any of the “system” plans, you'll lose weight. Even fad diets work, if losing weight is the only goal, sure they can work. But until you wipe the slate clean, until you throw away all of your pre-conceived notions about losing weight and break it down, opening your mind while getting really honest and simple , until then, every weight loss success is temporary. There isn't a need for any special plans or pills. Losing weight doesn't have to cost a penny, in fact you can actually save money on the grocery bill. But this way of thinking goes completely against what many of us have been conditioned to believe our entire lives, that's why the weight loss industry is a 33 billion dollar a year business, because if it doesn't have a price tag then it mustn't work. This perception regulates that the higher the cost, the better the plan or pill. That's why some people will pay upwards of five thousand dollars to lose 30 pounds. Try telling someone that just wrote a five thousand dollar check for the “Zone” plan that they could have saved every penny of that money and lost the weight forever, instead of temporarily. Because when the pre-packaged meals stop coming everyday, then what? Have we learned anything about handling food responsibly in everyday life situations? Have we dug deep and honest enough to really address our bad behaviors with food? Or have we just followed the directions and opened packages to another attempt yielding temporary results? There's a reason why so many people have lost and gained over and over in pure yo-yo fashion. They were only focused on changing the scale and not their mind.

You might think, huh, pretty bold words for someone that hasn't even reached his ultimate goal. If you feel that way, then go back and read this daily blog from the beginning, every single post in the archives, then come back here and see what you think. When I say “another 6 pounds gone forever,” I mean forever! It doesn't hurt my feelings to have doubters, I realize that some people might secretly believe that I'll eventually trip into a giant vat of ice cream and it will all be over. The saddest thing isn't that some people are just naturally cynical, no, the saddest thing is that sometimes the most cynical are the ones you hope will understand this simple and honest approach the best.

Oh my---most of the weight loss industry isn't going to like me someday. I can't help but to be vocal about the understanding and clarity I've gained along this road. There are only a few organizations, people, or companies in the industry that impress me: Weight Watchers, Richard Simmons, and TOPS. Maybe I haven't met them all, so there could possibly be others---but I know those three are the real deal, absolutely. I don't use Weight Watchers, I rarely use Richard's DVD's, and I haven't attended a TOPS meeting since I was 12 years old...but I have tremendous respect and admiration for all three and what they do for people.

Speaking of tremendous respect and admiration---I've posted below some very special pictures in honor of this special weekend of remembrance. I'm a proud son and grandson to veterans of World War 2 and Vietnam. Both of my grandpas--on each side, served in WW2, and my Dad in Vietnam. Their bravery in battle amazes me and fills me with the utmost respect and pride.

My little brother Shane passed away at 24. I remember some wonderful times with Shane---and I sincerely wish I could have had more time with him. I've included a picture of him and mom below.

Today was good on several different levels. Tomorrow will be even better. My dad called and informed me that he'll be here earlier than expected, arriving around 6pm Memorial Day evening. He's staying a week with me and I'm so excited for this time together! Get ready for some amazing pictures. I've never had my mom and dad in the same room together, ever---and it's going to happen. I can't wait!!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

My grandpa, mom's dad---World War 2

Grandpa enjoying some free time with his shipmates during the war. I love this picture! Grandpa is the one on the right, closest to the camera.

My dad in Vietnam. He served two tours of duty, the second---in an effort to keep his younger brother safe at home in the States. That's amazing brotherly love.

One of my most prized possessions. My dad's Vietnam Veteran hat with the pins and patches that were attached to his uniform in battle.

Here are some random pictures of dad all on one scanned sheet. The bottom picture is Irene, a three year old Amber, and me---above 500 pounds---visiting Dad in my early twenties. It was the last time I saw him. And that's about to change---he'll be here by 6pm tomorrow for a visit! Can you tell I'm excited?

My little brother Shane and Mom. We lost Shane in 2001 at the age of 24. I miss him horribly and love him always.


  1. You look like your dad in the eyes and nose....very cool.
    My uncles and step dad all went to vietnam and my grampa was in ww2.
    It becomes a tradition.
    Your dad must be so proud of you.
    Thank your dad for his service.
    They didn't get a proper one.

  2. So excited about your dad coming. I hope the visit is blessed. Thinking of you today.

  3. Wow Sean, I can see where you get your (extremely) good looks! Your gramps was hot back in the day! LOL
    Your blog is such an inspiration. You are doing so well, and while there may be plenty of cynical doubters out there, I am not one of them, I expect that the rest of your life will be spent at a healthy weight.

  4. everday, but especially today, must be one of pride for the service your family has given to the US, thanks

  5. New beginnings and special memories make for a great post. Enjoy this week Sean...I know you will.

  6. Thanks for the memories, the pictures are awesome. Have a wonderful week with your dad!
    Can't wait to see pics of the 3 of you together.

  7. I loved looking at your family pictures, (so sorry you lost your brother) and felt quite emotional looking at the one of your servicemen father and grandfather, even though I am on the other side of the pond. It makes you think. Our forces fight to ensure our freedoms, yet so many of us, without the threat of conscription or having to go to war, waste our precious lives in a state of overweight limbo. Not a lot is asked of us, so we become self-indulgent and eat to pass the time...because we can.

    Made me think about doing the best I can for myself and those I love and making the most of my days, (in a slimmer way!) so thank you.

  8. I have awarded you the Beautiful Blogger award. You constantly inspire. Thank you!!!

    You can get your award at my blog at


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