Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 595 Rushed Start and Finding The Forever Part

Day 595

Rushed Start and Finding The Forever Part

I woke up late this morning and had to rush immediately to the “Lose To Win” weigh in broadcast. There was just enough time to shower and dress, grab some fruit, and hit the road. We had some minor thundershowers move through last night and that kept me up and at work until late, so I wasn’t surprised that I overslept. If you knew how loud my alarm clock was, you might be. No time for my morning non-weighted strength training routine or cooking breakfast, and no time for coffee!

The weigh in broadcast was a wonderful event. It’s always fun to watch so many people make their way inside as they start what could be a major lifestyle change. Everyone looks so excited to get started—and the friendly staff at the medical center make it so easy. Just over 300 attended the kick-off seminar, but nearly 600 showed to sign-up and weigh. It will continue to grow this week!

I was really excited to hear from Cathy Cole, the director of the program, telling me my friend that I talked about in yesterday’s post weighed in and is ready. I received another e-mail from this young man last night and he’s very excited about his journey and the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead for him. I call him “young man,” he’s actually 29 and will be 30 very soon---so yeah, he’s a young man! I’m excited for him to grab hold this young. He told me that he wants at least another good 30 years. I bet he could have more!

I brought a banana and an orange from home and found plenty more at Lose To Win headquarters. Cathy had strawberries, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, and giant bowls full of Special K and Nutri-Grain Bars. I tried a 90 calorie Special K Peaches and Cream bar, a few grapes, and a couple of strawberries---plus the banana from home, and that was breakfast. I had my orange mid-day---and then a late lunch at home. I prepared a very light two whole egg omelet with a little bit of ham (less than 25 calories worth), some mushrooms, and a slice of American cheese. It was a classic ham and cheese omelet for a total of 225 calories. I could have trimmed the calories by using one egg white and one whole, or even all egg whites, but 225 worked for my calorie budget, given the time of day.

I was reading from May 3rd, 2009 and found this excerpt:

The truth is almost every “diet” can give you temporary results. But until you stop searching for “diets” and start dealing with proper portions and real food in a responsible way, it'll always be temporary. The mental part of this journey mustn't be ignored, the learning part of this journey cannot be substituted with anything else, these are the elements that change lives and physiques forever. When I started 231 days ago, I knew that I had to find the “forever part” somehow, someway. Because temporary results were of no value to me. I wanted to really be free. I want my family and friends that are struggling to be free too. That's why I'm so driven to share what I've learned and experienced along the way.

After my lunch I worked a little more on the computer and instead of taking a nap---I hurried off to the YMCA for upper body weight training and spinning class. The class was completely full today. At first I thought the instructor would be someone I hadn’t experienced—but no, it was MeriBeth and she was really tough today. Sprints on gears 15 and 16? Really? I’m not complaining…I love pushing the burn! I didn’t get my lucky back row bike, but at least I wasn’t all the way up front. The fan doesn’t blow very well where I was sitting---so it was much warmer today. At one point I even felt a little sick, like I could have lost my lunch. I took some deep breaths and drank water, all the while—still spinning. I was just fine!

Thank you so much for reading. This day started out rushed and ended wonderfully. I even dropped into bed before 10pm! That’s big for me! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

A two whole egg omelet with mushrooms, ham, and cheese! 225 calories. Could have made it more or less with a few adjustments either way. For me, it all depends on where I am with my calorie bank for that day, and I adjust accordingly.

In studio. Soon to be called our “old” studio. I can’t wait to get into the fancy new place!


  1. I gave up on 'dieting' a few years back. It doesnt take Einstein to work out, that if dieting was the answer, we would all be thin now...being the expert dieters that we are.

    We have to find a way of eating, that allows us never to feel deprived, or punished, or different.

    Being mindful, aware of what you are eating, of what you are putting in your mouth, the energy in v. energy out thing, rather than eating just 'whatever' is not the same as dieting. It just means that you have choices. The choice between staying where you were, or being where you want to stay.

  2. I agree. I will never DIET again. I am making better choices, but not dieting! Diets have too many rules. Like someone commented on my blog about the fact that I'd eaten skittles. So what? I had enough calories for them and I wanted them. It would be sad if we had to deprive ourselves of every good thing for the rest of our lives in order to "diet". You are doing great, Sean.

  3. P.S. That omlet pic is making me hungry!

  4. To me, my diet just means a way of eating that is right for me. The word doesn't have negative conotations although I realize that for some people it equals *deprivation*.

    Sean, you seem to thrive on helping others succeed at losing weight (& getting healthier). That is a beautiful endevour. Does it ever feel almost like a calling?

    I'm wondering this because, in my experience, some people keep what they have by giving it away (helping others without compensation or expectation of any return) while others turn their helping efforts into an income-generating occupation. I guess the latter troubles me because of the inherent conflict of interest.


  5. Glad that you blog my man, Even me having lost 225 pounds so far can take things from your posts.

    Keep on keepin on,

    Ever Me

  6. For me personally,a diet is just another futile attempt to lose weight and then gain it back like I've done thousands of times before. I had to make a complete lifestyle change. A new, healthier way of eating that I could live with forever!

    Great post! You are doing great!

  7. I definitely don't "diet" but i do try to eat less processed foods and foods that make my body feel good!

  8. keep up the good work!
    warm greeting :D

  9. Sean,
    I think I'm becoming addicted to your blog instead of food! You have accomplished so much and I'm so proud of you. You are so right about the "diet mentality", I'm really struggling to think about my life differently. I'm sick of the mindset that I have to lose twenty pounds and that I look "fat". At this stage of my life and with your inspiration, I'm trying to make healthy choices in food, eat when I'm hungry, not because I'm bored, etc.and reasonable portions. Stop eating mindlessly. Take a walk with the dog, because we both need fresh air and exercise and just let go of over 30 years of thinking about diets, food and how much I hate my body. This strong body that has taken me everywhere I want to go, given birth to two beautiful children, never let me down, nursed a dying man to a peaceful death and consistently takes all the abuse, physical, verbal and mental I heap on it. And it's still there waiting for me to do whatever I choose. I choose to take care of it, not for weight or looks, for health. Choosing to live a simpler life. It's a wonderful, freeing concept. You are a daily inspiration. I thank you and wish you well. God bless you. Life ain't easy.


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