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Day 780-783 Speaking Is My Passion, Busy Saturday, and A Normal Size

Day 780-783

Speaking Is My Passion, Busy Saturday, and A Normal Size

I had two speaking engagements last week, and I can tell you--it's my passion. The only thing I struggle with, is not being able to fit everything in that I really want to say. After every time I speak, I find myself wishing I would have said "this" or "that." But that's normal for me, to be self-critical--I think a certain amount is healthy, as in--striving to be better. I try not to go overboard though, realizing that it's simply impossible to convey every single element that has come together, making this transformation road what it's been for me.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback on my last post. Revisiting Day 327 is something I try to do every so often. It's a good-healthy mental workout. And something I've noticed: Like working out regularly---if you don't refresh the mental aspects often, it's easy to slowly revert back to occasional thoughts and beliefs that have always been a major negative.

The coolest thing happened the other day. I opened my email and found a message from Kevin Cronin, the lead singer of REO Speedwagon! A while back, I had sent a brief message via his web page--explaining the significance of his song "Time For Me To Fly." I never really expected a reply, but I just wanted him to know how special it was to me. And wow, here's what he said:

"Yo Sean...congratulations! I am so happy for you, and proud of you, and glad that one of my songs helped to inspire your life changing experience. Keep up the good work, bro! kc"

Saturday was one of those crazy days where my scheduling becomes somewhat insane. It started at 8am and ended well after 10pm. The day included two trips to Stillwater, picking up mom for a visit, two remote broadcasts, and hosting the Poncan Opry Saturday night. I arrived back at the apartment with mere minutes to spare before needing to depart for the theatre. It was such a sigh of relief when the Opry turned out to be an amazing experience.

I've hosted the Poncan Opry at over 500 pounds and all along the way down the scale. On Day 69, I had just finished hosting duties before sitting down to write the nightly post. I was so excited, noticing the huge difference the first 60 pounds made in my stage presence:

This evening I hosted The Poncan Opry Branson style variety show at the historic Poncan Theatre. The last time I performed on that stage was June, and I weighed over 500 pounds for that one. What a huge difference it was tonight. The weight I've lost allows me to breath properly, to walk normally, to really get into my performance. I remember back in June how hard it was to focus on my set and delivery because I was consumed with my breathing and mobility. The excess weight was finally having a profound effect on my stage presence, but not tonight. Sure, I can't wait to dress better, and that too will send me and my performance skills up a few levels, but I can't complain about how wonderful I felt tonight on that stage. Lifting 60 plus pounds off my body makes a huge difference in everything I do, and I mean everything. When I think about how far I've come in the last 69 days, and how far I have to go, I get really excited. Because, and I've said this before, if I feel this good now, how will I feel at 230? How will my performance skills and confidence improve at a normal weight? It'll be really fun to find out!

Well--let me tell you--It feels absolutely incredible at 232!!! My confidence level is absolutely peaking these days! Jimmy Fortune was the featured guest star Saturday night. It was such an honor to work with him. Bucky Fowler, the leader of the Poncan Opry All-Star Band, introduced me to Jimmy in the green room and suggested: "Go ahead and tell Jimmy how much you used to weigh." Jimmy had a jaw dropping reaction and we had a few wonderful words about the blessing of it all. I was so happy to have mom in attendance--and it's very cool that I not only hosted the show, but along with Dave May and a couple of others, I helped sing "Flowers On The Wall!" It was amazing.

During the show, someone in the audience shouted, "Sean, you're skinny!" It was kind of awkward for a second, but it felt so good to hear. Me? Skinny?? I was smiling inside, bigger than Dallas. After a lifetime of morbid obesity, this is what it feels like to feel and be a normal size. A normal size. Wow--that's fun to see on the page.

After going a little longer between post, I hate to once again cut things short. But I must get ready to leave for Alabama. I'm making the trip to see family on my dad's side in the Cullman/Arab area. I'm seriously looking forward to this trip! I'll be taking a bunch of pictures, for sure!! Look for another epic post, coming soon--right here!!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

With Chera Brewer at a speaking engagement. Chera is the one who organized this particular event. Thank you again Chera!!!

With Mom after a wonderful weekend!!

With grandma Sunday night

Hosting the Poncan Opry!



Mom--Getting one of three hugs from Jimmy!!

With Jimmy Fortune

170 Calories of breakfast goodness! Three egg whites with mushrooms and mozzarella on a Joseph's 60 Calorie pita. Love it!!


  1. That is cool. I am so glad you got a reply from REO speedwagon. 80's tastic! And 'you're skinny'.
    How does it feel to be Normal?
    lol. Glad you are having fun and doing what you love.

  2. Sean,

    I loved reading the part where the audience member shouted "Sean you're skinny." If I would have been in the audience I would have shouted a big "woohoo!" And how cool to have Kevin Cronin respond to you!

    I would love to hear you sing. Maybe someday. I am a pretty good singer myself. Sean and Shannon are much better than I am, but the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree:)

    Have a wonderful time in Alabama:)

    Take Care and God Bless!

  3. How great that you keep getting these speaking engagements, and can share your passion. I hope the word gets out about you, and the offers come rolling in!

  4. Sean, Hope you have a wonderful time here in Alabama and it's great your coming to meet your grandfather for his birthday. I met your Aunt Beverly on facebook and it's great to know you have family here in Bama....I was wishing I wasn't going out of town myself I would love to have come up to Cullman and met you in person. I know you will have a great time and bundle up I think were going to have some chilly weather...

    Your friend from the South,

  5. I hear ya on the feeling "normal". I was excited when the Wii Fit lady told me I was "overweight" and not "obese" the other day! har I cannot imagine how long it will take for me to not feel like the fat guy! lol

  6. I contacted our state coordinator for TOPS and recommended YOU to be our guest speaker for State Recognition Days in April, in Tulsa. I hope she contacts you! I'd love to hear you speak! And to meet you in person, and have my picture made with you!

  7. Excellent taste in music. :-) REO, Styx, VH, ELO, Queen, and of course Journey ... 80s stuff is the best!

  8. Normal is relative LOL! ;-)

    Love that KC responded to you!

    Hmmm so you are a singer huh? I am thinking a singing Vlog is in order Sean. What do you think? :)


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