Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 16 Results!

Day 16


There's always a little anxiety on weigh day. I was anxious all day long. What if I didn't lose that much? What if I'm not working out hard enough? I'm really pushing myself when I walk that mile every evening. It's not easy at all...not at this weight! Deep down I knew that I would see big results on that scale, so why the worry? I guess it's natural. I don't think I could've done any better than what I've done these first 16 days. We loaded up and headed to Stillwater where a scale that would accurately weigh me was waiting. Irene and Courtney weighed first. Irene has lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Awesome job baby! She's well on her way of shattering her goal by Christmas. We really don't know how much Courtney has lost because we didn't have a starting weight for her, but we have one now! And we know she's down nearly 10 pounds from what she weighed a while back. Keep it up girl! You can do this!! Then it was my turn. I was so excited that I didn't really notice if any strangers were around watching or not...I really didn't care. I stepped on and BAM! 484 popped up. 484! A loss of 21 pounds so far! Irene was right on! She said at least 20 maybe more and I predicted 10 to 15. I was being conservative just in case. 21 pounds have melted away, and you've read some of the things I've enjoyed over the last 16 days. It proves once again that losing weight doesn't have to cost a fortune, you don't have to join a program, or buy special food, or invest in the latest wonder pill. It's real simple: Eat less + Exercise more. This 21 pound loss is really a tremendous boost forward. I'm below a quarter ton!!! I'm so happy. After I stepped off the scale, Irene, Courtney, and I hugged, and I gave Irene a big kiss! This is an exciting beginning. When we exited the building Rach and Jordan pulled up, got out, and ran over to ask the big question...How much? We told them our numbers and we all hugged. That's the kind of support that keeps us all on track!

Before we left Stillwater we met up with my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Kelli at Wendy's for some low-cal fast food! We told them about our weigh in and they were very happy for us! Wendy's is by far my favorite calorie counting fast food restaurant. They have many items that are low in calories and very tasty! A small chili is only 190, a baked potato WITH sour cream is only 330, and I also like the grilled chicken go wrap...I order it with regular mustard instead of the calorie laden honey mustard, and it checks in at 230 that way, if you have to have the honey mustard, it's still only 260. If you like salads, they have fantastic salads...or so I've heard. I can't stand salad. Someone once asked me... “Sean, how do you ever expect to lose weight if you refuse to eat a salad?” I guess I'm proving wrong the “must eat salads to lose weight” theory. I'm really a strange eater. I'll eat lettuce all day long on tacos or subs or in that grilled chicken wrap tonight, but if it's all by it's self, I will not touch it! Oh yeah, and the lettuce I do eat on foods must be finely shredded. I don't do leaf lettuce. I know! I'm a little weirdo. Where was I, oh yeah...fast food...Very few fast food places are completely off limits with a little preparation. I like to know what I'm getting into and thanks to the world wide web I can find out the calorie count of just about every fast food item you can think of. Remember when I mentioned craving a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? I had a half of one earlier! I'm serious! I still had over 400 calories left and so did Irene, so we split one. 255 calories each...and it was good. We really do eat at home most of the time. This blog post is beginning to read like “The amazing fast food diet”...I assure you it's not. But it is nice to know that when you're very busy and on the go, there's a calorie friendly value menu waiting.

I really have to give thanks to God that I've been able to exceed 500 pounds for so long without too many health complications. My blood pressure did get out of control before I finally got put on a pill, and I do have sleep apnea (I use a CPAP machine every time I sleep) And my lymphatic system in my right leg doesn't work properly (which requires regular wrapping with low-stretch compression bandages to keep the lymphatic fluid moving---This is something Irene has devoted countless hours helping me with, and something that will drastically improve with my weight loss and someday I can relieve Irene of this and handle it myself without assistance---With my weight off--it'll be like putting on socks) BUT I have awesome cholesterol levels (well below 200) and my blood sugar is as normal as can be. Of course I've been warned that the last two things I mentioned could turn really bad real fast as I get older, if I don't lose the weight now. All of the above mentioned health problems will be drastically reduced, maybe even eliminated with weight loss, and that's certainly a motivating thought. The mile walk tonight felt good. I'm serious, it really felt good! I think it felt better because I had a chance to see the results of my effort. The great thing about doing this is: It gets easier everyday.

Good Choices,


  1. I know that you are long past this point, Sean, because I am reading your blog at both ends as I keep pace with your current posts and play catch-up to read your inspiring record of how you have managed to stay focused and persevere, but I have to say congratulations on this milestone, the first of many in your journey. No need to say "keep up the good work" because I know that you have been doing just that. Thank you for your honest, inspiring messages.

  2. I have just started your book and I was so excited to get to your first weigh in and get the result. The best thing about this journey is the improvement in your health. I was also very healthy for somebody that weighed 370lbs but the old saying you don't know how sick you are until you are better. I am definitely better for losing 50lb, I am really looking forward to how much better I will feel when I have lost 200lb. Great result

  3. I also started medication for my HBP before my weight loss, Since then it is still high, even with the weight loss, It could of been worse. But now it is under control with the right medication. The Dr said I'll be on the medication for life.

    I also had pain on my left leg if I was on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time but it went away as soon as lost my first 100, allowing me to do more activities. Never knew what it was.

  4. Wow, these posts are inspiring...I am about to start a long journey to lose 60+ pounds and need all the motivation I can get.

  5. I am enjoying trying to catch up on all your old post!


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