Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 17 Destination Unknown

Day 17

Destination Unknown

First of all let me say thank you to all that congratulated me for the 21 pound loss at the first weigh in. Aside from the blog comments, I received nearly a dozen congrats over the phone and in person today. It feels so good to be on the way. On the way to where? I really don't know! I've never been a normal sized adult, I really don't know the weight I'll look and feel my best. I've mentioned that I'd like to get down to 199, because I haven't weighed under 200 since I was, I don't know...eleven? Maybe twelve? Anyway, at 6'3” That may be a little too thin. Wow! What a strange problem that would be...I could just imagine going to the doctor and him saying: “Sean, you've got to do something about your weight. I want you to gain 30 pounds over the next three months, understand?...I'm putting you on a 4000 calorie diet, now get out of here and start eating!”. Maybe 199 would be a little small. After all, I think I'm “big boned”, I mean I've never really had visual evidence of that, but I must be to have carried this much weight for so many years. Perhaps 225 or 230 would be good. I don't know, I guess I have plenty of time to think about that, besides I'm sure it's something I'll discover naturally. Right now I'll focus on the exercise, 1500 calories a day, writing this blog, and eating these fudge striped shortbread cookies. Yes, I said cookies! Those little Keebler Elves make the best little cookies! My favorite cookie has always been the fudge striped shortbread kind, and thanks to my simple little weight loss plan I can enjoy them anytime I want. It's one of those little 100 calorie packs. I had 300 calories left after dinner so that means it's cookie time! Like my friend the Cookie Monster---Me love cookies! Who doesn't? Of course I used to eat four or five hundred calories worth at a time, now just a small 100 calorie pack gives me all the taste and none of the guilt! I'm really sounding like a commercial here! It's all about choices and portion control. When you're counting calories you can have anything you want, just not as much as you want, unless you're eating lettuce or celery, then knock yourself out! There are other “free” foods too, in fact I discovered a new one today: Banana Peppers! I had them on a sandwich and I was happy to find the calorie count at zero. Zero? Really? Ok, I'll go with that! Pickles are a good “free” food too. They still have about 5 to 15 calories in a good sized dill pickle, but I think you would get sick before you ate enough of them to really hurt you.

I find myself trying new foods and taste, and that's just not me! Ask my wife, she'll tell you...I'm as stubborn as can be about what foods I like and what foods I refuse to eat. I'm 36 years old and to this day I've never tasted: Sour kraut, cole slaw, cauliflower, canned spinach, cucumbers, beets, canned tuna by itself (I've had it mixed with pasta and a creamy sauce) and a variety of other foods. Never! I've heard “how do you know you don't like it, if you've never tried it?” Because I can smell it! And since smelling is crucial to tasting I have deduced that I will not like it ever! Well, maybe not ever. I don't know what it is, but every since I started 17 days ago, I've been more willing to experiment with different taste. Let's call it “added flavor value”. On my Subway sandwich, I use to never have tomatoes, or green peppers, or banana peppers, but now as I'm eating slower and considerably less, I'm appreciating every flavor. It's really a fun little experience. But let's don't get crazy!

I've also noticed what a wonderful role music plays in staying positive and feeling good. I've been in radio for twenty years and I'm just know fully appreciating what a song can do for your mind. A song can transport you back in time to certain places and events. Every time I hear Ann Murray's “You Needed Me” I'm immediately four years old riding in my mom's old Rambler on the way to swimming lessons listening to KOMA. Strange huh? The song that plays on my myspace page is by a group named “Jimmy Eat World” it's titled “The Middle” and it takes me back five years ago. Every time I hear that song I remember how it so embodied my feelings as I showcased on the New Faces show at the Hollywood Improv. I would sit in my car out on Melrose and jam to that song before I went in and on stage. I knew I was good enough to make it there, but self doubt and worrying about what other people thought of me was overwhelming, and that song helped me get through. Now, it inspires me to stay motivated in my efforts to lose weight... “It just takes some time!”...and “everything will be alright, alright”... “don't count yourself out yet”... “don't you worry 'bout what bitter hearts are going to say” These are positive lyrics to me that keep me fueled. I call it music therapy and it's so important to this mission.

I'm really excited about the future for so many reasons. Losing this weight and getting healthy will have positive effects on everything I do for the rest of my life. I can't tell you how good it feels to have so many people read this blog and tell me how it's helping them stay on track too! That's awesome! I haven't said it in a while, so just in case you haven't read them all, I'll say it again. The purpose of this blog is to keep myself accountable everyday and to inspire my family and friends to make the same decisions to lose the weight once and for all. Writing motivates me, keeps me focused, and allows me to express myself better than speaking ever could. I'll continue writing this blog every evening of this journey. Everyday as I go from 505 pounds down to...well, I don't know really...uh, wow...let's just say 230. Everyday you can follow along as I go from 505 pounds all the way to 230. If you're also counting calories and exercising and losing weight, please let us know how you're doing! And please keep reading! Your support is invaluable!

Good Choices,


  1. Today has been the toughest day so far. My mind is trying to sabotage me, but I won't be taken down. I've worked too hard to let it all go.

    I decided to read back in your blog and get some inspiration. It's helping. Thank you for writing this blog. It's an invaluable resource.

  2. This is Day 7 for me and the 1500 calorie limit helped me drop 7 pounds. I am now at 228. I know it comes off quickly at first (been there, done that). I tried the Weight Watcher thing twice and lost weight quickly but then I got frustrated with the point system and the food choices that went with them. For the record, I understand that WW is still the most effective of all the programs out there. I just happen to be a tough case. The second time around at WW, I knew I was going to get into trouble when I noticed how many fast food locations there were en route to the meeting place. Even my directions depended on them: take a left at KFC for one mile, go past Domino's, then a right at Fatburger's but don't go beyond Carl's Jr or you'll have to turn around in McDonald's parking lot... Then I started sabotaging myself thinking of how many tacos the $40 monthly fee could buy me. I've got to say, Sean, that so far your blog is keeping me better focused. I'm not reading it daily but when I do read, the few posts at once is quite inspirational. I can better relate to your struggles than those of the dainty little hostess at WW dancing around telling the group she's lost 12 pounds over 20 years ago and kept it off. I lose 12 pounds with just a haircut. Today I decided to add some exercise to the formula. I didn't get started with walking right away. On public streets where I live, I figured I might pull a muscle having to sprint out of the way of a drive-by. On top of that, I've got to be careful since I have chronic back problems though honestly, most of my life, my back problems were based on going "back" to the fridge, "back" to Taco Bell, or "back" to the couch. I know my back problems are the result of weak abdominal muscles that strain my lower back (although I did have a work injury many years ago). Soon enough I'll overcome my fears - and my excuses - and add some crunches to the routine. Hopefully not Nestles Crunches.
    I'll post back next week which will force me to stay on track. More power to all who are on the path to weight loss.


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