Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 5 Goals

Day 5


I can't tell you how many times I've failed to set goals. And I say set goals, as in more than one. It would be too easy to just say I want to lose 300 pounds. But doesn't that sound a bit overwhelming? So, my goals are divided into 100 pound increments. Some would say make it 25 pound increments, but I like 100. It took me four months to lose 115 pounds back in 2004, and I was pretty much doing the same thing I am now, perhaps a little more intense exercise back then to I've mentioned, it's much harder now than it was back then. But the key is to keep moving, and gradually building into a bigger better workout. If it takes me five or six months to lose the first 100 pounds, that's perfectly fine with me. My goal is 100 pounds every six months. If you need to lose only 100 pounds total, then perhaps four 25 pound goals would work best for you. I have to be careful when I reach the first 100 pound goal. In 2004 when I weighed in and realized that I had crossed the 100 pounds lost point, we all got together for a big meal at a nice restaurant. I bet you can guess the restaurant...Yep, Hideaway. We were celebrating Courtney's birthday, but I took full advantage of that occasion to gorge myself on mushrooms and pizza in some kind of food binge victory dance. You never see a marathon runner stopping after thirteen miles for cake and ice cream in the middle of the street! No way, they still have work to do. So I will celebrate my accomplishments when the time comes, but perhaps by buying some new clothes instead of a giant feast.

Speaking of feast, you know that in not long we will be right in the middle of holiday season. Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here. Ok, I'm not going to panic, I have a plan. Many times in the past I've allowed the holidays to derail me completely. Not anymore. On holidays and special celebrations I'll do two things: Add one thousand calories for that day AND double my workout. Walk two times instead of once that day. I'll still count the calories and keep a running total, but it will not be a pie and gravy free for all. An extra one thousand calories is plenty to enjoy the many taste of the season without losing control. Unlike years and decades, yes decades past, I'm not going to let the holidays trip me up this time. A smart and sensible controlled approach is all it takes.

I use to think about what I'm going to eat later, now I like to think about all of the things I will be able to wear and all the things I'll be able to do when the weight is off. It's really amazing at just how powerful a decision can be. Amber commented my Day 3 blog with some very real truths. If you can, go back and read it. She talked about mindset, and how it controls us, how our mindset can cause us to develop bad habits over time, but we can change those bad habits into good habits with the right mindset. It also talks about setting goals and pursuing these goals with passion. Complete determination is what it's all about. Getting into the proper mindset to finally do this is very tough sometimes if you let it be. I have a million excuses I could use to put this off for a while. I could say, “hey, I think after the holidays would be a better starting point”. I've actually said that before...Just last year in fact. The mindset I'm in now doesn't buy that baloney. The time is now.

I'm really looking forward to the clothes. I hate clothes shopping because I've never been able to do it without a trip to Oklahoma City or Tulsa to the Big and Tall store. Oh, and by the way---Why do all the big and tall catalogs use trim and neat looking models? The shirt “Fabio” is modeling is not going to look the same in 6XL I guarantee it! Every time I try on a shirt I think...”hmm, this doesn't look like the picture”...It never does. I can't wait to walk into a regular store, just a couple of minutes from my house and buy a pair of jeans. That will be amazing! These are my motivating thoughts. What are your motivating thoughts? I can't wait to tuck in! I've never been a tucker, because fat people don't like to tuck. In most cases it's just not flattering. If I have to tuck for something, it could be a deal breaker. I couldn't imagine actually wanting to tuck in my shirt. That would be so neat. Get it...neat. Cause I'm tucking...anyway.
I'm also looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in years and watching as they do a quadruple take at the new me. On Day 1 I said “this is going to be fun”...and it really will be!

Today was another good day. Walked late afternoon, had a nice dinner at home with my wife and daughter, and I still have a couple of hundred calories left. There's a couple of Popsicles in the freezer with my name on them. And they're not sugar free!! They're the real McCoy...100% regular Popsicles---And they're still only 50 calories each! I thought they were 70, but I just read the package---50. Now that's a good choice.! Tomorrow will be Day 6 and the first weekend of this journey. Weekends can be a little challenging at times, because we get out of our weekday routines, but it will be great. I know there will be some will power test tomorrow and I'm prepared to face those test head on. Congratulations and thank you to everyone that has written and called me to tell me they are doing this with me! That means so much to me. We can do it! We will this time!!! Until tomorrow night,

Good Choices,


  1. you are a great writer... I hope to read all (or most) of your entries ....As I said ..i have 200+ to shed and I know it is going to be hard...but what caught my attention is when you said the other day that it is going to be fun.... ok....i have to embrace this fun thought... ok..i am on to read day 6...

  2. My goals are to go from 164 to 163, one pound at a time; have more energy; fit comfortably in a size 12! I, too, am not a tucker...but I could be.

    Thanks for writing this blog! I'm getting inspired and learning as I read. LR

  3. I have lost, 70pounds, I gained 10 back over the last two years, and now have decided enough is enough time to finish the journey. I started reading you blog today, and realized I could have eaisly sat on my butt all day reading about getting in shape, or i could get off my butt and get in shape. So I did!! ran for an hour, did billy banks boot camp for an hour, and did billy banks rock solid abs 40 min...whew....kicked my butt.

  4. Thank you for doing this blog. I just found your site today. I listened to your interview from October 11th, 2010. Congratulations to you on your fantastic weight loss. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am reading day 5, and plan to continue reading for movtivation for myself, and learn more about your journey.

  5. How nice this morning to make this my first stop instead of Facebook! I too have been thinking about the holidays, and remembering how last year I gave up and stuffed my face with more sugar than I have probably eaten in my whole life up until that time. Crazy stressful time, and I am now actually looking forward to how I'm going to feel after each small decision to make a 'good choice.' It's very empowering. Now I'm headed back to ready Amber's comments on day three.
    Peace, J.A.N.


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