Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25th, 2014 Busy Saturday

October 25th, 2014 Busy Saturday

Today started early for me. I was up right before 6am, making coffee, preparing breakfast and departing Heather's place for home. My schedule was packed tight today. I was hired as the DJ for the 8th and 9th grade Pepperette dance this evening, so the first thing I did this morning was buy several songs on iTunes from a list provided by one of the students.

I must be old because I didn't recognize any of the artists or songs. I wonder, when I was glued to MTV during my teen years, was my mom as oblivious to Huey Lewis and The News as I am to Nicki Manaj?

I made my way to the gym to set up the equipment  and then it was off to pick up some friends for the OSU Homecoming football game 42 miles South of where I live. I didn't attend the tailgate party or game, I visited with mom and enjoyed a lunch with her at Applebee's. The under 550 calories menu is really nice!

I was back in town with enough time to meet Amber for a quick dinner before heading off to the gymnasium location of the dance.

The load in and load out of the equipment was my exercise today. Fitbit recognized it and so will I.

We're having a big birthday celebration with family tomorrow in Stillwater. I hope to get into the YMCA before departing for my hometown.

I need to be up early again in the morning because I'm driving some friends to the airport in Wichita. I may come back and sleep a little more before my workout and trip South.

Very tired tonight. There's was so much more I wanted to write about-but I will need to save it for another night. I must turn in!

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  1. Let this stand as the model when folks feel like they don't have time to eat healthfully. Good job taking care of you. May all of us learn to love ourselves so persistently

    1. Thank you for this! I refuse to sacrifice what's important to my extraordinary care. I can be busy--It can be hectic--I can still choose good things to put in my face. :)

  2. Nikki manaj typo made me chuckle lol food tweets are the best!!

    1. Alati--thank you! :) Yeah--is that how you spell it? I wouldn't know her if I bumped into her at the grocery store! The kids love her, that's for sure!


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