Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26th, 2014 My Brain Didn't Light Up Like A Pinball Machine

October 26th, 2014 My Brain Didn't Light Up Like A Pinball Machine

I was up early this morning in order to drive a couple of friends to the airport in Wichita. I enjoy driving--especially when I'm alone, on the way back. I take that time to listen to things I enjoy, like NPR's TED Radio Hour Podcast. I highly recommend! I've learned some incredible things from some amazing people through TED.

As I made my way home, heading South on I-35, I started feeling a little more nauseous. I felt it slightly before I left my place--but suddenly, it was enough for me to notice and alter plans accordingly.

I needed to rest today. I hadn't planned on it. My plan was a trip to Stillwater to celebrate my birthday with family at one of my favorite little restaurants. I called mom and canceled, then let everyone else know too. After a quick stop at the store, I arrived home and dropped back in bed. But I couldn't sleep for whatever reason. I was hungry, but didn't necessarily feel like eating. I didn't want eggs.

I decided to prepare some rice chips, guacamole and some fat free-sugar free bean dip. Chips and dip, why not? Bad choices. Not calorie or nutrition wise--not at all, these were fabulous choices--just not on an unsettled stomach. I knew it probably wasn't the best plan as I tweeted "this could be a bad idea." I'll spare you the descriptive consequences of my bad idea. 

I was finally able to go back to sleep and I slept and slept, and then slept some more. I needed the rest. It seemed to help me feel better. I woke feeling much better, still not 100%, but much better.

I enjoyed a sugar free cupcake with Amber this evening. These were the cupcakes made with unsweetened apple sauce and Pyure Brand Organic Stevia. They did contain flour and real butter, but no sugar. My criteria was pretty simple: Absolutely no sugar and I need a calorie count. The professional bakery handled it perfectly. 155 calories of cupcake was worth it, every bite.

The best thing about the cupcake? My brain didn't light up like a pinball machine during or after eating. I wasn't compelled to eat another and another, and then another. I had one. And one was enough. It was enjoyable.

I wasn't going to eat anything else today--but then I started feeling much better, so I decided on a nice omelet for dinner. A pear was my #lastfoodofday. My calories checked in at 1,313. That's going to be good enough for me today.

My plans to workout today were also nixed. This has been one of my least active weekends in recent memory. Instead of beating myself up over lack of exercise the last four days, I'm choosing to extend a nice measure of self-compassion and understanding. It's a tricky balance, really. It's a fine line that separates self-compassion and understanding from excuses and laziness. I believe it all comes down to self-honesty. If the decision is tempered with some extreme self-honesty concerning the circumstances and those circumstances are evaluated for what's truly best for us in the moment, then good.

The melatonin is starting to kick in... I better hit the pillow.

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  1. I hope you get a great sleep and wake up refreshed and well.

  2. Get well completely soon. Hard to take when you are used to being active and have a lot on your plate. Sounds like you made good choices Sean.

  3. Hope the week starts off with you feeling 100%. Have a good one!

  4. UGH. Nothing worse than feeling sick/ hungry.. Not sure are you sick or are you just starving! Glad you got some rest and feeling somewhat better!
    have a great week!

  5. /having a period or rest from exercise can be very helpful in progressing forward with results. Your mind doesn't like the feeling but sometime your body will.

    1. Thank you for this, PJ. I'm trying to remind myself of this and be okay.


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