Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th, 2014 Enjoying Our Food

October 9th, 2014 Enjoying Our Food

Weather coverage has kept me up late tonight. The weather hasn't been anything severe, just light to moderate and at times heavy. Around here, even when it's not severe, it's important for us to be on the air saying it isn't, because it certainly can sound that way at times! If it's important for us to be on the air when severe weather is threatening, it's also important to be a voice of calm reassurance when it isn't.

I had a great food day. I was creative and I love it when I get creative in the kitchen! One of the things I didn't focus on enough in yesterday's post was the importance of eating foods you enjoy. If you're eating what you enjoy anyway, it makes it much easier to be consistent! If we choose to choke down things we can't stand as a means to lose weight, but we're miserable in the process, we're less likely to remain consistent. This "eat what you like and nothing you don't" point seems to be an obvious one, but is sometimes overlooked in our pursuit of fast results.

Once again, it was a busy day. I did have a late morning to early afternoon nap in the middle--simply because of two things: We were short handed at work and needed someone from on-air/production to stay late in the afternoon and I was anticipating the weather coverage--which did happen, keeping me up very late. I headed back to work at 1pm and stayed for the 2nd half of my day.

I'm on the board of directors of the arts and humanities council and tonight we were hosting a big concert at the Hutchins Memorial Auditorium. Since I'm the radio guy on the board, I get elected to make announcements before the fabulous concerts. We had a good crowd tonight for the Tulsa Playboys! I kept getting positive reactions about my weight loss. One gentleman approached me after my first time on stage tonight, saying: "Sean, I listen everyday and I remember you when you were at your heaviest. You're looking incredible, man!" That was awesome. 

I also remember when I was at my heaviest. It's throwback Thursday--Here's a "before" picture from years and years ago!
 photo l_c802fbbeb4ffc5f4d2b58b4d2a743f04.jpg

I naturally do a better job when I'm feeling confident and I certainly had an abundance of confidence this evening. I was wearing a pull over type shirt with a collar-- no over-shirt. The extra amount of compliments was because I was actually wearing something that fit properly for where I am, today.

I covered some weather at the studio--then took a quick break to run to the YMCA and get my workout in before they closed. I barely made it--but I made it, and although I was struggling some against going, I'm glad I did. It didn't take long to get into the right mindset and groove where I get a dose of energy that pushes me even harder than before. I returned to work post-workout for a while--and now I'm home and headed to bed. Goodnight! Or--if you're reading this Friday morning--Good morning!

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  1. Oh, Sean, I would love to follow your "eat what you like" advice--except, of course, that what I like is ice cream, cake, chocolate, potatoes and pasta. I am quite consistent about liking those things. And equally consistent about not liking vegetables and having only a mild interest in meat.

    Yeah. There's no secret as to why carbo girl here is fat. Sigh.

    I've been consistently impressed by your meals, by the way. You're right to be proud of your choices. Me? I'm hoping that by consistently increasing veggies and meat while reducing carbs, my "what I like" will l change. So far? Not so much.

    1. Deb, I like all of those things too!!! It goes without saying that what I mean is-- eat within a reasonable calorie budget using foods you naturally enjoy!
      If I ate everything I liked-- oh my, this would be a very different blog!! :)
      Thank you, Deb! You can do it--you know you can. Have you made an inventory list of the foods you like? Maybe that could help? Common sense will lead you in the right direction as you navigate the list.

    2. I did understand what you meant, Sean, but you missed the flat out truth of what I said. I do NOT love anything that I'm allowed to eat except fruit, and I'm required to limit fruit due to the diabetes.

      I do not love meat, although I do not dislike it, so that's mostly what I eat when I'm on plan. I actively dislike most veggies. Those I like...well I have to limit because they're too starchy (like potatoes and carrots and corn). I don't hate salad greens, so that is mostly my vegetable along with some cauliflower and cabbage. Short list, huh?

      I meant it when I listed the food I love involves carbohydrate. Period. Other than carbs, the best I can do is sort of like or tolerate.

      I do realize that I have the tastes of an 8 year old, but there it is.

    3. ha. And get this. I love Greek yogurt. Yes, I do. And I know how to make it, too, that tastes just like Fage only fresher and a third of the cost. Cool, huh? Low carb, low cal, solid protein & gluten free.

      So, what's the problem?

      If I have more than 1 or 2 cups a week, I get these odd red, shiny scales on my face. Yes, it's quite attractive. And while I'm not the brightest bulb in the nutritional chandelier, I figure those scales are not a good thing. Even tho everything else about Greek yogurt is perfect.

    4. Now I get it, Deb! That's very challenging. Wow. How do you do it? I honestly can't imagine. The reaction to the yogurt, oh my. Have you pinpointed what exactly it is causing the reaction?

    5. I've often said the 8 year old thing about me and my intolerance of many veggies.

  2. The key is to find a nutritional 'program' (I hate using the term diet)...that makes medical sense for you. Peruse the allowable foods within that program. Look THERE for the foods you love, and focus on those. Not the other way around. :)

    1. Years ago, I found the nutritional program that makes medical sense for me. I am gluten intolerant (I get a skin thing that looks like shingles from gluten and a host of other ailments.) and I have diabetes.

      That means that the nutritional plan that is best for me is low carb and gluten free.

      Perusing the allowed foods turns up almost nothing that I love. Seriously. Nothing. The "almost" is there above because I do enjoy fruit, but as I mentioned to Sean, I have to limit it due to the diabetes. (I already take 5 insulin injections a day WITH limited fruit and no added sugar.)

      My best option is to choose what I think is okay and what I dislike least from what I'm allowed. I envy those low carbers who complain about having a hard time cutting back on their meat portions. For me, after about 3 maybe 4 ounces--it was good, but I've had enough.

      I hate to sound so negative, but it's just the truth.

      The good news is that when I stick to a low carb, gluten free program, I lose weight with no difficulty whatsoever. The sticking is the problem. I just don't really like what I "get" to eat..

    2. That would be tough for me, Deb. Low carb and gluten free doesn't sound easy at all. I choose gluten free often--except when I eat a pita, of course.
      It would be very hard for me to stick with something where I don't like what I'm eating.

  3. I understand about the need for weather coverage even when it's nothing major going on. Since the big tornado here a few years back, most storms make us all worry and stress. I get into this food routines where I will eat the same thing day after day and people don't get it. I am currently stuck in a spinach, hummus,grape tomato and rice cake rut. But I just joy having that for breakfast and lunch. I'm sure eventually I might get tired but for now it works with my taste and calorie budget. I feel like you give a nod to my rice cake every time I see your bean tostado lol have a great weekend!

    1. I totally understand, Alati. You know exactly what I mean by the calm reassurance that "this isn't anything to worry about." Because a thunderstorm can sound fairly violent without the risk of tornadic development.
      I'm in total agreement with you about eating the same thing often. I do it, mainly at breakfast--it's 99% of the time, eggs...only the fruit accompaniment changes. Eggs and fruit, eggs and fruit... but--I love it!!! So be it!
      Like you--if I get tired and desire a change, I'll change.


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