Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4th, 2015 Your Perspective Helped

January 4th, 2015 Your Perspective Helped

During last week's illness, I found it easy to start panicking because I wasn't getting the exercise. I'm grateful for the wonderful perspective so many have given me in the last few days. It's important for me to remember this is not a race. Things happen. Sickness happens--and it's okay to rest and recuperate as needed.

I think it was becoming familiar to me--like a flashback to the downward spiral of relapse and regain--and this is what sparked the panic. Although, I did very well in maintaining my food boundaries throughout. I even became a little panicky because I wasn't eating enough for a couple of days. Clearly, my perspective was off. I'm blessed with many friends among the readership of this blog who offered spot on advice and perspective. It helped, tremendously. Thank you.

Even when I'm feeling stressed and tempted--I still do not give sugar a second thought. It's simply not allowed. I hold my abstinence from sugar, sacred. I know what it does to me. I fear the reaction to just one taste. So it doesn't appeal to me at all. In my mind, I've equated one bite of anything sugar laden, to a complete untangling--a major meltdown setting me back in unthinkable ways. Talk about importance level--I have none higher than this element in my recovery.

Amber, celebrating her 25th birthday, got to pick the place for a late lunch today. She picked IHOP. IHOP is wonderful! I don't really fear any restaurant menu. I'm confident I can navigate most, however, this one took me a bit to decide. Finally, I decided on breakfast. It was my safest bet. I can count on one hand how many times I've allowed toast in the last 9 months. I had a couple slices of whole wheat with my eggs over-easy, and it was wonderful. The best part of the late lunch was watching my grandson Noah devour his bacon. The kid loves bacon. I'll take credit for this.

We enjoyed a nice family visit. I still can't believe Amber is 25. She was in the first semester of her freshman year of college when I started this blog. Time flies, doesn't it? It's certainly not slowing down!

Actually, one thing is for certain, time isn't for us to worry about. Time moves at the same speed regardless of what we do. It only feels slower or faster, depending on what we're doing while it passes.

I remember, back in my 500 pound days, actually worrying about how long it would take to lose the weight. The idea of it taking an incredibly long time became a negative preventing me from starting. I'm glad nobody told me back then, that over six years later, I'd still be learning valuable lessons along this road.

It's been a blessing of a time, though. I'm thankful and grateful for all of it--even the relapse and regain period. I needed to learn more about myself and it was the only way. I needed to experience it all, and so far, I've experienced quite a bunch. But not all. I'll always keep my mind and eyes open for learning more.

Returning to the YMCA today felt wonderful. I'm feeling 100% better. I handled the elliptical like a boss this afternoon. It was just what I needed today.

Here's a random tidbit: An email question from a reader asked how I get the neat little swirly lines of light sour cream on some of my food. I weigh out 30 grams, then I transfer it into a sandwich baggie. I squeeze the sour cream into a corner then snip a tiny hole in the bag. I squeeze some more, applying it like a cake decorator applies icing.

I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. It's a new year full of potential! Let's go!

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  1. Sean, I tried to keep up with my water but I'm the worst at remembering pics lol however, I did manage to make it to 8 cups so yay me! Have a wonderful week!

    1. 8 cups is perfect, Alati!! Way to go!! Yay! You too, my friend!

  2. 10c water way to go.
    Awesome choice on the breakfast for lunch.
    Glad you don't feel guilty about not training on sick days

    1. TR, thank you! The breakfast for lunch deal seemed to be the safest way to go in that place. I was feeling guilty--but not anymore!

  3. Funny how you addressed your sugar/non-sugar eating or tempations about it. I was wondering last night how and if you are ever in such a state of mind where you have reached for it. And you answered it. I think having your mind set is where a lot of people have to be while doing this life change. We learn slowly, don't we? LOL I often wonder how come its taken me 51 yrs to have the "click" hit me.... its not about fad diets, protien, juicing and every other one out there, its about eating "real" food.... the good stuff... nothing processed... its like someone hit me over the head with a frying pan and said, wake up dummy, that crap will kill you!
    I'm glad you are feeling 100 % again! Welcome to 2015!!

    1. Rosie, you're so wonderful! I have been in a state of mind where I've wanted to reach for other things. And honestly--I did almost have a meltdown with wanting ice cream once during an emotionally tough Friday night a couple of months ago. I got through that by calling a support buddy and talking it out--then I realized how absurd it would be to throw away all of my progress because I was sad...because had I done it---It would have been 10X's as sad. Rosie--2015 will be a wonderful year for you and me, both!

  4. You got this, Jimbo! (oh wait... I'm at the wrong blog. Dammit, I hate it when I do that! Carry on...)


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