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November 23rd, 2019 Enthusiasm

November 23rd, 2019 Enthusiasm

Since our last edition, I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, I've enjoyed some good walks, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Generating enthusiasm for the process of my daily practice is critically important. Waking up each day with an embrace and a generally positive attitude is far more productive and enjoyable than waking up with dread and resistance. For me, I've found it starts with the approach--the design of the personalized daily practice.

It's difficult to get enthused about something that isn't suited for us, right? Why would we subscribe to a plan we will wake up dreading? I've done this very thing many times in my life. The answer, I believe, is because often, we're inclined to jump on a diet instead of a personalized daily practice of intentional actions. Impatience encourages a diet mentality. It always did for me. We want results now, dang it! If the latest and greatest diet plan that seems to be working for everyone else in the world, promises fast and dramatic results--then sign me up!! But wait...

All we know has led us where we are. What if we cleared the table of these things we know and started putting things on the table uniquely fitted for us each day? What if, instead of trying to summon willpower needed to conform to a diet plan, we spent that energy summoning patience for the process--a process that starts with simplicity and common sense? Assembling the tools on our table is a very important consideration.

Reality Check: Before I go any further, it's important for me to point out that I'm a food addict and compulsive overeater. My disease has my number in every way. The more I learn about food addiction from the experts in that field of study and the more I listen to the testimony of those who have what I want, the more I realize, for me--there's only one way out of this alive and that's with a recovery based perspective, not a diet. The measuring stick isn't simply a number on a scale.

You may not be like me and that's great. If you're not, then a simple diet could really work for you in a long-term way! There's a lot of great diet plans out there! But even still, the perspectives and practices, the structure and support of a personalized plan can be a great thing, too. It might make life more enjoyable, at least! Either way, you're good! 

If you are like me, that's great too! Because there's hope! I look at it like, okay, now I can appreciate and respect what I'm dealing with--now I realize why the craziness of the diet mentality merry-go-round never worked for me. Now I see how every single area of my life, my entire life, from relationships to finances, my career path, and everything in between, has been affected by my condition. Recovering those other areas of my life becomes the main pursuit. Maintaining a healthy weight range becomes a side effect, very much a reflection of my daily plan practice. 

I'm relieved by the acceptance and embrace of my condition. With surrender and acceptance comes peace. The elements of my daily practice must be as important to me as medicine is for someone with a life-threatening illness. I must be willing to take the medicine that helps keep me well.

Okay-- I tend to get off on a sidetrack every now and again... pardon me, please. Where were we?? Oh yes, assembling the tools on the table...

What are the tools?

There's our trigger list, that list of foods that once we start eating we can't stop eating. There's the list of foods we enjoy, the kinds that don't seem to break our internal food thermostat. There's a list of ideas on how we'll be accountable. There's a list of support sources we connect with each day. There's a clear definition of the boundaries in our plan. There's the mental/emotional/spiritual practice we make important each day; things like prayer, meditation, reading, listening, absorbing, consuming positive and supportive material. There's personal journaling where we put pen to paper or keyboard to screen--and we attempt to connect, not with how we think things should be--rather, how they are. What are we feeling? Look at us go!! (Feeling feelings...that's always a tough one for me! That's why I'm here.) What's working well? What isn't fitting right? Why, why, why are we making this important? Where is this daily practice taking us?? What are the consequences?

With a personal and customized plan in place--utilizing a new set of tools on the table, suddenly--we can set about generating a real enthusiasm for the daily practice that helps us be well and stay well.

Enthusiasm without a plan is shallow--and diving into shallow waters isn't a good idea--it doesn't end well.

Creating a doable/workable daily plan practice creates substance--and depth. Dive in with enthusiasm for the daily plan you're creating. Patience for the process means understanding that it will evolve and grow along the way. This isn't about designing the perfect plan from Day 1. It's about getting started.

Simplicity supports consistency and consistency beats intensity, and that's something to get enthused about! When we're enthused and suddenly we're consistently moving in a positive direction, that's when we're in a position to fully believe the positive visualizations we're creating for the road ahead.

First things first--this is a daily practice because we only have today. Working the elements of our plan is a one day at a time approach. This is something I must always remember. It is this daily practice that can generate a positive trajectory. The positive visualizations of the future shouldn't take away from this one-day-at-a-time approach, instead--they serve as a reminder of why this single day perspective is important to maintain.

Positive visualizations are something I've made important from Day 1. It wasn't intentional at first--it was very natural. After a while, with consistent positive progress, I started believing in visualizations awakened from their long-forgotten place in my brain. The visualizations started becoming more creative and intentioned. Where do we want this to go? What things can we not do today because of our obesity, that we dream of doing someday? How might this path positively affect our health? How will it feel the day the doctor says, "you no longer need these medications?"

Hopes, desires, and dreams--suddenly become things we can believe. It's all ahead of us. A consistent practice of positive visualizations help solidify our "why?" Why are we doing this? Why is this important to us? Start with those questions and positive visualizations will come.

I wish you well. I wish you peace! I'm grateful for your readership and support and...

I'm enthused and hopeful for one more day.

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