Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 1st, 2019 Here We Are

January 1st, 2019 Here We Are

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

We made it to 2019!! Here we are. I have plenty of goals for 2019 but I'm not categorizing them as New Year's resolutions, they're simply big goals with smaller goals of intentional actions to help support the bigger goals. If I identify the intentional actions needed and I'm willing to do those things, the bigger goals have the best chance of being realized. This process of working on things seems to work well for me because it breaks down the big goals--it deconstructs them into workable parts. If I approach these smaller intentional actions with a daily embrace--and without expectation or obsession for the bigger goal, I might just be pleasantly surprised when the bigger goals become reality.

The available food at last night's New Year's Eve fundraiser party was typical party fare. I had a meal not long before the event and this action helped prepare me in case declining the food was my only option. It turned out not to be my only option. It was a makeshift plate of on-plan pickings (some cheese, grapes, more cheese, and corn-based plain tortilla chips), but it worked. I passed on the pancake breakfast at midnight for obvious reasons. Living life on life's terms, for me, means that, in situations like that, I'm not there for the food, I'm there for the experience of the event-- and although the food isn't what I prefer on my dinner plate, it's appropriate for the event--and it's one meal of twenty-one I'll eat this week. Not all of them need to be home runs, but for me and my continued wellness, they must stay within certain boundaries. I'm confident I accomplished that last night.

I'm up earlier this morning than I originally planned days ago. My original plan had forgotten about a huge location broadcast I'm hosting this morning from a big furniture store's New Year's Day inventory clearance! It didn't take long yesterday morning, after reviewing my schedule, to realize I had work to do today! It'll be fast, only two hours, and I'll be on with my New Year's day plan of rest, relaxation, and a nice trip to the gym.

Episode 19 of Transformation Planet was released the other night. Two episodes a week apart?? What's come over me? It's a new plan, a new approach, and a new commitment to this medium I love. Here's the episode 19 description:

Transformation Planet Episode 19 An Epiphany About Happiness
If achieving a healthy body weight isn't the magic fixer of everything, if it doesn't make us happy, then what can truly provide a measure of happiness? In this episode, we'll hear from a couple of people on the Transformation Planet hotline and we'll explore this powerful topic. I'll share a simple question and exercise that can help you identify the core elements of you; the things that were with you at your heaviest and healthiest weight. Have a question or comment? Want to share your inspiring story with listeners of this podcast? Call the Transformation Planet Hotline and leave a message: 580-491-2228

We literally have room for one more member in the private teleconference support group I facilitate. All current members have opted to stay for the next 8-week session and I'm not willing to make it any bigger at this time, so that's why space is limited. I've had a few other people express interest in the New Year 8-week session that starts tomorrow, so if you're interested and willing to commit and join us, let me know as soon as possible. You can text your questions to 580-491-2228 or email me directly: transformation.road@gmail.com

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  1. Happy New Year! Glad to see you podcasting again without being "perfect" and it taking too long. Here's to a great, food sober living 2019.


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