Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1,220 Back To Basics

Day 1,220

Back To Basics

I've written a bunch of blog posts over the last few years. Some were short (Seriously, there was a time...Okay, come on---stop laughing!!!), Some were epic, some were so full of different thoughts and ideas, it was probably hard to maintain focus on any one subject (I know it was often that way for me). And some are my very favorite posts, because they were paramount in my understanding of me. Day 327, Day 135, Day 60...all important marks along this road. The night Courtney burned her girdle, the "Wrong Battle" analogy...and the pictures, oh my---at some point, and I'm not sure when it started, I felt the need to post 137 pictures at the end of every blog post. And if I could also add a video in there or an audio clip of something, I'd do that too.

Well, tonight, I'm not doing what I've done lately. I'm not talking about the book (okay, maybe a little at the end of this post--I mean, I am promoting a book these days!), and I'm not posting a single picture with this entry.

I'm not railing against the "industry" or making comments about the content of mainstream shows and magazines. Nope, not at all. Tonight is a back to basics approach, where we just talk. Uh---Okay, I guess we're not talking really...but I'm just writing and you can comment later, if you so desire.

From the very beginning of this trek, I've tried to keep the fundamentals very simple. The food and exercise, from my experiences--could be made to be so crazy complicated, it would frustrate and risk me wanting to give up. So I kept it simple. I never wrote down my daily food, because I didn't want to mess with the paper work. This is an individual preference, because I have friends who MUST write everything down. My attitude was simple: Compared to the amount of food I was eating to maintain at over 500 pounds for so long, eating only 1500 calories should be easy to keep track in my head. And for me, it was. I had a running total every day and I always knew where I stood.

Exercise was kept as simple as possible. Too simple, you might say. I've never been a P90X'er kind of guy. I'm more a "walk in the park" and "Okay, I guess I'll try to jog a little" kind of guy. And that was okay, right, and perfect for me.

Could I be some massive muscle bound guy by now? Sure, if that's what I would have chosen. But it wasn't. I know, I know...If you've read every day of this blog, then you remember my often times exhausting tone of disappointment over my lack of discipline in the weight room. The truth is, I'm not, nor will I ever be the perfect beach body looking guy with abs of steel. I'm just me. And that's all I want to be.

Will I ever have skin removal surgery? Probably not. I once talked all about how I would and how I deserved it, and perhaps I do. But I really don't care if I ever have the procedure.

For the first time in my entire life, I'm finding a beautiful self-acceptance and peace about who I am, what I'm about, and where I'm headed. I'm loved by the close friends and family around me and by wonderful people all over the world---and it's truly a blessing. Most importantly, this journey has brought me to a place where I love myself more and more everyday. Is it a full embrace? No. It's kind of a warm embrace with an awkward ending--Because I'm still growing and learning, about me, and about these changes making my life what it is today.

How do I maintain? The question has come up often since hitting goal in November 2010. The answer is: I eat normal portions of what I love and I exercise occasionally (and always striving to change the word occasionally to regularly to "loving running" or something like that...).

There's of course, much more to it, and I'll get into it on my next blog post.

Thank you for reading, goodnight and...

Good Choices,

P.S.--You can pre-order your personally signed and shipped copy of "Transformation Road--My Trip To Over 500 Pounds and Back," on my website. My personal inventory is currently sold out, but I'm receiving a refill before the end of the week. At that time, another shipment will be mailed--including the five wonderful people who's pre-orders are waiting and of course, your copy. Coming soon: ereader versions and an audio version! I just voiced Chapter 505 and Chapter 1 tonight! Very excited about the release of these options!


  1. "Will I ever have skin removal surgery? Probably not. I once talked all about how I would and how I deserved it, and perhaps I do. But I really don't care if I ever have the procedure."

    Yay! You are perfect just the way you are!:)

  2. like this..saw people magazine today and thought "what a shame they didn't give a story about how it can be done without a program'...but skootles. It's water under the bridge. You are still here, still writing, still an inspiration. It's all any of us can do.

  3. The reason I went to intuitive eating is what you describe. I hate planning, journaling, etc. It becomes another job for me and really keeps the focus on food. I am tired of focusing on food - tired, tired, tired. I wait for the growl, eat what I want in small amounts, and then wait for the next growl. I woke up this morning with a growling stomach - felt good.

  4. Love this post Sean, plain and simple, you have never fancified how you have lost the weight. You have always been honest and true.

    My husband ordered your book for me and it arrived today, who is a happy bunny now then?:)
    I know your words will kick start me out of the doldrums I have been in for so long.

    Love and hugs you gorgeous guy.


  5. Sean, I'm sorry, but youre starting to sound gay. :)

    Said with love and respect of course. :)


  6. I shed a little tear Sean! I'm so waiting for the day that I too feel that self acceptance when I reach goal, and maybe a little before. I can honestly say that this time around....and yes there have been too many times.....it feels different and I see a light at the end of the tunnel that is getting closer everyday.
    Waiting for the day I can download my e version of your book.

  7. I can't wait to receive my copy of your book. Great post!

  8. I can't wait to receive my copy of your book. Great post!

  9. If I can get your book on iTunes, I'm there, iBooks gift certificate in hand, LOL. I've gotten so bad at reading, my TBR pile is massive, but somehow I can plug in my iPod and it's good to go :)

    You've come such a long way, Sean. Well done.

  10. "Keep it simple"... that is so important, I think, especially for those just starting out.
    Your post exudes a lot of peace and joy with your life... that was nice to read.

  11. Your book came in the mail today!!
    Dishes?? Who needs clean dishes... I've got me a BOOK to read! :-D

  12. LOL. I've gotten so bad at reading, my TBR pile is massive, but somehow I can plug in my iPod and it's good to go


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