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Day 1,222 Please, Let's Go Behind The Curtain: The SCZ Examined

Day 1,222

Please, Let's Go Behind The Curtain: The SCZ Examined

I have spoken and written about the “Steel Curtain Zone” many times. The SCZ is simply a barrier I have erected between me and my old behaviors where food is concerned.

It was born from necessity when I made my ICD, or “Iron-Clad Decision” to choose change.

This ICD meant I wasn't going to allow any person, place, thing, emotion, circumstance, celebration, misfortune, stress, or whatever else, be used as an excuse for failure. This time, I wasn't letting myself off the hook easily, or ever again.

I have a calorie limit daily and although I choose to eat any type of food I want I cannot violate the Calorie Bank and Trust©. That is an unbreakable SCZ rule and it requires a level of self-honesty in my choices and portions I never knew before this incredible blessing started.

It also forces me to naturally make better nutritional choices, because it's my intent to get the most value from my calorie “dollar.”

I started thinking about how many times I have used the term “Steel Curtain Zone” and how you might get the wrong impression. The term “steel curtain” brings to mind something unmovable, as it should.

However, it was never my intention to lead you or anyone to believe that behind the steel curtain stands a man of steel. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It dawned on me that out there somewhere, reading my words, might be someone else who sees the term steel curtain zone and feels "I could never do that. I don't have the willpower. I'm not made of steel"

If that's you, then you really need to know this right now: I'm not made of steel either.

The curtain is steel, but I'm not.

Maybe you think I'm just playing verbal gymnastics with you, but no, honestly, I'm not.

There is a world of difference between me being a man of steel and me being behind a steel curtain. You see, it is precisely because I am NOT made of steel that I need the steel curtain.

The SCZ protects me.

I am weak. It is recognizing my weakness that has brought me victory. There has been a lot of struggle behind the steel curtain. Inner changes that had to take place in my mind to allow me to change physically. The steel curtain didn't just keep food out, it kept me in.

While food was out there on the other side of the steel curtain, I was left on this side doing whatever I had to do to not violate the steel curtain.

In the end, I discovered this was the REAL battle. Me learning to allow myself to win. The SCZ coupled with the CB&T© made it possible for me to focus on the real inner battle for the first time in my life.

I was no longer battling food. I was no longer fighting the wrong battle, and I didn't have to, because I was safe behind the steel curtain.

I had to watch myself and learn all the different ways my inner self would try to rip away the safety of the steel curtain.

There, safe behind the curtain, I was finally free to learn about myself. Learn my weaknesses AND my strengths. I don't know if this helps you, but I know it helps me to look at this. Mainly I just wanted to let you know and remind me, that I am not a man of steel.

If I ever actually believe I'm a man of steel, I would quickly become lost again.

Before this transformation I saw myself as helpless, hopeless, and a lost cause. I believe one can be just as lost on the other side of the road if they start thinking of themselves as invincible.

I know that I am not and that is why I, Sean A. Anderson, a mere mortal, still need the “Steel Curtain Zone.”

Thank you for reading, goodnight and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Just got around to ordering your book! I'm at the end of my transformation road myself, but am excited to share the book with friends (after I read it of course) :) Spreading the word my friend!

  2. If you don't like the concept of a steel curtain, try the playpen; that's what I use. I'm safe in there, with the foods I can eat, and I don't have to worry about what goes on outside the play pen. Others can eat whatever they want, whenever they want but me, I just stay within the boundaries of what I can do and don't worry about what goes on beyond my reach. I'm such a baby anyway.

    And guess what happens? We grow into the "Man of Steel". Much easier today to say, "no, thank you." It's all about my bottom line, where I'm not ever going to be able to go again today. Unless of course, I want that one-way ticket back to morbid obesity.

  3. This is a test comment. I received word of potential problems keeping some comments from posting.

  4. I love this concept of an “Iron-Clad Decision” to choose change. It's very empowering, and it trumps all those things you mentioned -- circumstances, emotions, stress,person,etc. -- from getting in the way. Thanks to you, I'm making my own Iron Clad Decision today!

  5. I just started reading your book, and I am overwhelmed with the honesty of your journey. It is amazing. I'm doing Chris' 100 day challenge, and your book will be a great reference!

  6. Just checking back in and finding out about the book. Can't wait to read it. Way to go Sean!!!

  7. I wanted to tell you that I read your book and thought it was awesome. The way tou lost your weight is exactly the way I've always believed I would lose my weight. Calories in vs. calories out plus move your body. The problem is although I believe in this, I ave never been able to keep it up. I love your idea of the steel curtain. I simply can never cross that calorie limit boundary. You have given me a renewed sense of ability that I did not have before. Thank you!


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