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Day 1,210 "You Should Be On That TV Show!" and People Magazine Is Incredible!

Day 1,210

"You Should Be On That TV Show!" and People Magazine Is Incredible!

“Sean—dude, you need to contact People Magazine about their annual “half their size” issue. You’re perfect for that!”

I started getting messages like this regularly a very long time ago; suggestions from friends, family, and fellow weight loss bloggers alike. The messages and suggestions were sincere and always supportive. “You need to be on Oprah or Ellen, and what about Rachael Ray? Rachael Ray would love you!"

You think? Really?

When I checked my email on a Friday night at my Aunt Beverly’s house in Alabama during my November 2010 visit, it was confirmed. I was sitting across from Aunt Bev on her couch, when I became slightly out of breath while checking my email. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

“Sean, we recently discovered your amazing blog and story and we would love to discuss having you on our show. I also sent you a facebook message regarding this email. I need you to send me your phone number so we can talk about a possible appearance.”

And it was signed by one of Rachael Ray’s producers, with their address in New York City, their numbers, everything. It was official. They would love me! They already did because they checked out this “amazing” blog, as she said in her email message.

I immediately showed the email to Aunt Beverly, simply to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. This was really happening.

The rest of the weekend was amazing. I enjoyed what turned out to by my grandfather’s last birthday party. I met relatives I’d never had the pleasure of knowing, and all the while, I carried this crazy euphoric feeling accompanying the idea that I might have a larger stage someday soon; to share the message I’m so passionate about. I can count on two hands how many weekends I’ve had in my life, filled with this much love, understanding, clarity, hope, and anticipation. It was a cleansing time in my life, where everything seemed to be falling into place in its own perfect time. And it was, and it does. But as I quickly learned, my version of “perfect time,” and the divine universe’s version of same, can be very different indeed.

The phone call came with the Rachael Ray Show and it left me with an uneasy feeling. The producer asked me the expected, “How did you do it?” and what I gave her in return was something she wasn’t expecting.

I tried to condense the core of my story into a tight sixty-seconds. I hit all the bases in what certainly felt like a championship homerun trot around the diamond of my transformation. I mentioned the “Steel Curtain Zone,” the “Calorie Bank and Trust,” and how my biggest battle was with me and not the food and exercise. I quickly explained how I’d never eaten a salad, ever. And since Rachael Ray could probably create an amazing salad I would love—perhaps my first salad ever, should be on her show. Great idea, wonderful presentation, delivered with a calm confidence and tone; unwavering in my beliefs and my mission of sharing, in hopes of helping other people “like me.”

The uneasy feeling stemmed from the reaction she gave me in response to my sixty second (okay, who am I fooling? I do very little in sixty seconds.) I mean my ninety to one hundred twenty second explanation of this entire journey. I’m familiar with this response. My passionate delivery of the simplistic, yet deep approach leaves many people scratching their heads. And that’s okay. Because the ones who really get it---the ones who relate, who allow themselves to really absorb truth and learn—those people are the ones that come away with their perspective forever changed. And it’s not because they’re learning about me or from me. It’s because they’re finally looking inside themselves and discovering something incredible. This change isn’t exclusive to me or a lucky few. It’s available to them too. But this producer of this nationally syndicated television show wasn’t relating, she was scratching, before quickly moving along to other things, whatever big time producers do---she was doing that, and given the cold reception email inquiries from me generated, I finally let it go and realized something wonderful.

The Rachael Ray Show wasn’t ready for me. And that’s cool. I do like Rachael Ray and what she does. And it would have been an absolute dream to be on her show. But I have a calm confidence in what I do. And what I do isn’t influenced or changed by what mainstream media expects or wants. I’ll never change my message or approach. Some will totally get it and some will not. Regardless, I’ll keep on being me. The rest can catch up later.

This same dynamic repeated itself in 2011 with People Magazine.

My entire morbidly obese life, or for however long they’ve published the “Half Their Size” annual issue, I’ve bought it. I bought it again last night. This time was different. I was interested in the stories of who they chose. I was interested in how they presented each story and the overall impact of this traditionally mind blowing issue of my favorite magazine of all time.

I was also interested in how the article turned out, because I was one of many they were considering for this monumental New Year issue. I just couldn’t imagine being in People’s HTS issue. When I think about the number of times 500 pound Sean would sit and become emotional from reading the stories featured---and to think, even for just a little while, that I might be in the issue—was the craziest notion, but for a little while last August, it seemed like it might actually happen. I had exactly what they were looking for, I thought. A natural approach—no pills, no surgery, no gimmicks…just eating, exercising, and living in the real world—navigating life and all of its ups and downs, while maintaining my focus where it had to be the strongest, and accomplishing something I once was convinced impossible. Yeah, right on—you friends that suggested I submit my information to People. You get it, you understand!

But People Magazine doesn’t. I realized this after hearing from someone who caught the interview on NBC’s Today Show and asked why I wasn’t on there. (Like it was simply a choice. “Nah, didn’t have time, really…yeah right.) They told me about the different plans and products used, the stories—most all of them but one that I noticed, could be tied into a company or companies that make the wheels of this 33 Billion dollar a year industry turn. And so I bought the issue to confirm what I was told.

Before I even noticed the story, I noticed the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of display advertising for a bunch of weight loss industry heavy hitters. All the big names were found in those pages and the cash register at People keeps ringing, and that’s good! I don’t fault them for being successful.

So, I totally get it. I don’t take it personal anymore. It’s not me, it’s them. My story is my story and if you’re familiar with this blog and my book, then you know---I’m like an indie band you may never hear about on MTV, but they still put out the most amazing, mind enhancing musical experiences known to all who pause long enough to pay attention, to really “get it.”

People Magazine might not “get it,” yet. But they have plenty of money from the weight loss industry to intoxicate their motives and good intentions, just enough so they can feel good about what they’re doing as they make plans for the next issue. I still love People Magazine. Because I understand them and I love what is. And this is what is, for them…and me. And it’s all good.

My goal has never been fame and fortune. My goal is very simple: Reach as many people as I can with my experience and to communicate it in such a fashion, that somehow, maybe, just maybe…it’ll make an impact, shift someone’s perspective---the tiniest amount, but enough to help them facilitate their own “click.” Because I’ve found a sweet freedom and it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself.

And it was found without the weight loss industry. Because when I stopped looking for the solution outside of myself and I finally looked in the mirror and into my soul, I realized I had everything I needed already. And I couldn’t have purchased it from any store or in the supermarket checkout line. It’s real and inside each one of us, this power to choose change before change chooses us.

2012 is poised to be a monumental year for 505 Industries L.L.C. And I’m sure I’ll receive some criticism about commercializing my pursuit with an eventual premium content section on my website, an online “505 Store” containing merchandise like audio/video downloads, frame worthy printed quotations, bookmarks, journals, clothing, and more. Plus produced and promoted speaking events will take my world of weight loss speaking to another creative level—making them an experience designed to make the most impact to those in attendance. These pursuits, plus media, including plans for radio and perhaps television on some level, someday, are completely possible.

The goal is simple: Reach as many people as possible. I do not care if mainstream media ever calls—and I know, the weight loss industry will not like what I have to say about truly natural weight loss—and as long as the industry writes huge checks to mainstream media, I’ll need not worry about those kind of calls, because they simply won’t come. And that’s just fine.

Because I’m going to keep on writing, speaking, and sharing, always and forever, as long as I can. And whatever way I find to monetize my pursuit, in an effort to maintain a full time effort along this road, so be it. You can bet on two things always being consistent: My mission and my integrity. You’ll never hear me speak of or endorse something that isn’t in tune with what I’m about on every level.

By the way--Thank you to my friend Cyrus Webb for featuring me in an article in the January issue of Conversation Magazine! You can find it here:

Thank you for reading, Happy New Year and,

Good Choices,



With my big brother Clarke Hodson. Clarke is featured in the beginning of the book--he's a great man and was a wonderful influence in my life!


You can order your copy wherever books are sold, online at, and signed copies are available directly from me at


  1. Congratulations -- you have discovered the awful truth. The least popular thing in the world is to simply be correct and speak the truth.

    Those shows don't want truth, and they don't really want to help people. They want to make their advertisers happy. If your book ever got turned down by a publishing house, that was probably why too -- they probably published Magic Weight Loss Plan books as well, and didn't want to put money behind someone who would antagonize them by saying, "You don't need any of that crap."

    In this Get Rich Quick world, saying, "The truth is the solution is in your back pocket right now, and moreover it's free," makes you about as popular as lice on a submarine, dude. This is why humanity never solves its problems. :-P

    Try the BBC. I'm serious. They aren't supported by advertising. I am not kidding here -- TRY THE BBC.

  2. We love you Sean. You're the real deal and the honesty shows through. So happy that your book is out now. I've read your entire blog and found it to be very inspirational. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh sean, what did I tell you. Do you mind if I put your book cover and a hyperlink in my sidebar? If we can get this to go viral on the web, then maybe people can learn the truth. That it doesn't take an special order meal just takes eating less and moving more. God this pisses me off. I don't know why...I do fault them for lying to people. So, you mind. Let me know.

  4. Reading so many articles in magazines has made me realize that weightless is such an are just not part of the commercialismm, thank goodness, but part of the realism. Love your story, love your journey, am impressed and inspired by what you accomplished and what you do. There are many people ready for you!

  5. Well, heck, in an ideal world we'd all be Mother Teresa and never need to pay bills, LOL! But that's the reality... to share your message and help more people, you need to keep the lights on!

    Go for it, Sean. You have my understanding, permission and support. Mwa ha ha ha, just kidding about that permission!!

  6. I understand what you're saying about the weight loss industry. I've fallen prey to them many times in my life. At 56, I finally get's all about me and my choices and my attitude and determination. I can't wait to receive your book.

    I believe you mentioned in your blog about your early connections with Richard Simmons. I think you'd be great doing appearances with him. He promotes the same outlook as you.

    Continued success in your endeavors!

  7. Sean, Those programs and magazines want flash and unusual. They wrongly think an ordinary man losing weight by eating less and exercising more is boring. WRONG!!! More people can relate to your method than the people in the program I watched yesterday. One guy lost weight by taking a 7 month trip to all the Major League Baseball Stadiums in the country. One rode a bike from California to Florida. Neither of which is happenin here,trust me. In the end you will reach more people your way than those others. I've talked to several people about your book and two have already ordered a copy. Your supporters will help get your story out there and since more people can relate to you, more people will be helped.

  8. Isn't it amazing at how doing what we always should have done, isn't newsworthy? Now, celebrities on Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem - that's news! I saw on TV that Charles Barkley and Janet Jackson are both 'new spokespersons' for the commercial weight loss schemes.

    But ordinary people like you and me, we're not big news, Sean. We don't pay the big bucks for boxed up food, or even gastric bypass. No, we count calories and hit the gym. That works. It may not be glitzy, but it's worked for me for the last 18 years. And you are proving that it works for you too.

    Sean, if your readers want a little kick start for their weight loss goals, I'd like to invite them to attend a free one hour tele-conference on setting SMART Goals. Eating the way we do is smart! Here's the link - no catches, no gimmicks, just real people helping one another:

  9. You have always been a celebrity in the eyes of your blog readers.

    I would love to have a 505 t-shirt! I can just see myself running a 5K wearing a 505 shirt and thinking "If he can do it, I can do it". (Wait, what am I talking about with "can"? I AM doing it.)

  10. The weight loss industry preys on desperate people. These magazines and shows are not interested in the truth or about helping the obese. There has to be an angle, some spin, and of course the money. You are doing the right thing and I applaud you for sticking to your guns. We all just need to work harder at getting the truth to people; your book is a good first step. By the way, I haven't received mine yet. I was expecting it before now. I hope it's because so many have been sold that a reprint has been made necessary. Be well.

  11. You are absolutely right. It is not you, it’s them. Losing weight is a simple task: you should burn more energy than you eat. You don't need expensive programs or diets to do that. You don't need any pills or diet drinks to lose weight. Just start moving. And it is totally free. Or maybe you should buy a pair of running shoes, but that's it.

  12. I keep coming back to the sense in your thoughts on this and your whole plan. The long haul to make it be just about living right. And it isn't about the weight really--it's the journey to being a better steward of our life. I looked at those People stories to see what each person did also and noticed how each different major wt loss vendor was represented. I think Rosie on the Own network or Dr. Oz will "get" you ..Good luck. Waiting for Kindle edition..

  13. You wrote: "I’m sure I’ll receive some criticism about commercializing my pursuit"

    There are two types of people in this world. Producers and parasites. You are a producer. You have produced a very valuable and rare story of transformation. The time you spend sharing your story is also valuable. Ignore the moochers and parasites.

  14. Speechless twice in the the same day? Miracles happen:) Sean I am so proud of you! I always knew you were a man that couldn't be bought and would not commit to anything you didn't believe in. You have to be very careful along the way, and you are being just that! Well, I was almost speechless!:)


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