Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17th, 2014 Three Former 500 Pound Men

October 17th, 2014 Three Former 500 Pound Men

The Tweets in last night's blog didn't embed correctly. I've since learned it is because of the security features of the network within the place we're staying. To view Tweets from yesterday, today and the remainder of this weekend, please click on You do not need a Twitter account to view the page. Simply click the link abd you'll find them! Immediately after I finish this post, I'll Tweet some more pictures I was saving for the blog.

I started my morning with a good walk up the Vegas Strip. It wasn't my best walk by a long shot because I was constantly in awe of my surroundings. This city is constantly "on."

Jon Ludtke and I have moved a bunch today. Jon has lost well over 100 pounds on his way to his healthiest weight. It's very interesting how many of the dynamics along this road, we have in common. That's what this trip was all about. A chance to get together and relate about this journey many of us travel, exchange ideas and in the process, help strengthen our resolve.

Lunch was The Buffet at the Golden Nugget. I handled the thing with one plate and some good selections. 542 calories later, I was satisfied. I left the buffet feeling accomplished! Be sure to click the link above and see the photo tweet from the trip.

We met up with Michael Funaro this evening. Michael is from Vegas and is a long time reader of this blog, too and a Facebook friend of mine. We met at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and conversation. It was an incredible experience.

There we were--three guys, each one of us having experienced life above 500 pounds--and now, all together, we've lost over 500 pounds. An interesting note about the three of us: We each abstain from sugar. All three of us have a ways to go before we reach our healthiest weight--but one thing we all agreed on: That point of "healthiest weight" is just the beginning--the rest of our lives in maintenence is the ultimate goal and desire. I wish we would have all worn microphones and recorded the conversation--it would have made for a wonderful podcast. We didn't. Perhaps someday we will!

The timer on this hotel computer is giving me 5 more minutes to finish this post before it automatically shuts down, so I'll wrap this post.

My Fitbit calorie adjustment for today was an all-time high 792 calories. Tomorrow we're hiking Red Rock on the outskirts of Vegas. That will be a very tough workout, I'm sure.

Again--to see the tweets from yesterday, today and the rest of the weekend, click on this link:

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  1. How awesome is that! Congrats to all three on the loss yall have accomplished but it sounds like you've all have gained knowledge and understanding of yourself as well. You've done great with the buffet, I can't imagine how many calories I consumed last time I was there several years ago lol have fun and stay strong!

    1. Thank you, Alati! The meeting with Jon and Michael was fabulous! The buffet--I'm not a fan, I'd rather order something. I can manage and navigate a buffet fine, it seems--but it's more work and requires a large amount of self control. Ordering something is less work.
      Staying strong, indeed!!! Thank you!!

  2. How great that you all got to hang out and encourage each other in person! And you did SO WELL on your food, considering the countless temptations you must be facing there. I'm curious, how are you able to get such specific calorie calculations in a restaurant-- do you travel with a food scale, or have you just learned to eyeball it?

    I'm scared of heights, too... very. I get queasy even seeing an up-high view in a photo. How people can go on those rides on top of the Stratosphere just boggles my mind... not that I even allow myself to think about that much... makes me shudder just thinking about it!

    1. Becky-- Thank you! It was a pleasure! I do not travel with a food scale. I have a scale at work and at home and I measure everything in those settings...It makes "eye balling" and guesstimating much more accurate "in the field." As long as I'm being honest with myself about portions and estimations, the calories are close enough. And really--except when I measure at home and work-- it's never perfect to the calorie...Doesn't need to be, really. But as close as possible is very important! MyFitnessPal helps in that way!
      Yeah--My fear has subsided some. There was a time I couldn't even go up that high--in a solid tower or not...I would be paralyzed with fear-- But for some reason, I'm able to do more these days. I think it's because I'm facing down those fears. Inside the glass enclosed area, I was fine. The physical reactions didn't start until I was on the next level up--out in the open air...That's when I started to get really bothered.


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