Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10th, 2015 This Is My Normal

January 10th, 2015 This Is My Normal

It was a good Saturday. I did some reading, did a little work from home, exercised well, did some grocery shopping, consumed some really good food (as you'll see in below tweets!) and basically, just relaxed.

I dine out alone fairly often. I've noticed in a crowded restaurant full of people, when you're the only single person at a table, people notice you more. A guy at the next table was clearly amused by my dinner time photography. He probably didn't think I heard him telling his significant other how strange he thought I was acting, with the photos.

Dining out with someone else is different. You can blend into the crowd easier. And I agree, when I spread out a napkin and count out my chips, then move the bowl to the far end of the table--mix a little sour cream in the salsa, set it next to the chips--then snap snap snap... Then it's MFP time, entering the numbers--then the tweet. When the entree arrives, it's the same thing again--this time assembling the tacos carefully on the plate--then snap snap snap--MFP--tweet... You know what?

I don't care. I thought it was humorous. Because he doesn't know how important the structure is to someone like me. He doesn't know me. I was amused because he was amused.

I take pride in what I do. What I do is important. It might look a little strange to someone who doesn't understand the significance, but I'd rather be strange and feel great, than try to be normal, casual and out of control. 

This is my normal. 

I'm a writer, a philosopher and I will always be a student of this journey.

I like what I'm learning.  

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  1. Sean, I don't do food tweets but I use the Pact app.i take a pic a and upload my fruit and veggies of the day as I eat them. Like you, I snap then upload and then move on to MFP. It's a process lol my friends are now so used to it that they're like wait wait did you take the pic yet? Of course on my own, people probably shake their heads and think and posting my food to instagram! The food looks great as usual!

    1. I smiled big about your friends. Mine do the same thing. Co-workers too, "did you take the pic?" It is a process. One thing I've found--It's much quicker and easier now that I've built up my personal MFP database...I love that it remembers everything. It's rare for me to search for something new. I have it down to, maybe a minute, 90 seconds tops...that's MFP and the tweet. Thank you for the food compliment!

  2. One question, how do you get your eggs cooked through and never break a yolk??? I am amazed at your eggs.

    1. Low and slow, Shirley--that's the trick! And a non-stick pan with a light coating of cooking spray. And a lid! The kitchen at work doesn't have a lid for the pan--so there's an exception, so in that case I just keep it low and slow and practice patience.
      It gets tricky if I want over-easy--and occasionally I do. Over easy requires a little more attention and careful handling!!

  3. I wish I had the confidence like you Sean to not worry what ppl think and just do what I need to do

    Can I ask why when you eat Mexican you have no beans ... I understand cheese etc but a bit confused on the bean?
    Keep doing what your doing .... Your doing great

    1. It takes time, TR. I used to be very concerned about what others thought of me. I still, even now, have shades of it occasionally. But for the most part, I simply don't care.
      I found myself so concerned at one point, that it affected me in a very negative way. Suddenly, in some situations and circumstances, I would find myself acting and doing things differently within a total assumption of what others might think--and in doing that, I wasn't being authentic to me--and if we're not authentic to us, then we're losing ourselves, bit by bit. Finally-- I just started saying, the heck with it--I've got to be me.
      Now--I will say this--It's much easier for me to have this 'I don't care what people think' attitude around strangers. Where it gets tough for me is in relationships, because there's the added element, the fear of losing connection--truly caring what the other person thinks... It can be small things-- nothing too big. But the small things add up. Sometimes, being "unapologeticly us" is a challenge, but ultimately it's best, always.
      The beans issue: Great question!!!
      At home, I have more control. I eat refried beans on a regular basis--but, it's the fat-free/sugar free variety. At home, I'm certain it doesn't contain lard or anything else. At a restaurant, I can't be sure. I've had some out, before, where I taste and immediately can tell "there's something different about these." What do they put in them to maximize flavor? Lard? Maybe a little sugar? I don't know. So I stick to beans at home--because there's certainty in the ingredients. I might ask a server next time, for the recipe, just to check.
      It's kind of like popcorn. I rarely eat popcorn, but if I did--I would want to prepare it at home so I would know what was used/how it was prepared. The calorie difference between at home and at the movies, is monumental, of course.
      I don't think the difference is as dramatic with beans at home versus the restaurant, but there's an element of uncertainty never the less.
      Thank you, TR!

  4. Again, impressed. Here is the thing... what you are doing, works for YOU. That is awesome. You do not faulter from what your doing , this is key. I had this "ah-ah" moment yesterday. Yes, just yesterday. What can I say , I'm a slow learner! But I know this now. IF I do not just keep with my "norm" of works for me, I faulter. Case in point yesterday. I woke up, didn't have my egg white omlette with spinach, nope, I had a banana and cereal.... and then lunch, no lunch... EPIC FAIL! Dinner? NOT so great and there sets my trigger for snack mania through out the night. I'm an ass. Down right stupid idiot sometimes. There, I said it so no one else has to. Popcorn, strawberries, a tiny piece of sugar free cake, gross.. wasn't even good.. and then a couple cookies... what ? Yep that was me, and this is my confession. Today, better ahead. Baby steps... its all about baby steps.
    You, Sean, amaze me every time I read your blog! You sir, are a rock!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Awe, Rosie--You're not an ass or a stupid anything!!! We all have done this. I've done it recently, where because of sleep schedule or whatever, my routine gets thrown off. It does provide a challenge later in the day--that's for sure. One day--when I had skipped lunch for whatever reason--I ducked into a convenience store for raw almonds, a banana and a cheese stick. It was a corrective measure. It worked.
      Thank you for sharing this, Rosie! You're learning valuable things along the way. Routine, patterns and good habits become things we rely on to help us through--and when we break that flow, it challenges us. Occasionally we can't help it--maybe we're traveling, but we adapt carefully--and understand the consequences of being out of routine...Then, we can make necessary adjustments to help us get through.
      I appreciate your kind words, thank you. Some days are easier than others, that's for sure!
      It is all about baby steps, Rosie. Keep your head up, my friend, you're in a wonderful place of self awareness and intention.
      You're wonderful, JazzyMae--aka, Rosie! (or is it the other way around? LOL)

  5. Hey, whatever works for you! I eat out maybe once a week, so I feel like I have a bit more flexibility to indulge a bit because I know I won't be eating out again for a week or 3. :-)

    Have a great day!

    1. Neca--it certainly is an individual thing. Finding what works for us is a big learning experience, for sure! Thank you!

  6. Routine, Routine, Routine!!! That is a very important element to accomplish a major lasting change. Still have not been able to put that in place and make it stick. Missing a meal - or getting up late and trying to combine breakfast & lunch calorie wise just doesn't work. The evening ends up eating any junk food I may have in the house - ruining or undoing all the previous days work. Have to remember to make ROUTINE my sacred mantra each day!

    1. Nancy, yes indeed--Routine, routine, routine-- It is a big element toward success. I sometimes fly by the seat of my pants and when I do, i can make it through most of the time--but not as quickly and smoothly as I would sticking with a routine. I like the idea of a sacred mantra!


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