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September 15th, 2019 Eleven Year Anniversary of This Blog

September 15th, 2019 Eleven Year Anniversary of This Blog

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Today's a special day for me. This entire transformational experience started eleven years ago tonight with my Day 1 post. You can read that Day 1 post by clicking here. It's hard to believe it's been eleven years. Time moves so quickly! I'll reflect a little more on this special anniversary in a few minutes, but first...

The 30th high school reunion of Stillwater High was an amazing experience last night. My goals were accomplished. I wanted to have meaningful conversations with familiar faces--asking open-ended questions and simply listening and learning about people who were part of my life during those transformative years of my youth. I love people. There were some great people there last night! Chris Holt, Mike Van Pelt, and Rob Lorenzo were all there...the "cool name" guys I mentioned at the beginning of chapter three in my book. Mike told me that Chris had found their mention in the book and sent him a picture of it...he got a kick out of that, adding..."I didn't think my name was that great." Without going too deep here (which you know I love to do), it certainly revealed the fascinating dynamics of individual perspectives and the influence our unique personal filters have on those perspectives. Don Miguel Ruiz's 2nd agreement...yeah, very true; another example.

I don't talk about myself too much or what I do in these special kinds of social situations. But I certainly will answer questions in the course of the conversations. One question, in particular, was really good: "If you were still 500 pounds, would you be here tonight?" Not a chance. And that's sad, really, but honest. Here's the thing: If I had experienced all of the non-weight related mental/emotional transformational things without this eleven-year physical transformation experience, then maybe I would have attended at 500 pounds. The physical transformation created (and continues to create) the opportunity for me to explore the perspectives and truths that go beyond the physical and straight into the most important areas of identity and self-worth. In that order of happening, I likely wouldn't have considered any other way of thinking and that would have kept me isolated from engaging in and experiencing special moments and events of life. And to be super honest, it's a lot of fun to receive positive feedback. Of course, it is! I'm human--and although 99% of my positive affirmations must come from within, the compliments do provide "material" for me to use in creating those positive affirmations each and every morning.
Eleven years. My goodness, I hadn't a clue on Day 1 where this would lead and what might become of it all. I had a vision, dreams, goals, hopes--but I don't think I had an inkling of what was ahead of me. The most important things along this road turned out to be (and continues to be) the non-physical things. It's about living. It's about the pursuit of mental and emotional freedom. The physical transformation brings a bunch of benefits, for certain, but those truly become a good foundation for the deeper and more meaningful things along this road. The "I'm Choosing Change Before Change Chooses Me" mantra isn't exclusive to weight loss. It's about choosing things supportive of a better, more meaningful life all the way around.

What do I want to do? I want to write another book, I want to further develop the motivational speaking career I started several years ago, I want to continue being a source of encouragement for others by way of direct communications and indirect communication via the many forms of media technology provides. Above all, I want to continue this daily practice of intentional actions that help keep me well. I want to further evolve this practice.

I didn't want to mark this anniversary with a highlight reel of sorts. There have been many highlights, certainly. However, the most transformative and important points of learning along the way came when everything spiraled into chaos. This truth flipped my perspective on struggling. Looking back on my many periods of struggle, it's clear: The most profound periods of growth come from that "dirty" soil. I'm never immune to struggle--those will always surface throughout the course of life. If I pick up those struggles with an open and honest mind and truly learn from the experiences, I can grow in a positive direction. If I choose to pick them up and use them as a club to beat myself down, I'm guaranteeing moves in a negative direction.

I feel like a "then and now" picture is certainly appropriate for a post like this, so here's one. From before this eleven-year practice side by side with one from last month. These type of side by side pictures are fun, certainly, but they're superficial--of course! The good stuff; the deeper stuff, is much better.


Thank you for your tremendous support over the last eleven years!! I appreciate it all. Much gratitude, my friend.

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  1. 11 years!!!! Phenomenal dear friend, ODAAT !Congratulations 💪💪


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