Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 29th, 2019 Rare And Very Special

September 29th, 2019 Rare And Very Special

So far this weekend, I've maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met my daily water goal, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

What a beautiful weekend it's been, full of family, full of love, full of "whys," as in, why do I practice what I practice each day? The answer is, so I can be more present and connected with the important people I love and the special moments of life.

The years I spent "in the food" kept me from gratitude for the most loving things. I so casually allowed those moments to pass because my focus was always on my plate, never getting enough, and constantly looking for fulfillment in the fridge instead of the abundant gifts, blessings, and love all around me.

As a forty-seven-year-old grandfather of four, I'm super-blessed and beyond grateful. I've been given an opportunity to take care of me so I can be there and present for them, God willing, for many years to come.

I spent a good part of Friday late-afternoon/evening cleaning my apartment. I'm a mess, I admit it. I'm a bachelor, living alone--I'm pretty positive I'm not the only one challenged in the cleaning department. I used my time with precision Friday night--and by dinner time, I realized a meal out was my best move.

I made my way over to the Mexican place around the corner. I had just enough time before my oldest, Amber, my son-in-law KL, and little Raegan arrived. I usually order just what I intend to consume. It's rare that I don't finish my meal, but I couldn't Friday night. Between the twelve chips and fresh salsa and the first two shredded chicken enchiladas, I was comfortably satisfied. One of the benefits of documenting my food plan practice via MyFitnessPal, the pics, and social media, is how these intentional acts slow me down enough to be mindful in my consumption. Mindfulness, when it comes to food isn't something that comes naturally for me, so any means that help me slow down is a great thing. It works for me.

I love having Amber, KL, and Rae Rae here. We stayed up until 2am just visiting before we admitted that we could enjoy our conversations, easily, until morning light if we allowed. A special weekend like this one provides one great moment after another. Watching Raegan enjoy her breakfast is fun. Her mom prepared it for her, which is good--last time, I did, and although I'm not quite sure how I prepared the eggs differently than her momma, she wouldn't touch mine. Topped with too much cheese, perhaps.

The family get-together yesterday afternoon/evening was at Irene and Allen's place. These days, it's a rare and very special occasion, usually a holiday, before I have both my daughters and all four grandkids in the same room. Yesterday was the exception.

I enjoyed a single-serving package of mixed nuts on the way to the event because I knew the planned meal wouldn't fit my food plan. Most of the time, I can make a special meal work, navigating within my boundaries--but yesterday's amazing family meal contained more triggers for me than available options. Rather than packing and bringing my own meal, I opted for the nuts as a holdover and planned a good on-plan meal for later. It worked well because, with the abundance of love and family, I didn't miss anything.

I was activated for severe weather coverage at the studio before I could get mom back to her place. That was a tense situation as we were trying to wind down the evening. I was starting to get hungry too! I didn't have time to take mom back before going to work, so I took mom with me. After scanning the radar images and available information from the National Weather Service, I realized, thankfully, this wasn't going to be an extended coverage. In fact, mom opted to wait in the car--with the radio on and a clear view of the window-front studio so she could watch and listen. I did some live updates, then prerecorded a couple of breaks to give me enough time to get mom back to her room before returning to finish the coverage. When I'm rushed, mom becomes an excellent back-seat driver, by the way. I swear, it's like a sitcom around here sometimes. Earlier, before the weather coverage, we were pulled over by the police because I have a headlight out. I laughed out loud when mom exclaimed, "Oh dear, what did you do??" I don't know, mom, should we pull over or make a run for it? "Son, you pull over right now!!" As if she thought I was serious. Okay!

When I finally got home, Rae Rae and KL were already in bed and Amber was out catching up with some of her friends. I prepared my dinner, enjoyed it and not long after, realized how tired I was. It was an early bedtime for me on a Saturday night. Waking up feeling rested at 5:20am on a Sunday morning is a very rare thing for me.

My morning routine is complete, my food plan is outlined for today, and I'm connected, available, and in a position to appreciate whatever this day brings.

It's a practice each day, one day at a time. I'm immensely grateful for it, too.

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