Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 29th, 2020 Silver Linings

March 29th, 2020 Silver Linings

Since our last edition: I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Getting a video call from mom's room Friday morning was a nice surprise. It clearly lifted mom's spirits and it did the same for me, all day. I also spoke to one of mom's nurses and they report the same. Progress for mom's conditions continues as the meds continue. The UTI meds, monitoring her vitals multiple times a day, upping lasix to help get the buildup of fluid out of her--all of it, is helping keep her stable and away from the hospital. She's getting exceptional care.

As these circumstances continue, the phone calls, video chats, and visits through the glass door are helping tremendously. Yesterday's visit at the glass front door found mom smiling and with much less brain fog. The side effects of her UTI has been severely pronounced of late. Noticing a good measure of improvement, especially in the clarity of her thoughts and speech, tells me that the work they're doing in her care plan is working in the right direction. I cannot say enough good things about Ponca Nursing and Rehab. Their work through this crisis has been exceptional and relentless. They do it with heart, too. As mom and I greeted one another at the door last night with an emotional enthusiasm, the administrator was on her way out--and she said, "you're gonna make me cry."

It's hard to tell that this picture was taken through the glass, but it was, of course. This visit was better than our first because we didn't have to rush it in the least. Last time, a family waiting behind me made it a little more hurried, understandably. This time was different. In fact, the aid that brought her to the door left and went about her work-so it was just mom and me. I connected mom to several others, too, via video calls. She had a chance to see and interact with all of the grandkids, her brother, and one of her sisters and brother-in-law and those connections made it even better. Thank goodness for technology, right?

"Do you think you can come in for a fast hug." "Awe, mom, I wish I could." That was a tough moment, but mom knew the answer before she asked the question. She was simply expressing her desire even though she understands why that's not possible right now. Our visit was good and thorough. Right before the visit, her nurse asked me to encourage mom to eat. Mom hasn't been eating lately. They deliver her food and it sits there, untouched. This issue has even prompted them to take her to the room where they individually feed residents who can't feed themselves. Mom can feed herself, but as she explained to me, "I just haven't felt like eating lately." I encouraged her to eat. For her blood sugar issues, she must. I'm looking forward to more visits like this and video calls. In fact, two of the nurses have given me their personal cell phone numbers specifically so they can facilitate more FaceTime calls. Someday, when this crisis lessens and we're able to resume a semblance of normalcy, mom and I will hug again and go out to dinner again--and I know those are things she's looking forward to--and my goodness, so am I.

How am I getting along? This picture isn't bed-head. LOL. It's after several hours of being up! I'm doing well, despite what this crazy-hair selfie suggests, considering everything.

Staying connected more is helping. I was able to read my granddaughter a story yesterday. That was cool. And I was competing with Elmo!! Of course, it helped that I was using the animation special effects of StoryTime on Facebook Portal. StoryTime basically turns her PoPo into a cartoon. Raegan loved it. I'm looking forward to doing this with my other grandkids as well.

One of the challenges I've discovered was found in my shopping habits. Normally, I'm a frequent shopper--only getting what I need for a day or two at a time. It's just me, so it's easier--and it works well. I like doing it that way. I work my food plan in a way that normally gives me a couple of options come mealtime. Well, NOT going to the store as often, for obvious reasons, and being stocked up on things gives me a bunch of choices!! I'm grateful. That's a very blessed "problem" to have right now.

I'm giving extra attention and focus on my foundational routine each day. The extra time spent in prayer, meditation, visualizations, gratitude, and positive affirmations is making a difference. All of the general uncertainty of the times we're in--coupled with additional challenges at work--coupled with the worry about mom--grouped in with the heartbreaking stories I'm seeing and hearing from others near and far, really make this daily commitment more important than ever.

My morning foundational routine is complete for today. I plan on getting out in the sunshine later today for a good walk, a socially distanced walk, of course. I also plan on continuing my efforts to stay connected with others; family, and all of my support friends.

You know, we are going to get through this period. In the meantime, I believe we must look for the silver linings along the way. Depending on the severity of your circumstance, that could be difficult to do. But we do our best, right?

One of my longtime friends works for a hospital group in NYC. Her job is to manage supplies for the entire hospital group. Lately, she's been working insanely long hours trying her best to keep up with demand in one of the worst-hit areas in the world. I do not know how she's doing it. I pray for her. On top of everything her job is demanding, she just lost her uncle to this virus. She's at the epicenter of this crisis and the issue of not having enough supplies needed for the response. I know she's overwhelmed. On top of it all, she may have been exposed and they're requiring her to get tested. She mentioned that even if she tests positive, she must report back to work on Tuesday. The strained and often broken supply chain must keep moving in whatever way possible. Dear Lord, I pray she tests negative. She does have strong faith, lots of family support, and plenty of friends--I hope that is helping her through this unprecedented time. 

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  1. So glad you posted. I was very worried. Glad things are more stable.

    Here you can order groceries online and pick up in the parking lot. You put order in several days in advance. That might be a good option for you.

  2. Praying for your Mom, your friend, and You! I can't imagine what it must be like to go through this quarantine all alone, I thank God daily for my husband and two dogs. They are great company.


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