Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November 13th, 2018 Worthy Of Enthusiasm

November 13th, 2018 Worthy Of Enthusiasm

Yesterday: I maintained the integrity of my reduced calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

When we're "in it" we're not "out of it." My prayer each morning is for the willingness and strength to remain "in it." It, being, my personal plan of recovery. It's always a work in progress but if I remain willing to be in it instead of out of it, there's progress.

A support friend of mine recently mentioned how I don't post as many pictures as I once did. We were talking about the recent decline in the number of people reading this daily diary. I immediately rattled off a few reasons for posting fewer pictures, the big one being: If I focus too heavy on pictures it might take away from the message I'm trying to share. More pictures, to me, seemed to lean toward more of a diet mentality with all the food pics and side by side comparison photos and such. I'm deeply passionate about this not being a diet. The key for me over the years hasn't been dieting--the key for me has been a perspective based on an imperfect but still mostly effective, perspective of recovery. A diet is temporary. Recovery, one day at a time, is something that can last, long-term. Breaking or cheating on a diet is accepted--it happens. Breaking or relapsing from recovery carries a much greater sense of consequence. The importance is in creating a personal and unique plan that fits well enough to actually enjoy, a plan worthy of enthusiasm.

And that's what he mentioned, "enthusiasm." I'm not quoting because it was a phone conversation and I can't remember his exact words--but he mentioned how my enthusiasm for the process each day was something that brought him "along for the ride" and ultimately helped inspire him. The pictures help show that enthusiasm for the process--for the day to day road we're traveling.

He made an excellent point. I am enthused!! When I have a good day, I feel great. When I'm staying connected with support and with my plan, I feel better. I'll share more photos.

I had planned on attending a support meeting last night but it was canceled because of the wintery weather we received yesterday. I shifted into an alternate plan for yesterday evening-- the store for some fish, a workout, a short visit with mom, and home to prepare a good dinner. The workout was a 5K walk inside the warm YMCA on their indoor track. I listened to some inspiring stories while I walked--it was a really good experience. In the name of enthusiasm, I even snapped a bathroom mirror selfie.

Yeah... that was my primal, "let's do this" roar!! It was a fantastic, brisk, and thanks to the material I was listening to, inspiring walk.

I experienced some really good support exchanges yesterday, too. It was nice! A good day, indeed.

Today, as a broadcaster, I'll host a local bakery in-studio. They're bringing a bunch of food--every single thing, not on my food plan. And that's okay. This isn't the first time. It's an annual event right before Thanksgiving. I'm comfortable and enthused about what my plan brings me each day. I wouldn't trade my continued recovery for any of their offerings. As a broadcaster, I'll do my job well and promote their amazing creations. And they are amazing. For a lot of people, it's not a big deal to occasionally indulge in these things, especially at holiday time. For me, however, remaining abstinent and true to my daily practice is imperative for the peace, stability, and continued maintenance I live each day.

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