Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 249 Epiphany: A sudden insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.

Day 249

Epiphany: A sudden insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.

You never know who you might inspire when you share your struggle and triumphs with others. That has been the real unexpected blessing for me in writing this blog every day. I'm very proud of all the wonderful people that read every post and have been inspired to start their own journey to better health and fitness. I mentioned Bonnie the other day, remember, she's the one who read every single posting from this blog in one single day. I recently ran across her blog post titled “It Was An Epiphany!” I smiled from ear to ear as I read what she had written about this blog and the effect on her and her husband. I think they're from New Zealand or Australia, I just asked and haven't heard back just yet. I've deduced this because in her writings she's a day ahead of us and it's really cold where they are. For someone like me who has never traveled outside the United States, I think that's really cool to have a positive effect on people on the other side of the world. Here's the deal: I sincerely care about people who are struggling with morbid obesity. And since I do, I naturally want to share with as many people as I can what I've discovered along this road. When I suggest to someone to go back and read from Day 1, I'm hoping they do, so they can gain the full perspective of this journey. The ups and downs, the good days, the bad days and every big and small revelation that has brightened the path. It's all apart of successfully defeating this life long fight against obesity. The reaction that Bonnie and her husband had to this blog is exactly what I hope you have. An epiphany! I remember when I had mine, in fact I've had several of these epiphanies throughout this journey and I'm still learning every day. With Bonnie's permission, here's an excerpt from her blog: Today, while lying in bed still sick with whatever this is, I read the entire blog of a guy named Sean who is working his way towards losing almost 300 lbs. He is about half-way there. Click here to read his blog (also on the side bar), start with Day 1 and read the whole thing. It is awesome!
Anyway, after reading Sean's blog it suddenly occurred to me, like an epiphany, that if I eat less I will lose weight. What a minute...let me say it again. If I eat less I will lose weight. Oh my goodness. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that before? Okay, I am being sarcastic now. But it was one of those moments when the heaven's opened up and the angels sang. Suddenly I understood what I need to do. I don't need Weight Watchers meetings or surgery or even fancy diet food. I just need to count my calories, stick to a plan, drink water, and exercise as much as I can. So, tonight I made DH read Sean's blog as well. I thought maybe reading about another guy (a bigger guy) would motivate my hubby to get on this journey as well. He was stunned. It helps to know that someone else who is big, as big as we are, bigger even (when he started) can do it.
You too can read her daily blog at This was such a delight to read. They completely get it! I mean they got it good. One of the main messages that I've tried to convey in this blog is that you really don't need a special system or special product or anything else. In fact you have a better chance at succeeding long term if you don't use a special system or product. The wonderful things I've learned along this journey will be with me forever and they are things that you just can't buy at the store. You see, I spent years thinking that my weight loss solution hadn't been invented yet, never stopping to think that I might have the power within to change. I was waiting for something or someone to do it for me. I knew that if I kept waiting, my life would surely end at a very young age. Once I decided to steamroll every excuse or rationalization that came along, and decided to make this journey a top priority, and once I decided to stop lying to myself and get 100% honest about my bad food behaviors, once I did all of that, everything just fell into place. You add to it the concept that it's impossible to cheat because nothing is off limits in proper portions, thus eliminating the deprivation factor, and how could I not lose weight successfully? No special foods, no special “meal replacement” products, just real food consumed in real everyday life, just like the food I'll consume the rest of my life! Can you even imagine carrying around over 500 pounds for nearly two decades? I can't believe I did! But I've pulled it all together and I'm on my way toward an amazing transformation of mind and body. It's my duty, my pleasure, and my mission to share what I've learned along the way, and to tell you: You can do this too.

I was pleasantly sore last night and this morning from my “Extreme Energy” experience. It felt real good. I can go out and walk a 10K without ever stopping, even at about a 4 mph pace, and still not feel the effects like I did from that class. It was all good. Allowing myself to get settled into a routine of doing the same workout day in and day out is something that had to change. And the recent addition of racquetball play, this class I plan on doing every week, weight training, and the soon to be added swimming, oh my! It'll be fantastic! I'm even thinking about investing in some tennis rackets and balls. I think tennis would be a blast.

I talked to Brandon, The “Lose To Win” Biggest Loser yesterday. We're planning a Sunday 10K this weekend. If you're close to these parts and would like to join us, just send a message and we'll coordinate the start time later. Brandon has lost a whopping 80 pounds so far and continues to run neck and neck with me on the scale. That's a fun and friendly little competition! Brandon's a fierce competitor and to be honest, this is one competition I wouldn't mind losing. I'm just happy to be in the running with such good company.

Tomorrow morning I'm having a guest host on my radio show. Dr. Amy will once again join me from 7am to 9am. Dr. Amy has some exciting news to share about what's coming up at The Ranch Wellness Center. Dr. Amy has devoted her life to wellness and teaching what she has learned about a variety of things that have changed her life for the better and can do the same for you! And she does it without regard for her own personal gain. If you're within listening range, I hope you tune in!

I'm feeling so wonderful these days about my shrinking size. My 48's are loose and getting real baggy. Remember when they were too tight to wear comfortably? And those 54's? I don't even wear them anymore at all...They're just way too big. Coming from a size 62-64, that sounds so wonderful to say! Thank you for reading. I try to reply to most everyone that sends an e-mail about or comments this blog. If I haven't responded in awhile, please forgive me! I have to get caught up on the weekends because my schedule during the week is often over-loaded. Good night and...

Good Choices,


  1. Wow, I am just overwhelmed. We are in New Zealand. My husband is a Kiwi and I am a Texan--we moved down here last year. It's been an interesting journey. I think I found you through the Chubby Chick blog. I was desperately searching for "morbidly obese" (I hate that phrase) people who are losing weight. My sister has had three weight loss surgeries--the band, a minor bypass, and then the big bypass. She nearly died. She still battles her weight and has found what she can eat without getting sick. She is slowly gaining back the weight she lost. She went from nearly 400 lbs to 180 lbs, but is back to nearly 250 lbs. Her daughters are also big, far bigger than I was at their ages, and part of my deep desire to lose weight has been to show them that they can do it. I know how I have struggled with my weight and the effect it has had on my life--I don't want them to have the same struggles. I have no desire to be skinny. I am over six feet tall--I will never weigh 125 lbs. But I would like to be under 200 lbs. I want to be as small or smaller than when I graduated from high school. I want to wear a size 10/12 again. More importanly, I want to be healthy! I want my husband to be healthy and to live as long as I do so we can die at exactly the same moment when we are 103! ;-) I don't want to be judged for my weight anymore. And, God willing, I would love to be physically able to give birth to as many children as I can before my biological clock quits all together. That may or may not happen, but I know it will never happen as long as I weigh 342 lbs. I have been over 300 lbs for 14 years.

    Your blog, your story, inspires us because it is real. You are a real guy, facing real daily struggles, and you are succeeding. Some success are greater than others, but every day of your 249 days has been a success. You have what I want and I am willing (maybe for the first time) to really work to get it. We are changing our behaviors daily to reach our goals. Thank you Sean for caring enough about all of us MO people out here to share your journey. It's a powerful story.

    Can we listen to your radio show online? Many blessings my friend! Can't wait to read day 250 and beyond!

    Bonnie & Andy

  2. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. You are such a blessing the way you touch peoples hearts and minds making a difference in their lives and its all in the process of making a better life for yourself. There are surely to be big beautiful glorious angel wings waiting for you one day! I love you, cousin and I am so proud of you.

  3. I hope you are having a good day! I am having to do a LOT of walking today (7 miles today, 7 miles tomorrow, which is a LOT for me)anyway...I was thinking about how YOU can walk a 10K without stopping and I sure wish I could do that! Right now I can do 2.5 max and that is really pushing it, so I have to walk and then go home for a couple of hours and then walk some more. Anyway, I was remembering your post about barely doing .25 mile and it exhausting you (in the beginning) and I'm inspired that since you can now do a 10K, that in time, I will be able to also.
    Take Care!

  4. Hi from Scotland (how many more places in the world can your blog reach?)!

    I wish I knew what it is that makes the penny drop finally. For me it was a nasty period of extreme ill health after a lengthy period of general sickness.

    For a long time I had felt I just couldn't do it, my body wasn't up to it, I needed to eat to excess to keep sane, dieting made me ill, etc, etc. I do have health issues that make exercise difficult, but lower weight and improved muscle strength make everything a lot easier to cope with. Plus, I am now eating more and healthier than ever before and keeping very well. Duh, why didn't I realise that before?

    I will read your blog this evening when I am relaxing - but first I have a 5k to walk!


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