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Day 703 and 704 In The 230's Now, We Get What We Give, and Returning To The Scene of 505 Reality

Day 703 and 704

In The 230's Now, We Get What We Give, and Returning To The Scene of 505 Reality

In the beginning of this journey, losing three or four pounds wasn't that big of a deal, now--it makes sense that every pound is noticed! When I weighed four weeks ago--I felt that loss before I ever stepped on the scale. Not only did I feel it, I could see it in the mirror--or better, I couldn't see was gone. Two weeks ago, I allowed my schedule to over-take me---completely missing my weigh-in. So, why didn't I just make it up as soon as possible? Good question! I wasn't "feeling it," I also decided that skipping a weigh-in might be good for me mentally. I don't own a scale and I never will. I refuse to allow the scale to effect my emotions. And although my calorie budget is always on target, my workout schedule isn't, hasn't been in sometime in fact. And this is important: We get what we give.

We get what we give! I kept that in mind Friday when I stepped on the scale and found a four pound loss. My official weight: 239 Two Thirty-Nine! I'm in the 230's!!!!!!!! Nine pounds from the goal I set on Day 1. I haven't weighed in the 230's since I was ten or eleven years old. This is big! It had been four weeks since I stepped on the scale...and--I get what I give--So I know--the difference between this being a four pound loss and a seven pound loss can be found in the consistency or lack of in my workout schedule. Regardless, it's all good---I'm just making a valid point. I'm not beating myself up here--But I'm also not rationalizing, in other words---giving myself permission to slack in the workout department because I've done so well along this road. See how we do? It's easy to slip, it's easy to make ourselves feel better about lacking in a particular facet of this journey--we must be able to recognize the truth and move forward with 100% self-honesty. Self-honesty is key along this road--to me, it's the biggest element of success---and without it, we eventually crumble under the weight of the lies we tell ourselves.

In combing the August 2009 archives, I found an excerpt about importance level. In it, you'll read a Twitter Tweet from Richard Simmons that is all about this self-honesty element:

The importance level we set for things isn't something we just say. It's easy to say, “my weight loss efforts will be of utmost importance from this point forward.” It's ultimately set by our actions, not our words. If you find yourself making excuses and coming up with rationalizations that make bad choices seem alright, then maybe you need to check the importance level. Check it often, because it can deplete without you realizing. How do you check it? With complete honesty, that's your dipstick. Richard Simmons tweeted this today: “There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off. And it's by being truthful with yourself about the food...”

100% self-honesty is crucial to your success. I've written about this many times because it's something that I never did before with past failed attempts. Since day one nearly a year ago, this self-honesty policy has been firmly in place, and you know what kind of results I've had. The self-honesty component is vital to the mental changes required on this road to permanent success. Make this one of the most important things you've ever done. Give it the highest important level. Get completely honest with yourself about the habits you know are holding you back---and then get ready for an almost magically transformation of mind and body. Forget “almost,” it is magical.

I'm in the home stretch, only nine pounds from goal---266 pounds lost, oh my---that looks, sounds, and feels amazing...anyway, uh---Now, all remaining official weigh days will take place back in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the Payne County Health Department. I will be weighing on the same scales that showed 505 on Day 2. Those scales---wow, I guess you know if you've read the archives...Those scales were the start of more than a dozen attempts at losing this weight. Those scales are very symbolic to me---it's where I started every time. I'd step on, and those blasted scales would give me a bitter dose of reality. Going back will be returning to the scene of 505 reality. Pretending for a moment that these scales could actually think like a person, they probably never imagined I'd actually be successful at losing weight. Well, get ready scales--because I'm coming and I'm bringing over 266 pounds of success with me! When I weigh-in at 230 on that scale, I'll probably cry serious-big tears of joy and triumph.

A few readers have asked me lately about the multiple-day post and some have expressed that they miss the daily posting schedule that has been consistent every single day along this road until just recently. I must say, it is very difficult for me to not post everyday, but now it's become necessary. I know, I know---I recently mentioned getting back to daily posting, but now--things have changed in a wonderful way.

I've started working on my first book, tentatively titled, "Finding Transformation Road," and if I apply the same consistency in my writing schedule that I applied for the first 22 months of this blog--it'll be finished in a timely manner. So, I'll maintain at least three blog postings per week and spend the rest of the time writing the manuscript. The goal is to have the manuscript to the publisher by Thanksgiving, they'll edit and whatever else they do, and it theoretically could be available by the end of February or early March.

I don't like talking too much about my future plans---I'd rather do them first, and then say--Oh by the way---Or better--not say anything at all. I'm not a talker, I'm a doer. But since this blog is called the "Daily..." I find it necessary to explain why it will remain at two to three entries per week.

I love to feature fellow weight loss bloggers in these writings. If you've sent me your link recently, and I haven't featured you yet--please send it again: and make sure the word "blog" is in the subject line.

What can I say about Shane G---Wow, this guy has completely embraced this simplistic approach and is absolutely having tremendous success. His love for family and his enthusiasm everyday along this road is something I hope you read. The guy really gets it, in so many ways---and I'm absolutely thrilled for him and his beautiful family. Visit Shane G at

Annaleah read Day 327 of this blog and started her blog--writing about her "mix-tape" revelation:

Jill can be found at

And Thin Lizzy writes: Sean, As I know you have been told SO many times in the last couple of weeks, YOU are a true inspiration to us all on this journey to lose weight. Following your example of blogging for accountability I have started mine...
I hope you check her out as well! Just click here:

Thank you so much for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Lucky for me--Kenz took pictures of the omelet making "arena" last Tuesday morning.

Terry's Italian style omelet--Glad Kenz snapped this---isn't that amazing! It looked absolutely incredible...and very similar in calorie value, compared to my traditional style.

My breakfast---either Thursday or Friday morning, can't remember. It's two eggs, loaded with veggies, and put inside a folded Joseph's 60 calorie pita with a slice of mozzarella...Hmmm, so delicious--and a fantastic calorie value!

My dinner out with Kenz Thursday night. We also enjoyed some deep fried pickles!!! I wonder if the sodium messed with my numbers Friday??'s all good!

Recent picture--Lighting a Roman candle out in the country!!

Big before picture with my late grandpa Roy T. Anderson


  1. Sean --- CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so proud of you. It must have felt so good to get into the 230s. You will cry for sure when you reach goal. I cried when I fit in an extra large tshirt and when I fit into a size 14 pair of pants I don't remember being that size since i was in grammar school. LOL . Congrats on starting your book

  2. Awesome news about the weigh in Sean!
    Keep the inspiration going and you will be there asap!
    Can't wait for the book - make sure it gets to NZ soon after releasing please!
    Might even have to ship it over for a signed copy!
    Lisa in NZ

  3. You ROCK my friend! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, you are my inspiration. It can be done!
    I think what I like best about you Sean is how positive and honest you have been throughout your journey. To read your words is so inspiring.
    I have a feeling most of your blog followers will cry tears of joy for you when you reach your goal!
    I look forward to a great cry soon!

  4. I agree with Jill...many people will cry tears of joy when you reach your goal. You're so

    If there's a photo to be taken in my presence you can always count on me to be sure it's done. This is just something you know..:)

    The book is going to be amazing...we already know it.

  5. your mom said you are doing super..she is very proud of your weightloss..your doing great getting down to look great..!

    this is from your momma..we love you

  6. While I am sad to see the end of daily postings, it really is wonderful that you've started your book. Your story is so inspiring, the world needs to know about it. :)

  7. And we will cry right along with you ... because you have shown us the way. Thank you, Sean - seriously.


  8. Sean,

    When you reach your goal can we have a celebration party for you? Even though I wished your goal weight would have been I am happy you are reaching your goal. Ok, I said it:)

    Richard Simmons said “There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off. And it's by being truthful with yourself about the food...”

    I love Richard Simmons. What I love about that statement most is, you will NEVER reach your goal as long as you are lying to yourself and others. Just yesterday, someone asked me "what happened to your diet?" I told them basically that "I have been slacking, and I know it, and have maintained my weight loss since Lose to Win and will get back on track." Never got a reply back from that person...surprise! I did however add, "it's a lifestyle, not a diet, you will always gain back what you lose with dieting, up and down like a yo-yo." Funny how some can dish it out but can't take it:) And I never recieved my "Sweatin' to the Oldies 2" DVD:( I keep emailing them.

    Don't be offended please, I only say things because I care about you, but that pic of you lighting the candle makes me sad a little. You have dark circles under your eyes, and not the happy Sean I have seen in prior pics. But I will say you are still very handsome regardless.

    And your book will be a best seller! You will mention me in it right? LMBO...JUST KIDDING!!!

    Take Care and God Bless!

  9. You have inspired so many. I found a path and felt completely confident -- ran into a rough patch in my life -- and stopped being true to what I learned. I gained 20 lbs of an 85 lb. loss back in six months. I started back today and I will remain true to this path for the rest of my life. My goal is 130 lbs and a year from now I will be there. You have no idea how much you, 266, and Shrinking Kenz have affected me. I
    have the song from 266 in my head, "What have ya' Done Today to Make Ya' Feel Proud." I am an older women with young children who need me and they need me with energy and enthusiasm. I am committing to blogging every day until I reach my goal. Thank you for your open and honest blogging and your being the change we all need in the world,

  10. I didn't comment, so commment comment comment.
    just kidding.
    I think 230 will be perfect for you.
    You look great.
    doing great.
    keep up the good work.

  11. Just found this link and thought you might like to get involved -- it looks neat. It's called the National Weight Control Registry, and it's about people who have managed successful long-term weight loss:

    It looked interesting ...


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